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Herpetology. Salamanders. Salamanders. Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Amphibia Order: Caudata Family: Genus: Specific:. Family: Cryptobranchidae . Eastern Hellbender Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis. 5 toes on hind foot

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  • Kingdom: Animalia

  • Phylum: Chordata

  • Subphylum: Vertebrata

  • Class: Amphibia

  • Order: Caudata

  • Family:

  • Genus:

  • Specific:

Family cryptobranchidae

Family: Cryptobranchidae

Eastern Hellbender

Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensis

  • 5 toes on hind foot

  • Gill slits

  • Huge

  • Breathes from folds on sides

Family proteidae

Family: Proteidae

Common Mudpuppy

Necturus maculosus maculosus

  • External gills

  • Four toes on feet

Family salamandridae

Family: Salamandridae

Red spotted Newt

Notophthalmus v. viridescens

  • Longitudinal ridge on head

  • No costal grooves

  • No nasolabial grooves

Family ambystomatidae

Family: Ambystomatidae

1) Ambystoma barbouri

Streamside Salamander

2) Ambystoma texanum

Small-mouthed Salamander

3) Ambystoma jeffersonianum

Jefferson Salamander

4) Ambystoma maculatum

Spotted Salamander

5) Ambystoma opacum

Marbled Salamander

Stream side and small mouth

Ambystoma barbouri

Found in Wayne county

Has a small mouth

The barber by the stream from Wayne Co.

Ambystoma texanum

Found in Wood county

Small mouth

Stream-side and Small Mouth

A texanum a barbouri distribution

A. texanum/A. barbouriDistribution

Stream side salamander

Stream-side Salamander

Ambystoma barbouri

  • Found in Wayne county

  • Has a small mouth

  • Black or brown color

  • Toes do not meet

Small mouthed salamander

Small-mouthed Salamander

Ambystoma texanum

  • Found in Wood, Mason counties

  • Small mouth

  • Toes do not meet

  • Black / brown color

  • Short face

Jefferson salamander

Jefferson Salamander

Ambystoma jeffersonianum

  • Has a flat head

  • Slender

  • Long long toes

Spotted salamander

Spotted Salamander

Ambystoma maculatum

  • Has spots

  • Dark color

  • 2 rows of spots down back

  • Costal grooves

  • Chunky salamander

Marbled salamander

Marbled Salamander

Ambystoma opacum

  • Black and white hourglass spots on back

  • Chunky Monkey

Family plethodontidae

Family: Plethodontidae

Family plethodontidae1

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Aneides

Green salamander

Green Salamander

Aneides aeneus

  • Head is broad and flat

  • Toe tips are square and expanded

  • Slender

Family plethodontidae2

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Desmognathus

Northern dusky salamander

Northern Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus fuscus

  • Bottom lighter than belly

  • Spots on back random

  • Keeled tail

  • Distinct lines down sides

Seal salamander

Seal Salamander

Desmognathus monticola

  • No strip at sides

  • Belly is pale

  • Keeled tail

  • Back is darker with scallop like spots

Allegheny mountain dusky salamander

Allegheny Mountain Dusky Salamander

Desmognathus ochrophaeus

  • Looks like 2 line but mouth downward

  • Slender

  • Line from eye to mouth

  • Light line down back

Black bellied salamander

Black-Bellied Salamander

Desmognathus quadramaculatus

  • Costal grooves

  • Nasolabial grooves

  • Line from eye to mouth

  • Black body, brown head

  • Keeled tail

Black mountain salamander

Black Mountain Salamander

Desmognathus welteri

Not on Lab Exam

Family plethodontidae3

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Gyrinophilus

Spring salamanders

Spring Salamanders

  • Gyrinophilus p. porphyriticus


  • Gyrinophilus porphyriticus duryi

    Kentucky Spring Salamander

  • Gyrinophilus subterraneus

    West Virginia Spring Salamander

Gyrinophilus distribution

Gyrinophilus Distribution

Spring salamanders1

Spring Salamanders

  • Nasolabial grooves

  • Central pedicel

  • Line posterior from eye toward back of body

  • Keel on tail

  • Spots on back

  • Lighter belly

Family plethodontidae4

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Hemidactylium

Four toed salamander

Four-toed Salamander

Hemidactylium scutatum

  • Tail longer than body

  • Tail pinched at base

  • 4:4 toes

Family plethodontidae5

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Eurycea

Two lined salamanders

Two-Lined Salamanders

  • Eurycea bislineata

    Northern Two-lined Salamander

  • Eurycea cirrigera

    Southern Two-lined Salamander

E bislineata e cirrigera distribution

E. bislineata/E. cirrigera Distribution

Two lined salamanders1

Two-Lined Salamanders

  • Narrow black line down both sides

  • Light mid-dorsal strip

  • Slender

Long tailed salamander

Long-tailed Salamander

Eurycea l. longicauda

  • Yellow in color

  • Spotted on back

  • Lateral black bars on the tail

  • No spots on belly

  • Tail longer than body

Cave salamander

Cave Salamander

Eurycea lucifuga

  • Tail longer than body

  • Irregular black spots and dashes

  • Big eyes

  • Slender

Family plethodontidae6

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Plethodon

Eastern red backed salamander

Eastern Red-backed Salamander

Plethodon cinereus

  • Nasolabial grooves

  • Costal grooves

  • Large line down back

  • Spotted (salt and pepper) belly

  • Slender

Plethodon large slimy

Plethodon (large) Slimy

  • Plethodon cylindraceus

    White-spotted Slimy Salamander

  • Plethodon glutinosus

    Northern Slimy Salamander

  • Plethodon kentucki

    Cumberland Plateau Salamander

P glutinosus complex

P. glutinosus Complex

Slimy salamanders

Slimy Salamanders

  • Spots uniformly distributed along body

  • Lighter chin

Plethodon small

Plethodon (small)

  • Plethodon electromorphus

    Northern Ravine Salamander

  • Plethodon hoffmani

    Valley and Ridge Salamander

  • Plethodon nettingi

    Cheat Mountain Salamander

  • Plethodon richmondi

    Southern Ravine Salamander

  • Plethodon virginia

    Shenandoah Mountain Salamander

Plethodon small1

Plethodon (small)

  • Small

  • Slender

  • Dark Bodies

  • Worms with legs

Eastern small plethodon complex

Eastern Small Plethodon Complex

Plethodon large

Plethodon (large)

  • Plethodon wehrlei

    Wehrle’s Salamander

  • Plethodon punctatus

    Cow Knob Salamander

Wehrle s or cow knob

Cow Knob

Wehrle’s or Cow Knob

  • Dark salamander

  • Lighter throat

  • White spots mainly along sides (faint)

P werhlei p punctatus distribution

P. werhlei/P. punctatus Distribution

Family plethodontidae7

Family: Plethodontidae

Genus: Pseudotriton

Midland mud salamander

Midland Mud Salamander

Pseudotriton montanus diastictus

  • Nasolabial groove (faint)

  • Central pedicel

  • 30 –40 spots scattered

  • Salmon, red color

Northern red salamander

Northern Red Salamander

Pseudotriton r. ruber

  • Nasolabial grooves

  • Costal grooves

  • Irregular black dots (40+)

  • No spots at end of tail

  • Belly pale

Map of counties of west virginia

Map of Counties of West Virginia

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