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Forty tips from iforty
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Forty Tips from iForty. Welcome to…. Tip #1: Reach Out & Learn. ICE BREAKER: (allow 3 - 5 minutes)

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Forty Tips from iForty

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Forty tips from iforty

Forty Tipsfrom iForty

Welcome to…

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 1 reach out learn

Tip #1: Reach Out & Learn

ICE BREAKER: (allow 3 - 5 minutes)

For this activity, you need to group more than 4 people together. Now, in the next 3 minutes, people in a single group should discuss and jot down on the blank piece of paper, at least 10 things they have in common. The things (like school, home city or state, favorite cuisine, favorite sport, movies, etc.; anything except topics related to work) should be common among all individuals in the group.

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 2 join iforty

Tip #2: Join iForty

Does your professional organization fit you?

iForty --

  • Staff Council --

  • Black Faculty & Staff Association --

  • Hispanic Faculty/Staff Association --

  • Asian/Asian-American Faculty & Staff Association --

  • Pride and Equity Faculty Staff Association -

  • UT Staff Toastmasters Club --

  • International Association of Administrative Professionals --

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 3 jump start your career

Tip #3: Jump start your career

Who said “Knowing where to go and what to learn can have a major impact on the success of your career?”

(a prize for the correct answer)

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 4 i ncrease your professional net worth

Tip #4: Increase your professional ‘net worth’

André Paul Guillaume Gide was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1947.

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight with the shore"

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 5 explore txclass

Tip #5: Explore TXClass

...the University’s complete training resource for UT Faculty and Staff

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 6 visit the professional development center

Tip #6: Visit the Professional Development Center

Advance in your field, gain new skills, or train for a new career.

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 7 become familiar with www utexas edu

Tip #7: Become familiar with

Are you using the tools available on our home page?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 8 use askus

Tip #8: Use ‘askUS’...

Why you need the University’s search engine...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 9 use ut direct

Tip #9: Use UT Direct

Your homepage away from home...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 10 know your role

Tip #10: Know your role

How do you impact the success of your organization?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 11 time to stretch wiggle

Tip #11: Time to Stretch & Wiggle...

Every 20 minutes, stand for 20 seconds and

shake things out...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 12 learn the l ingo

Tip #12: Learn the Lingo..

Can you name these acronyms ?





UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 13 network and develop your contacts

Tip #13: Network and develop your contacts

Why who you know can be just as important as what you know...

  • Understandingthe culture

  • Building a network

  • Knowingwho has the answers

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 14 to be happier be organized

Tip #14: To be happier… Be organized!

Can any of us be truly organized in our frenzied, multi-tasking worlds?

Set priorities each day – Plan your work – Stick to your plan – Delegate – Hire Workstudy students!

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 15 be in the know

Tip #15: Be in the “Know”

Use yourcalendar to track deadlines, meetings... And use UT calendars to track special events, academic deadlines, etc.!

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 16 accounting is all around us

Tip #16: “Accounting” is all around us …

Get to know the many faces of your colleagues in Accounting and the many facets of their work!

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 17 track that inventory

Tip #17: Track that inventory...

Inventory reconciliation is always just around the corner; do you know where your equipment is?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 18 define yourself while you can

Tip #18: *DEFINE yourself while you can…

Know the University’s major data base and why it is transitioning to the web...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 19 hire the next superstar for your office

Tip #19: Hire the next superstar for your office

HRMS can help you hire a Full-time Employee (FTE), a Temp-to-Permanent, or a Student.

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 20 helping the troubled employee

Tip #20: Helping the troubled employee

How do you help your employee (or yourself) get back on track?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 21 time to stretch wiggle

Tip #21: Time to Stretch & Wiggle...

Every 20 minutes, stand for 20 seconds and

shake things out...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 22 persevere like a champion

Tip #22: Persevere like a Champion...

Name the University sports team who won their NCAA 2012 national championship...

2004 – National Championship, loss to Stanford

2005 – Sweet 16, loss to Hawaii

2006 – Elite 8, loss to Stanford

2007 – Elite 8, loss to USC

2008 – Final 4, loss to Stanford

2009 – National Championship, loss to Penn State

2010 – Final 4, loss to Penn State

2011 – Sweet 16, loss to UCLA


UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 23 know where to find university policies and procedures

Tip #23: Know where to find University policies and procedures

“Every employee is responsible for making sure that the University conducts its business with honesty and integrity.”

Let this website serve as your guide to university policies; it has a new look...and new numbering system for HOP policies.

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 24 be in compliance

Tip #24: Be “In Compliance”

What does University Compliance Services do for you and your organization?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 25 finding meeting space and time

Tip #25: Finding meeting space…and time!

How do you

find meeting space

on campus?

Toughest part of meeting planning…

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 26 meetings can be virtual

Tip #26: Meetings can be virtual!

Will a ‘Virtual Meeting’

work for you and what are the options?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 27 know your its information technology services

Tip #27: Know your ITSInformation Technology Services

...and what they can do for you and your organization!

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 28 y our computer is your lifeline

Tip #28: Your computer is your lifeline..

ITS has several options to assist you with your computer repairor replacement...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 29 waste not want not

Tip #29: Waste not want not...

How do you reuse and recycle your refuse?

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 30 know who to call to fix almost anything

Tip #30: Know who to call to fix almost anything!

Facilities Services

  • Maintenance/Minor Repairs service

  • Light bulb replacement

  • Adjust room temperature

  • Repair plumbing fixtures

  • Trash/Recycling pick up

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 31 do the worqs

Tip #31: Do the WORQS…

Welcome to the Work Order Request & Query System…the best way to get the job done!

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 32 time to stretch wiggle

Tip #32: Time to Stretch & Wiggle...

Every 20 minutes, stand for 20 seconds and shake things out...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 33 another key to your success is

Tip #33: Another ‘Key’ to your success is...

Locks and Keys


SER 101, 304 E. 24th Street,

7:30a – 4:00p

Arrive no later than 3:45p

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 34 building things at ut

Tip #34: Building things at UT

Project Management & Construction Services (PMCS) buildsThe University of Texas at Austin

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 35 know parking transportation services

Tip #35: Know Parking & Transportation Services

Parking will always be an issue on an urban campus. We sometimes jokingly refer to our permits as a “license to hunt”.

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 36 bon voyage

Tip #36: Bon Voyage...

Use Travel Management Services for your travel planning needs...

Concur for travel booking

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 37 know your university of texas police department

Tip #37: Know your University of Texas Police Department

“As diverse as our campus, as unique as you”

Learn more...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 38 arrg there be perks ahead

Tip #38: ARRG! There be Perks ahead...

Working at UT can be more than just a job; enjoy the perks of being part of a community...

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 39 attitude is everything

Tip #39: Attitude is everything!

“Maintain an attitude of

anticipating success!” ― Tae Yun Kim, The Silent Master: Awakening The Power Within

UT Austin iForty/cto

Tip 40 welcome the feedback

Tip #40: Welcome the Feedback




Complete the evals

UT Austin iForty/cto

And finally

And finally …


for taking the time to invest in yourself by taking this and other training.

We sincerely hope to see you at our next iForty gathering and wish you the best here at UT.

Hook ‘Em!

UT Austin iForty/cto

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