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Pvaas the thanksgiving edition
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PVAAS – The Thanksgiving Edition. Did your Thanksgiving Dinner Meet the minimum expectations this year? Whether it met the expectations or not was it better than the year before?. Essential Question.

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PVAAS – The Thanksgiving Edition

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Pvaas the thanksgiving edition

PVAAS – The Thanksgiving Edition

  • Did your Thanksgiving Dinner Meet the minimum expectations this year?

  • Whether it met the expectations or not was it better than the year before?

Essential question

Essential Question

How can PVAAS be used by teachers and administrators for annual school, grade, subject, and student evaluation and planning?

Pvaas has two methodologies

PVAAS has Two Methodologies

  • 1. Value-added Analysis for growth in cohorts of students by school, grade, subgroup.

  • 2. Projection capability to calculate the likelihood of a student achieving a specified target performance level on a future PSSA test.

The pvaas methodologies

The PVAAS Methodologies

Looking Back/Looking Forward/ EvaluationProjection

Did cohorts grow?Who will be Prof/Adv?

Current data collection approaches

Current Data Collection Approaches

  • High Achievement

  • Average Achievement

  • Low Achievement

    (Achievement is based on each student’s ending point)

Pvaas adds another value to achievement progress

PVAAS Adds Another ValueTo Achievement…Progress

Below At or Above

Growth StandardGrowth Standard

(Progress is based on each student’s starting point)

Plot quadrants and their meanings

Plot Quadrants and Their Meanings

Achievement AboveAchievement Above


Did Not Meet GrowthMet Growth Standard


Achievement BelowAchievement Below


Did Not Meet GrowthMet Growth Standard


How to measure growth

How to Measure Growth

Student scaled scores are converted to NCE scores

The mean NCE score for each school is calculated

PVAAS revises all earlier estimates based on the addition of the current data

PVAAS calculates an estimated NCE mean score

Okay what the heck is an nce score

Okay… What “the heck” is an NCE Score?

  • An NCE score indicates the position of a scaled score on a reference scale

  • (mean =50, sd=21.06)

    z-score = Observed – Mean/SD

    [basically you are calculating the number of standard deviations the data value is from the mean of its distribution]

  • This allows the scaled score from different distributions with different scales to be compared

Pvaas the thanksgiving edition

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Projection summary tool

Projection Summary Tool

  • PVAAS will allow you to identify students who need extra support in preparation for a future PSSA

  • Projections are based on a combination of Math and Reading scores over time

Projection ranges

Projection Ranges

  • 0% - 40%Not likely without significant intervention programs

  • 40% - 70%Could be successful with intervention programs

  • 70% - 100%Likely to be successful with maintaining current program

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