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Herpetology. Reptiles. Order: Testudines. Family: Chelydridae Genus: Chelydra Family: Kinosternidae Genus: Sternotherus Family: Emydidae Genus: Clemmys Genus: Glyptemys Genus: Graptemys Genus: Pseudemys Genus: Chrysemys Genus: Terrapene Genus: Trachemys

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Order testudines

Order: Testudines

  • Family: Chelydridae

    • Genus: Chelydra

  • Family: Kinosternidae

    • Genus: Sternotherus

  • Family: Emydidae

    • Genus: Clemmys

    • Genus: Glyptemys

    • Genus: Graptemys

    • Genus: Pseudemys

    • Genus: Chrysemys

    • Genus: Terrapene

    • Genus: Trachemys

  • Family: Trionychidae

    • Genus: Apalone

Family chelydridae

Family: Chelydridae

Eastern snapping turtle

Eastern Snapping Turtle

Chelydra s. serpentina

  • Carapace with large tubercles

  • Plastron with less than 8 plates

  • Tail long

  • Body spiny

Family kinosternidae

Family: Kinosternidae



Sternotherus odoratus

  • 11 plastron shields

  • Spines covering the body

  • Dome shaped carapace

Family emydidae

Family: Emydidae

Spotted turtle

Spotted Turtle

  • Spots on each carapace scute

  • Head is spotted

  • Dome shaped carapace

Clemmys guttata

Wood turtle

Wood Turtle

  • Sculptured carapace

  • No longitudinal stripes on head

  • Notched scutes

Glyptemys insculpta

Northern map turtle

Northern Map Turtle

  • Longitudinal stripes on head

  • Keeled carapace

  • Somewhat flattened

  • Triangular spots behind eyes

Graptemys geographica

Ouachita map turtle

Ouachita Map Turtle

  • Very keeled carapace

  • Somewhat flattened

  • Longitudinal stripes on head

  • Square spots behind eyes

Graptemys o. ouachitensis

Eastern painted turtle

Eastern Painted Turtle

  • Boarder around outer part of shell

  • Head with longitudinal stripes

  • Smooth carapace

  • First row of costals and vertebrals line up

Chrysemys p. picta

Midland painted turtle

Midland Painted Turtle

  • First line of vertebrals and costals don’t line up

  • Smooth carapace

  • Head with longitudinal stripes

Chrysemys p. marginata

Eastern river cooter

Eastern River Cooter

  • Cusps not prominent

  • Longitudinal stripes on head

  • Longitudinal grooves on carapace

Pseudemys c. concinna

Northern red bellied cooter

Northern Red-bellied Cooter

  • Prominent cusp on upper jaw

  • Plastron might have pink/red color

Pseudemys rubriventris

Eastern box turtle

Eastern Box Turtle

  • Dome shaped carapace

  • Orange and red-ish

  • Plastron with movable hinge

Terrapene c. carolina

Red eared turtle

Red-eared Turtle

  • Spot on each scute of the plastron

  • Longitudinal grooves on the carapace

  • Longitudinal stripes on head

Trachemys scripta elegans

Family trionychidae

Family: Trionychidae

Eastern spiny softshell

Eastern Spiny Softshell

  • Spines on the anterior part of the shell

  • Shell is covered with skin

  • Snout projected

  • Pancake like

  • Feet mottled

Apalone s. spinifera

Midland smooth softshell

Midland Smooth Softshell

  • No spines to the anterior of the shell

  • Feet not mottled

  • Nostril rounded

  • Pancake like

Apalone m. mutica

Order squamata

Order: Squamata

Suborder: Lacertilia

Order squamata1

Order: Squamata

  • Family: Phrynosomatidae

    • Genus: Sceloporus

  • Family: Teiidae

    • Genus: Cnemidophorus

  • Family: Scincidae

    • Genus: Eumeces

    • Genus: Scincella

Family phrynosomatidae

Family: Phrynosomatidae

Northern fence lizard

Northern Fence Lizard

Sceloporus undulatus


  • Keeled and pointed scales

Family teiidae

Family: Teiidae

Eastern six lined racerunner

Eastern Six-lined Racerunner

  • Scales are glossy

  • Ventral scales are larger than dorsal

  • 6 lines

  • Black and white

Cnemidophorus s.


Family scincidae

Family: Scincidae

Northern coal skink

Northern Coal Skink

  • Smooth and glossy scales

  • Ventral and dorsal scales the same size

  • 2 lines dark on the sides

  • Lighter in the middle

Eumeces a. anthracinus

Broad headed skink

Broad-headed Skink

  • Scales smooth and glossy

  • Big

  • Broad head

  • 5 labials

  • No large postlabials

Eumeces laticeps

Common five lined skink

Common Five-lined Skink

Eumeces fasciatus

  • Smooth glossy scales

  • Scales same on dorsal and ventral

  • 2 postlabials

  • 4 labials

  • Black or brown with five stripes

Little brown skink

Little Brown Skink

  • Smooth glossy scales

  • Clear window like scale in lower eyelid

  • Brown and black stripes on dorsal

Scincella lateralis

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