Called to act with justice
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Called to Act with Justice. Acknowledgement of Country

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Acknowledgement of Country

Colleagues, we remember that we stand in footsteps that are millennia old. We acknowledge the traditional owners whose cultures and customs have nurtured, and continue to nurture this land, since men and women awoke from the great dreaming.

As we begin this time of prayer, we pause and remember the Indigenous communities who lived in respectful harmony with the earth since time immemorial. We honour their presence, which resides still in the spirit of this land, its people, flora and fauna.


Called to serve, to offer hope, to bring life, we come in faith:

R: For our God is like no other.

We come, with hands outstretched:

R: Because Jesus has removed all barriers between us and God.

We come, in hope and love and expectation:

R: For our God has entered our life in all its struggles and delights; and lifts up among us new voices, new prayers, new insights and courage, and new visions for how life can be.


And so let us pray:

Be found here with us today, Spirit of God.

Be discovered in our midst again, for we are your disciples today.

We invite you into our hopes and fears and the longing of our hearts. Break down the barriers which we place between us and your power, so we can enter the mission with courage and strength!

For you live in the power that is Love, now and forever. Amen.

The Gospel of the Lord

R: Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ!

Open my eyes lord
Open My Eyes, Lord

And the first will be last… and their eyes are open

We’ll hear like never before

And we’ll speak in new ways and we’ll see God’s face

In places we’d never known

Open my eyes, Lord, help me to see your face;

Open my eyes, Lord, help me to see.

All:Open my ears, Lord, help me to hear your voice;

Open my ears, Lord, help me to hear.

All: Open my heart Lord, help me to love like you;

Open my heart Lord, help me to love.

And the first will be last… and our eyes are open

And we’ll hear like never before; and we’ll speak in new ways

And we’ll see God’s face in places, we’ve never known.

All: I live within you, deep in your heart O Love,

I live within you, rest now in me.


May the fire we take with us today sear into our hearts a restlessness for justice and peace!


May God speak to us in our dreams for justice and walk with us as we work to build the kingdom!


And may we be blessed by the presence of our God, whom we call Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier!



Called to service, let us go into our day with open hearts and minds.

All: And may our God travel with us now and always!