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www.diversity.ie. What is the Diversity Challenge?. The Diversity Challenge is an innovative software training and cultural audit tool. It can be used for small workshops (less than 10 people) or large events (up to 500 people at once).

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What is the

Diversity Challenge?

It can be used for small workshops (less than 10 people) or large events (up to 500 people at once)

In a fun and relaxed environment, teams compete to answer questions and solve scenarios relating to diversity and inclusion

The interactive, competitive experience, combined with world-class content leads to unmatched levels of engagement

The content varies in complexity and covers the world-class content leads to full range of diversity issues...

Which means you can customise a Diversity Challenge workshop for any target group at any level of the organisation

All scenarios have been customised for the local marketplace, but incorporate global best practice

This table shows just an extract of the range of topics covered by hundreds of scenarios in the Diversity Challenge

How can it be used? marketplace, but incorporate

Retain our marketplace, but incorporate expert facilitators to run a Diversity Challenge session for you

Or purchase an in-house license and we will Train-the-Trainer to deliver Diversity Challenge Sessions

For the duration of your license, you’ll receive marketplace, but incorporate free content updates...

Whenever there are legislative changes or new hot issues, our team will produce new scenarios

  • Culture Change marketplace, but incorporate

  • Strategic planning for board and executives

  • Specific or General Diversity Education

  • Diversity Component of Leadership Training

  • Employee Engagement & Teambuilding

  • Inclusion Culture Audit

  • Induction and Interns

There are a wide range of applications for the Diversity Challenge...

So how does it work, exactly? marketplace, but incorporate

Participants are divided into teams. marketplace, but incorporate

Each round, the wheel spins and lands on one of the categories

Teams submit their answer to the facilitator when time is up and explain their choice to the group

Teams attempt to solve multiple choice scenarios, within a time limit, by debating the details

Teams compete to be the winner! and explain their choice to the group

This keeps participants engaged but also encourages open and honest debate as team members express their arguments for the different options in the scenario

Ideo cam
Ideo cam and explain their choice to the group

After the scenario, the process focuses on organisation specific outcomes

Participants are challenged to consider what the issue raised in the scenario implies for them, their colleagues and their organisation...

Ideo cam1
Ideo cam and explain their choice to the group

The fully customisable Diversity Scorecard gives you the opportunity to set the context with images, data, policy extracts or even a video message

The Challenge can then be used to poll the and explain their choice to the groupattitudes and perceptions of leaders and employees as they anonymously respond to audit questions using the live Audience Response System

In the second half of the session, participants are given the opportunity to vote on those diversity and inclusion issues they consider to be the highest priority for the organisation…

...giving you insight into the key points of leverage for your ongoing strategy

Participants then tackle those high priority issues, breaking into groups to set short and long-term goals for the organisation and for themselves. This creates valuable take-away output from the session

Detailed reports can be produced in MS Word or MS Excel format to allow you to consolidate results and findings across a roll-out of sessions

Outcomes? format to allow you to

Increased understanding of diversity & inclusion format to allow you to

Obtain data on priorities and challenges

Strategic planning

Heightened commitment to diversity from employees

OpenMinds format to allow you to Diversity Management Consultants

22 South Frederick Street

Dublin 2


Ph 0035316740000

Web; www.diversity.ie

[email protected]