Out with the old in with the new
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Out With The Old In With the New. Conversion Best Practices Devin Knight Senior BI Consultant ([email protected] ). Agenda. Mapping DTS knowledge and skills to SSIS Running DTS packages in 2005 or 2008 Upgrading DTS Packages Upgrading ActiveX Scripts. Why choose SSIS?.

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Out with the old in with the new

Out With The Old In With the New

Conversion Best Practices

Devin Knight

Senior BI Consultant

([email protected])


  • Mapping DTS knowledge and skills to SSIS

  • Running DTS packages in 2005 or 2008

  • Upgrading DTS Packages

  • Upgrading ActiveX Scripts

Why choose ssis
Why choose SSIS?

  • 64bit support

  • Faster architecture

  • Logging, Configuration, CheckPoint etc.

  • Source control

  • More stuff

Dts vs ssis engine speed test
DTS vs. SSIS Engine Speed Test

  • On 32 bit dual core machine

  • Pulling 1 million rows out and writing to SQL table with no transformation

  • SSIS 65% + faster than DTS

  • Adding transformation would add more SSIS advantage

Designing packages
Designing Packages

  • DTS Designer

  • Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)

Comparing dts to ssis objects
Comparing DTS to SSIS Objects

  • Transform Data Task

  • Data Flow Task


  • DTS Connections

  • Connection Managers

Ssis quick mapping


SSIS Quick Mapping

Project options
Project Options

  • Run DTS in 2005 or 2008

    • Missing the package logs

    • Runs under 32 bit

  • Upgrade using MS Wizard

    • Processes a limited set of simple packages

  • Upgrade using DTS xChange

    • Minutes per package

  • Starting from scratch

    • About 3-6 hrs per package conservatively

Running packages under 2005
Running Packages Under 2005+

  • Need to download DTS Designer Components (part of SQL Server 2005 Feature Pack)

  • Pro:

    • Delays the upgrade hurdle

  • Con:

    • Cannot create new packages (easily)

    • Logging views historically in SQL Server 2000 not available

    • Runs in 32 bit mode only (WOW)

    • Support ceases in vNext

Common errors
Common Errors

  • Need to install the 2005 Backwards Compatibility Kit

  • 2000 DTS Designer Components

  • In 2008, copy two additional DLL files over and RLL files

Running packages in 2005 2008


Running Packages in 2005/2008

Running in legacy mode

Microsoft package upgrade wizard
Microsoft Package Upgrade Wizard

  • Built into SQL Server 2005/2008

  • Pros:

    • Free

    • Works on simple packages

  • Cons:

    • Does not handle ODBC

    • Only handles a few types of text file use cases

    • No Dynamic Properties Task

    • No UDL or legacy database support in data pump

    • Packages only have about a 20% chance of working

Dts migration wizard


DTS Migration Wizard

Conversion using existing wizard

Sample upgrade project plan
Sample Upgrade Project Plan

  • Scope and Number of Packages

  • How long will it take you to migrate each type of task

  • Use a tool to migrate

  • Upgrade the ActiveX Script Task logic

  • Test, test and test

Gotchas to catch here
Gotchas to Catch Here

  • Providers

  • 3rd party tasks

  • Types of ActiveX scripting


  • Free DTS Profiler tool.

Dts xchange feature highlights
DTS xChange Feature Highlights

  • Profiles DTS packages to help with a conversion project plan

  • Coverts to 2005 or 2008 (R2)

  • Logging and auditing framework

  • Includes BI xPress for new SSIS packages

  • Have converted more than 300,000+ packages

Other advantages
Other Advantages

  • Handles text files properly

  • Handles NULLs properly

  • Handles ODBC for a source

  • Migrates Dynamic Properties Tasks

  • Advanced profiler to estimate your project

  • Full validation of the output of the migration

  • 94%+ package success rate in customer migrations over tens of thousands of packages

Runtime Trend

Error/Warning Trend

Extract/Load Trend

Dts xchange


DTS xChange

Profile, Convert and Monitor

Activex script migration
ActiveX Script Migration

  • All tools mentioned migrate DTS ActiveX to ActiveX in SSIS

  • ActiveX migrates to SSIS but you would not want to keep it there and it may not run

  • Need for ActiveX Script Task has been replaced with built-in, easy to maintain SSIS tasks

    • File System Object = File System Task

    • Mail objects = Send Mail Task (now has SMTP)

    • ADO objects = Execute SQL Task

Activex script conversion


ActiveX Script Conversion

Loop conversion

The end so soon yawn
The End so Soon? (yawn)



[email protected]