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Daniel. Daring to be Different Faithful to the Father. But first - the fish!. To celebrate birth of boy in Japan. Christians against the flow. Despots still rule Idolatry still stands Religions still oppress Do we go against the flow? Or go with it?. So who was Daniel?.

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Daniel l.jpg

  • Daring to be Different

  • Faithful to the Father

But first the fish l.jpg
But first - the fish!

  • To celebrate birth of boy in Japan

Christians against the flow l.jpg
Christians against the flow

  • Despots still rule

  • Idolatry still stands

  • Religions still oppress

    Do we go against the flow?

  • Or go with it?

So who was daniel l.jpg
So who was Daniel?

  • Wealthy, wise and well-connected

  • Or one of the three!

  • Just one of us!

Enslaved l.jpg

  • Deported to Babylon to serve King Nebuchadnezzar

  • With nothing

  • Except…

  • His faith

Episode 1 food l.jpg
Episode 1: Food!!

  • Royal food not Kosher

  • Went veggie

  • Became healthier

  • God gave understanding

Episode 2 interpret or die l.jpg
Episode 2:Interpret or DIE!!

  • ALL wise men to die (that includes Daniel)

  • God gives dream and meaning

  • King praises God and Daniel made ruler

Episode 3 common error l.jpg
Episode 3: common error!!

  • Daniel was not in fiery furnace

  • but his mates were

  • Because they refused to worship the idol

Episode 4 another dream l.jpg
Episode 4: another dream…

  • But not a good message for the King..

  • Pride leads to a fall.

  • Another veggie…

  • Restricted to grass.

Episode 5 graffiti l.jpg
Episode 5: Graffiti

  • Belshazzar’s feast

  • But he used the Temple goblets

  • Call for Daniel!

  • But the King is slain that night.

Episode 6 easy at eighty l.jpg
Episode 6: Easy at Eighty?

  • Another King (Darius)… another trial…

  • Only pray to the King!

  • Daniel prays to God 3 times a day..as usual

  • Lion food? Not with God!

  • Darius orders his nation to worship the ‘God of Daniel’

Episode 7 more dreams l.jpg
Episode 7: More dreams

  • Dream of angel Michael fighting the devil

The end l.jpg
The End

  • Daniel:

  • You will rest and then at the end of your days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance

But the story continues l.jpg
But the story continues…

  • In you and me…

  • Will we dare to be different?

  • And faithful to the Father?

This is not the end l.jpg

This is not the end…

It is the beginning.