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Engineering Specification & Design Portfolio

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Engineering Specification & Design Portfolio - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Engineering Specification & Design Portfolio. Engineering Design. System Design. Start Here!. Detail Design. Design Process. Define Functional Needs Functional Specification (Continuous updating) Engineering Specification (Continuous updating) Detail Design Design for Manufacturing

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Presentation Transcript
engineering design
Engineering Design

System Design

Start Here!

Detail Design

design process
Design Process
  • Define Functional Needs
  • Functional Specification (Continuous updating)
  • Engineering Specification (Continuous updating)
  • Detail Design
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Design for Assembly and Disassembly
    • Life Cycle Design
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Product Launch
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Product Recycling

Concurrent and Iterative Activities

design procedure
Design Procedure


Subsystem Decomposition

Functional Needs

Functional Specification

Design Analysis

Engineering Specification

Matl. Selection

  • Detail Design
    • Life Cycle Design
    • Design for Assembly and Disassembly
    • Design for Manufacturing




Process Plan


design specification
Design Specification
  • Functional Specification
    • Overall requirements
    • Key functionalities
    • Overall dimensions
    • Key performance characteristics
    • Layout drawing
  • Engineering Specification
    • Detail performance requirements
    • Subsystems and subsystems detail requirements
    • All relevant dimensions
    • Engineering drawings
design portfolio
Design Portfolio
  • Design specification - Contract
  • Design Schedule
  • Functional design
    • Design alternatives
    • Design evaluation
  • Final design solution
    • Design model and analysis
    • Engineering drawings
    • Process Plan
  • References
  • Meeting notes
system design
System Design
  • Define Functional Needs
  • Functional Specification (Continuous updating)
    • Review existing information
      • Existing designs, patents, codes, legislation, literature search
    • Decomposition into subsystems
      • Overall layout
      • Subsystem relationship
process flow i
Process Flow I

Silicon Template

Step 1a - Pattern developed on bare silicon template

  • Clean silicon substrate by sulfuric acid & hydrogen peroxide at 120°C for 10mins
  • Rinse with deionized water and dry clean
  • Spin coat standard photoresist
  • Conduct photolithography by UV exposure
  • Wet etch the pattern by KOH (anisotropic etching)
  • Photoresist stripping
  • Rinse with deionized water and dry clean
  • Dicing
process flow ii
Process Flow II


Silicon Template


Silicon Template

Step 1b - Soft mould Preparation

  • Apply mould release (silicone) on silicon template
  • Clean another silicon substrate by sulfuric acid & hydrogen peroxide at 120°C for 10mins
  • Rinse with deionized water and dry clean
  • Spin coat polymer (PMMA / PDMS)
process flow iii
Process Flow III



Step 1c - Pattern transfer to the soft mould

    • Apply silicon template onto polymer with pressure (<5bars)
    • Curing polymer with suitable conditions
    • Release of silicon template
  • Step 1d - Soft mould fabricated
process flow iv
Process Flow IV

Silicon substrate


Conductive Polymer

Step 2 - Dipping of soft mould on conductive polymer

  • Apply a layer of conductive polymer into the paste pot
  • Turning the pot and set the height of the paste by height adjustable blade
  • Dipping of soft mould on the conductive polymer
process flow v
Process Flow V



Step 3 - Die preparation

  • Dicing
  • Load into magazine
process flow vi
Process Flow VI


IC die

Step 4 - Formation of interconnect

  • Alignment is conducted between soft mould and IC die
  • Apply soft mould onto the die (displacement control)
  • Lifting of the soft mould for next cycle
  • Soft mould will undergo Step 2 for next die
process flow vii
Process Flow VII


Bumped Chip

IC die

Sub-mount / substrate

Step 5 - Assembly process

  • Bumped chip is flipped
  • Alignment is conducted between bumped IC die and substrate
  • Apply bumped IC die onto the substrate (displacement control)
process flow viii
Process Flow VIII


IC die



Step 6 – Curing

  • Batch if assembled package is collected
  • Batch curing of conductive polymer in conventional oven
  • Underfilling is optional
functional specification i
Functional Specification I
  • Target Package
  • Base Table
functional specification ii
Functional Specification II
  • Bonding Head
  • Camera Table
system design1
System Design

Sub-system I

Sub-system II

Sub-system III



Relationship B

Relationship D

Relationship C

Relationship A

system design2
System Design
  • Internet
  • Patent database
      • IP and Patent Search Links (WIPS)
        • e.g. printer head + Epson
  • Research database
      • Database List – (SCOPUS)
        • Printer head (title) + Epson (Affiliation)