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First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminars/Courses Create Community, and a Strong Foundation for Students...
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First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminars/Courses Create Community, and a Strong Foundation for Students’ Personal and Professional Development. FYE Instructors Jessica Tvrdy, Michael Rideout, Marci Barnes, Michelle Wagner & Denise Marchionda FYE Students Marie Degou and Dennis King

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FYE Instructors Jessica Tvrdy, Michael Rideout, Marci Barnes,

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Fye instructors jessica tvrdy michael rideout marci barnes

First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminars/Courses Create Community, and a Strong Foundation for Students Personal and Professional Development

FYE Instructors

Jessica Tvrdy, Michael Rideout, Marci Barnes,

Michelle Wagner & Denise Marchionda

FYE Students

Marie Degou and Dennis King

Jo Mucci, Director

First-Year Experience & Student Success

It s all about the first year fye at mcc

Its all about the first yearFYE at MCC!

First year experience fye quiz

First-Year Experience (FYE) Quiz

____________________________provide freshman the

opportunity to engage with a faculty member in a low

stress, usually small class (15-20 students) environment

that eases the transition to college life, but remains

both academically enriching and reasonably


Research national survey of first year seminars

Research: National Survey of First-Year Seminars

  • Research consistently shows that first-year experience courses/seminars that are linked and create a learning community are effective programming efforts for:

  • retention and student success

  • responding to the academic, social and personal

  • needs of first-year students

  • assisting first-year students in becoming integrated

  • into an institutions academic environment

Rationale for making the fye course a requirement

Rationale for Making the FYE Course a Requirement

It is the intention of this course to link the First-Year Experience Seminar with a General Education course to accomplish the following:

  • Make the traditional First-Year curriculum explicitly relevant to the students by connecting it to a course in which the content seems apparent, and, therefore, more academic

  • Create FYE curriculum that will give students the opportunity to practice skills that they will need to be successful in all of their college courses

  • Introduce students to the MCC ISLOs by creating opportunities for students to reflect on these skills in real world situations

  • Help students begin to take ownership of their education by creating both short-term and long-term educational plans

  • Allow students to have a wide variety of seminar experiences that can be combined (bundled) to fulfill a General Education elective

Key observations of first year experience seminars

Key Observations of First-Year Experience Seminars

  • First-year seminars are taught by faculty members (including adjuncts) and professional staff, who develop and teach the seminars.

  • A typical first-year seminar can meet anywhere between one and four hours per week.

  • Instructors are often granted a significant amount of freedom regarding the topics of first-year seminars as long as seminars involve interdisciplinary topics and develop skills identified in the programs overarching philosophy.

  • Institutions indicate that academic advising is extremely important and tied into first-year seminars at most institutions. Academic advisors also help promote first-year seminars among students.

Why did mcc develop their first year experience seminars courses

Why did MCC develop their First-Year Experience Seminars/Courses?

Middlesex Community College has developed the First-Year

Experience Seminar and other Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

courses to foster a strong sense of community through the use of

small classroom settings, group projects, presentations and

course offerings that is topical and accessible to all students. The

seminars develop students oral and written communication skills

while promoting strong relationships among students, their

instructors and the college community.

Introduced to islos

Introduced to ISLOs

Ids 101 general education seminar first year experience 1 credit

IDS 101: General Education Seminar: FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE (1 Credit)

The First-Year Experience (FYE) is a one-credit

seminar experience that can be linked with

introductory, college-level courses to form Learning Communities. Students learn essential student success skills, behaviors and habits of mind that will increase their college success. Students will also learn about student support, co-curricular services and other college resources to develop and strengthen their skills and abilities.

Examples of linked courses

Examples of Linked Courses

  • Preparation for College Math

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • Explorations in Human Behavior

  • Explorations in Humanities

  • Explorations in Science

  • Basic Writing

  • English Composition I

  • Speech

  • Education (EDU & PSY)

Interdisciplinary studies ids schedule fall 2013

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) Schedule Fall 2013








What s important in an fye course everything

Whats Important in an FYE Course? Everything!

Instructors and lots of very committed people, throughout the college




Engagement opportunities


It takes a village!

Some important observations

Some Important Observations

Some linked courses are showing higher retention than they have had in the past

Linked partners are noticing that students are bonding and participating more

More collaborative, group work in both FYE and linked courses

Stronger sense of community

Students are more engaged

More students are attending college-wide events

Students are helping other students

Student reflection

Student Reflection

I learned a lot this year. I discovered how to stay on track

till the very end no matter what. Even with so much on

my plate I managed my classes pretty well and learned

even with some struggles. There were so many mistakes

I made in school that Ive learned not to do for next

semester. School isnt like a hobby or any side thing, it

should be your prime thing in your life.

Jessica tvrdy

Advising and FYE

Jessica Tvrdy

Embedding academic advising into first year experience courses

Embedding Academic Advising into First-Year Experience Courses

Students that build a relationship with an academic advisor are the most likely to persist (Hollis, 2009).

-34% of College Students rarely or never meet with their academic advisor (CCSSE, 2004).

- Community College students are most likely to utilize campus recourses such as advising and supplemental instruction when it is a course requirement (Ashburn, Bartlett & Wolverstron, 2006).

First-Year Experience courses that link students with their advisor increase student retention and persistence rates (Cornell & Mosley, 2006).

What would you do if you had a time machine

What would you do if you had a time machine?

Mike Rideout


Time machines according to hollywood

Time Machines according to Hollywood

Primer (2004)

The Time Machine (1960)

Back to the Future (1985)

The Time Machine (2002)


The activity

The activity


Students have been assigned an activity that is directly related to the following Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking

  • Written and Oral Communication

  • Social Responsibility (to a certain extent)



  • Students give a detailed examination of the concept and elements of time.

  • Have we used our time wisely? If not, what can we change?

  • What can we do now to ensure security/ success in the future?

  • My decisions have outcomes!

If I had a time machine you would find me in the future instead of the past because I look forward to see where all my decisions are going to bring me.

FYE Student Spring 13




  • To determine the significance, worth, or condition of usually by careful appraisal and study.

    • Would I see something in the future that would make changing my life in the present now worth it?

By going into the future I would be able to see the results of the present now and if not satisfied I will be able to come back and fix or change what went wrong. FYE Student Spring 13


Creative thinking

Creative Thinking

The reason why I would go into the future instead of the past is because you cant change your past but you can always can make choices to better your future.

FYE Student Spring 13

Critical thinking is the ability to reason about beliefs and actions.It is a way of deciding whether a claim is always true, sometimes true, partly true, or false.


Logical conclusions

Logical Conclusions

Actions now

Consequences in the future


Written and oral communication

Written and Oral Communication

  • Written assignments

  • Oral presentations

  • Use of relevant

    information literacy


  • Effective use of



Written and oral communication1

Written and Oral Communication

  • This assignment consists of

  • A 300-600 word paper explaining what one would do if they had access to a time machine. Where would you go? What would you see? How would it affect your life?

  • A public speaking component: Students read their paper in front of the class.

  • A rubric, which students use during the process of writing and presenting and faculty use during the grading process.


Social responsibility

Social Responsibility

One could use a time machine to go back in time to prevent wars, assassinations, tragic events and social injustices BUT


Scholarship writing

Scholarship Writing

Marci Barnes

Fye instructors jessica tvrdy michael rideout marci barnes

http://www.youtube.com/watch v=Ba5g28B644g

More Target Scholarships

Fye instructors jessica tvrdy michael rideout marci barnes

Tall Clubs International awards student scholarship(s) of up to $1000 each to tall students who are under 21 years of age and attending their first year of college in the following Fall. The recipients must also meet the TCI height requirement minimums of 5'10" for women and 6'2" for men.

Fye instructors jessica tvrdy michael rideout marci barnes

Scholarship for Community College Graduates

Youve earned your associates degreenow go for your bachelors from Boston University.

Boston Universitys Metropolitan College is proud to offer the Scholarship for Community College Graduates. The scholarship is currently available to eligible graduates of the following six Massachusetts community colleges:

Bunker Hill Community College

Massachusetts Bay Community College

Middlesex Community College


Northern Essex Community College

Quinsigamond Community College

Roxbury Community College

Recipients of this annual scholarship will receive a 50 percent tuition scholarship for up to 12 credits per semester while they complete their bachelors degree at Boston Universitys Metropolitan College. Those selected for the Scholarship for Community College Graduates will be required to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above in order to continue receiving the tuition benefits of the program.



Locate scholarship


Draft Essay

Revision process

Final essay

Option to submit

The first year experience a perfect opportunity to revamp r sum s

The-First Year Experience: A Perfect Opportunity to Revamp Rsums!

Rsum Revision meets Wordle!

Michelle Wagner

What is wordle

What is Wordle?

  • Wordle is an online tool that generates visual word clouds from provided text.

  • Visit www.wordle.net

  • Select the option, Create your own. Paste in your text, click go, and enjoy!

Bring r sum bullets to life with wordle

Bring rsum bullets to life with Wordle.

  • Use an Active Verb word cloud to revitalize bullets beginning with stale nouns.

More uses for wordle

MORE uses for Wordle

  • Consider pasting rsums, cover letters, biographies, and applicable job descriptions into Wordle to pinpoint key words and streamline matches.

Capstone project poster presentations

Capstone Project: Poster Presentations

Denise Marchionda, Ed.D. AKA Dr. M

Final project specifications

Final Project Specifications


Final Project Specifications (and grading rubric)


Purpose of Project:

Project will include (notice the point values of each component):

Two (or more) Books (Print) and One Paragraph Summaries of each (1 point). These books should be ones that someone may read to find information on this topic. (Please include copies of the covers of the books, as well as the table of contents for each.)

Names of Two (or more) People on campus who can help someone with this topic (2 points). The names should be accompanied with official business cards, written summaries of brief interviews with these people and why they are the go-to people, as well as handouts or pamphlets of some sort that would guide others to these people.

Two (or more) professionally sponsored electronic sources (websites) (1 point). These need descriptions of what is included there and why they would be good sites to visit. This component should include the Home Pages printed for display.

One interactive component to teach a concept (2 points). This can be a game, questionnaire, or any kind of activity THAT CAN BE DONE AT THE POSTER OR PRESENTATION. Be sure to create something that many people can use without disrupting the entire poster. (For example, provide copies of a questionnaire or prepare a take-away information piece like a business card, handout, or pamphlet.)

Planning ahead

Planning Ahead

Time management

Time Management

Personal and professional development

Personal and Professional Development

More posters

More Posters

A few more posters

A Few More Posters

Final display of posters

Final Display of Posters!

Student reflection1

Student Reflection

I want to end this semester with a bang and explain that this class is vital for

a new college student. It opened my eyes. It just helped by showing how to

survive in a college atmosphere, what it takes to make it in college and how

to be a good student. And this class shows you the way.

Thanks to this class Ive learned about different activities that are

offered at the school and that its important to get involved or reach out

and ask for help if you need it. While in this class I was able to do a short

oral presentation which I didnt like doing, but I did it and it helped me

prepare for that week which I had to present three oral repots in other


Student reflection2

Student Reflection

I learned this was a great class to take my first semester.

Being a single mom it was really hard for me to mentally

get back into school, I didnt know what I was doing or

where I was going. In this class Ive learned that its

important to learn to manage your time because if you

cant then you fall behind. I watched a lot of people drop

classes because it didnt fit their schedule. If I didnt

figure out how to manage my time I feel I would have

become one of those people.

First year experience fye quiz1

First-Year Experience (FYE) Quiz

First-Year Experience (FYE) Seminars/Courses provide

freshman the opportunity to engage with a faculty

member in a low stress, usually small class (15-20

students) environment that eases the transition to

college life, but remains both academically enriching

and reasonably challenging.

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