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Chapters 10,11,12. By : Ricky Barela Health Education. Nice to have a family. Compare working families in the US today to a typical family 50 years ago? Are they the same or did they change?

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Chapters 10 11 12

Chapters 10,11,12

By :

Ricky Barela

Health Education

Nice to have a family
Nice to have a family

  • Compare working families in the US today to a typical family 50 years ago?

  • Are they the same or did they change?

  • In the 1950’s, the father worked while the mother stayed home with the kids. Usually their were 3 to 4 kids in a house hold.

  • Today only 10% of the families are like this WHY?

How did family change
How did Family Change?

  • Factors that have changed the American family:

  • Women in the work force- Women today have high paying successful jobs even at the high success rate as men.

  • Smaller family size- because of today’s society, family are probably 2 kids per household.

  • Post-poning marriage and parenthood- Many couples are putting off marriage or deciding its best to not have children at the current time.

  • Divorce Rate( which leads to single parents)- Divorce Rate goes up every year.

What kinds of family are there
What kinds of family are there?

  • Types of Families:

  • Nuclear Family- Traditional family with a father and mother and children(yay). This type of family is about 1/3 of america today.

  • Single Parent Family- Only 1 parent lives with the children. 90% of this type is headed up by the mother(1/2 of all today will live for a time in a single parent family: 60% of children that live with a single mom are living in poverty with low education.


  • List ways that single parent family forms

  • Divorce

  • Death of a parent

  • Parent never marry

  • Adoption

  • Any others you can think of?

  • Blended Family- When Single Parents remarries. one biological parent and one step parent with one or both of their children( 80% of divorces remarry).


  • Foster Family- An adult or couple provide care and a home for children whose biological parents are unable to care for them

  • Extended Family- This family is made up of Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and grandparents who live together and all share responsibility for raising the children.

Families should
Families Should….

Three family responsibilities:

  • Provide love and support

  • Raise the children

  • Share household responsibilities- Cook, clean, bills, laundry,

Talk to me
Talk to me…

  • Communication, HONEST COMMUNICATION, is the most important factor that makes family life function smoothly. Arguments and fighting amongst each other are part of a normal conversation.

  • In the 1950’s, children spent on average of 3 to 4 hours a day actively involved with members of the family.

  • In 2000 that time was cut down to 30 minutes, but teens spend 3 to 4 hours on average a day watching TV.

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  • Dating- opportunities to develop social skills, such as communication and interacting with a person of the opposite sex, or at least that how it was.

  • There are some advantages to dating:

  • Provides you with the opportunity to get to know yourself.

  • Recognize your strengths and weaknesses

  • Helps to learn about members of the opposite sex

  • Helps to develop communication skills and decisions making skills


  • Marriage- 95% of all Americans will marry someone in their life, ½ of them will end in divorce.

  • Some of the reasons for getting married are:

  • Because we are in love( awww)

  • Because we are pregnant

  • To escape problems at home

  • For $$$$ reasons

  • To stay in the country

Teenage pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy

  • Teenagers have the ability to create new life. Sexual responsibility in a relationship is important and ground rules need to be discussed and layed out (excuses for having sex like drinking/drugs. Teenage pregnancy rate in the US is the highest in the developed world.

  • One Million teenage girls are pregnant each year. 500,000 births/500,000 miscarriage or abortions 85% of the pregnancy are unwanted or unplanned. 29 states have mandatory parental involvement for abortion.


  • Teen pregnancy has declined regularly since 1900? Why

  • Reasons for the decline:

  • Less youth having sex

  • Use of contraception( you have a 90% chance of getting pregnant if you don not use contraception over one year.


  • Reasons why youth abstain from intercourse

  • Moral or Religious Reasons

  • Have not met the right one yet

  • Avoid Pregnancy and STD’s ( 3 million Kids get STD’s yearly)