ITDS PGA Message Set Processing
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ITDS PGA Message Set Processing Overview and Architecture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ITDS PGA Message Set Processing Overview and Architecture. PGA Message Set Processing: Overview. Establishes support for a harmonized set of PGA data to be submitted by the trade along-with Entry and Entry Summary data that CBP will collect, validate and distribute to all PGAs as appropriate.

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ITDS PGA Message Set Processing Overview and Architecture

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ITDS PGA Message Set ProcessingOverview and Architecture

PGA Message Set Processing: Overview

  • Establishes support for a harmonized set of PGA data to be submitted by the trade along-with Entry and Entry Summary data that CBP will collect, validate and distribute to all PGAs as appropriate.

    • Presently, PGA data is submitted through manual paper forms requiring added processing cost, human intervention and manual correlation with transactions

    • The ITDS PGA Data initiative provides for the CATAIR message set to be extended to allow trade systems to submit PGA data electronically to CBP along with Entry and Entry Summary filings

    • The ITDS PGA Data initiative will automate the entire collection, transaction correlation, and PGA distribution cycle, yielding significant cost savings and efficiency

    • CBP acts as the Single Window to streamline transmission, processing and distribution of PGA data to appropriate agencies , relieving trade and multiple government agencies from exchanging information via a multitude of disparate channels during the cargo release process

PGA Message Data in a Transaction

A 1101S02GITTAR022513 AE A2.2 ACE D-4 Demo

B 1101S02AE A2.2 D4 Demo

10AS0220130049 1101109577 0140 XY P 5022813

1123-58964580023-589645800 022013022013 TX

20AA 1101022013A120PG data and OGA data



23M 60359191702

318B 891

40 001 CNCN022013 0000001694570350000004889 N



5029037990300000259494 0000052958 000000264000KG


PG01001EPODS Y 130.840-025

PG02 CAS 75-45-6

PG19MF                   KUBOTA (JAPAN)                                        

PG19CI                   TOYOTA NORTH AMERICA            1234 PEACHTREE STREET 

PG20                                     ATLANTA              GA US30301       


PG22YEP4 Y03222011

PG29KG 000000030000



40 002 TTTT022013 0000004000570000000010800 N




5029037300000000000000 0000048420 000000001800KG


Y 1101S02AE00031

Z1101S02 022513

PGA Data Processing: Architecture

ITDS Initiative 2: Interoperability Web Services (IWS)

Interoperability Web Services (IWS)


ITDS Initiative 2: Interoperability Web Services (IWS)

  • Introduces Interoperability Web Services between CBP and PGAs to facilitate transfer of Trade data, Document Image (DIS) data, and exchange of Event of Interest to automate inter-agency workflow coordination.

    • Integrates technical and security policy frameworks between CBP and each PGA web services infrastructure

    • Defines message envelopes to transport XML data payload and exchange Event Notifications between CBP and PGAs

    • Creates an XML data payload specification to capture defined Entry Data elements

    • All data transferred is NIEM compliant

    • Develop a web-service specification to define consistent web services between agencies

    • Implement on-demand Web Service operations hosted by CBP and PGAs to retrieve data for one or more entries

    • Implement sFTP services for bulk data transfer

    • Implement automated batch services that periodically send Trade; PGA and DIS data received by CBP to PGAs that subscribe to the service

IWS (PGA Interoperability) Landscape



6a. Review Documents

PGA Interoperability: Entry data XML Payload

  • CBP defined Interoperability XML message set

    • Vetted with PGA technical teams

    • All Interoperability events of interest defined as NIEM XML messages

    • Well defined Enumerations of possible values, Error Conditions and data inter-dependencies eliminate ambiguity between participants

    • Entry data and DIS Data payload contained within message structures

PGA Interoperability: Entry data XML Payload

  • Features of Entry data XML Payload

    • Entry and Summary Header and Line level data

    • Data sent to PGAs in near real time per their interest and jurisdiction

    • NIEM compliant data definitions

PGA Interoperability: Secure Web Services Infrastructure

Web Services

  • Open, Industry standard mechanism for communication and data exchange

  • CBP Provided WSDL defines operations, payload and policies

  • XML payload transmitted in SOAP 1.2 Envelope or REST

  • Secure HTTPS services hosted by CBP and visible only to authorized clients

  • Suitable for smaller data packets and exchange of real time Events of Interest

  • Accessible over the Open Internet , No dedicated PGA connections needed.

  • Security Features:

    • Visible only to authorized Client IPs in CBP DMZ

    • WS Security:

      • Assigned unique token (UserID and Password) per client

      • Server side Https, SSL certificate

      • PKI capabilities included - AES 256 bit encryption


  • Bulk Data Transfer accomplished vi CBP Hosted SFTP

PGA Cargo Data Summary-Entry Details

PGA Cargo Data Summary-Parties

PGA Cargo Data Summary-Bill Details

PGA Cargo Data Summary-Event History

PGA Cargo Data Summary-Referrals

PGA Cargo Data Summary-PGA Data

PGA Cargo Data Summary-PGA Data-PDF View

PGA Cargo Data Summary-DIS

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