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Communication plan - Visual Identity E.M.M.E. PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Communication plan - Visual Identity E.M.M.E. E. M.M. E. - European Managerial Model Empowerment -. LLP-LDV/TOI/08/IT/506. Logos.

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Communication plan - Visual Identity E.M.M.E.

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Communication plan - Visual Identity E.M.M.E.


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -



The four logos submitted have been drawn up using the colours which identify Fondazione Fondirigenti G. Taliercio in order to underline the connection with the Management Forum research model.

The graphical layout suggested stems from the concept of a simple and clear structure to give an easy-to-read style to the characteristics of the project.

In each logo, both E.M.M.E. acronym and full title have been included in order to promote project activities at best and to provide a full visual identity.

Logo 1

The logo has been designed to convey the central role of the manager within the project frame. The stylized human figure looks like holding tight the hands of the two “M” of Managerial Model and its height which stands out above other letters stresses the central role of people and that knowledge management helps them to grow.

Logo 2

  • The design of this logo intends to focus on two goals which can be summarized as follows:

  • the geographical area in which the E.M.M.E.-project is implemented, with yellow stars in a circle on a blue background as we can see in the European flag

  • the management as it is usually idealized, consisting of objectives to be hit in the centre.

Logo 3

This logo is characterized by the arrow moving upward on the M di Managerial, showing the ongoing development, in terms of value and competence, to which the management is always oriented.

Logo 4

This logo, without any metaphors or special gears, intends to express reliability and stylishness through its fine lines, reminding of how this projects is meant to carry out its activities, with no special graphic effects surrounding it.

Communication Plan - Brochure


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -


Brochure 1

CoverInternal page

Brochure 2

CoverInternal page

Brochure 3

CoverInternal page

Brochure 4

CoverInternal page

Communication plan – Website


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -

LLP-LDV/TOI/08/IT/506 - Homepage

EMME web site consists of a section with open access and a section with access restricted to project partners who will receive their own username and password.

  • The site is arranged for translation in the following languages

  • English

  • Italian

  • Greek

  • Spanish

  • Romanian

Communication Plan – Website - Intranet


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -


15 – User Menu

The section with restricted access includes a User Menu to avail of useful resources to share knowledge among the partners.

  • Address Book: agenda to take data from concerning the partner, such as address, phone nr., contact person, to send outright emails to the account linked and download contact vcard to be added on private agendas or organisers

  • Project Appointment: to enter data concerning events, meetings,

  • videoconferences to be exchanged with the partners

  • Forum: project partners’ forum not accessible to other users

  • Document management: section arranged according to the workpackages to

  • upload files to be exchanged with the partners

  • Project bookmark: to enter bookmarks to be shared among the partners

  • Share a bookmark: tool to enable project partners to point out the Internet

  • URL site to be shared with the partners

  • My profile: area for users’ data – Restricted access tool

The registered user can exploit the Skype Live Users module to contact through Skype the colleagues of partner organizations included in the list.

To use the module it is necessary to have the Skype software.

Communication Plan – Website - Internet


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -


18 – Main Menu

The open web site area provides general information on the plan, through the links included in Main Menu

  • home: short presentation of the project and of European regions concerned

  • emme project: project description

  • wp1, wp2, wp3, wp4, wp5, wp6: workpackages description

  • partners: introduction to partner organizations’ (short description, web site address and contacts, logo, Country)

  • Results: project results, including the outputs of different workpackages

  • Forum: open tool. Whoever is connected to the portal will be able to add her/his comment or suggestion answering to the existing posts and/or opening new topics

  • Contact us: form available for the users who are not registered to send an email to the project account

  • Site map: area in which it is possible to visualize a tree structure of web site pagesThe user who is not registered will not be able to visualize the resources uploaded in the restricted access area. – Open access tool

The open access section consists of

  • search module within the web pages which runs in any languages available

  • questionnaire module, from which it is possible to access the interview area, developed with a CAWI software

  • newsletter module in order to let the users register to the EMME-project mailing list, entering name and email address to be contacted

  • flash news section to get news concerning project events

Communication Plan – Headed paper


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -


Headed paper1


Headed paper2

E.M.M.E. Project

Headed paper3

Headed paper4


- EuropeanManagerial Model Empowerment -


Communication Plan – Power Point Model

Power Point Model 1Cover slide

Power Point Model 1Internal slides

Power Point Model 2Cover slide

Power Point Model 2Internal slides

Power Point Model 3Cover slide

Power Point Model 3Internal slides

Power Point Model 4Cover slide

Power Point Model 4Internal slides

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