Eastvalley target sarah covington and kristine anderson 1 st and 5 th grades
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Eastvalley Target Sarah Covington and Kristine Anderson (1 st and 5 th grades)_. Welcome to Target!. Learning Characteristics of Children. Is highly curious Has wild, silly ideas Already knows 1-2 repetitions for mastery Good guesser Discusses in detail, elaborates

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Eastvalley target sarah covington and kristine anderson 1 st and 5 th grades

Eastvalley Target

Sarah Covington and Kristine Anderson (1st and 5th grades)_

Welcome to Target!

Learning characteristics of children
Learning Characteristics of Children

  • Is highly curious

  • Has wild, silly ideas

  • Already knows

  • 1-2 repetitions for mastery

  • Good guesser

  • Discusses in detail, elaborates

  • Thrives on complexity of issues

  • Is highly self-critical


  • Is interested

  • Has good ideas

  • Learns with ease

  • 6-8 repetitions for mastery

  • Good memorizer

  • Answers the questions asked by teacher

  • Enjoys straightforward presentation

  • Is pleased with his/her learning


Bloom s taxonomy
Bloom’s Taxonomy







Bloom s taxonomy in the gifted classroom
Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Gifted Classroom







Goldilocks with bloom s
Goldilocks with Bloom’s

  • Knowledge:How many bears lived in the house visited by Goldilocks?

  • Comprehension:How did the bears feel when they discovered Goldilocks in the bed?

  • Application: If Goldilocks had examined books belonging to each bear, which would she have preferred?

Goldilocks with bloom s1
Goldilocks with Bloom’s

  • Analysis: Why did Goldilocks always prefer the item which belonged to Baby Bear?

  • Synthesis: Suppose the bears had not returned at that time. How might the story have ended differently?

  • Evaluation:Should Goldilocks have entered the bears’ house?

Where we go in target
Where We Go in Target




Fewer facets

More structured

Less independence





More open

Greater independence

A typical target day
A Typical Target Day

  • Critical thinking through problem solving, brainteasers

  • Creative thinking

  • Unit activities such as research, discussion, simulation, practical investigation/experimentation, product generation

  • Hands-On Equations (in grades 3-5)

  • Technology integration

Hands on equations
Hands-On Equations

  • Visual and kinesthetic system of teaching algebraic concepts as early as third grade

  • Prepares students for understanding algebraic problems

  • Uses game pieces consisting of pawns and numbered cubes

Continuation criteria
Continuation Criteria

  • Acceptable progress defined as a majority of 2’s and/or 3’s in core areas of the report card in grades 1-3 and “Meets Expectations” on core areas of the CRCT

  • Acceptable progress defined as a minimum average of 80 in grades 4-5 across the core subjects of reading, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies

  • Student not maintaining satisfactory performance during grading period will be placed on probation for remaining school year

  • Student removed from program at end of probation period if criteria not met during that marking period

  • Removal and re-entry criteria-either by parent or teacher


  • Task commitment/personal best

  • Projects

  • Cooperation

  • Individual accountability

  • Homework (Reading Blog & Returning Target Tally Performance Sheet signed)

Possible changes
Possible Changes

  • New students

  • New classes

  • Change of teachers

  • Change of day

Home school communication
Home/School Communication

  • Blog

  • E-mail

  • Phone calls

  • Conferences


  • Process focused

  • Interdisciplinary

  • Grade 1: Stepping into Target

  • Grade 2-3: The Heart

  • Grades 4-5: Anurans on the Run (Frogs)

Prevailing practices
Prevailing Practices

  • Gifted students should not be expected to make up missed regular classroom work or homework on scheduled Target day

  • Target homework permitted on Target day

Resources for parents
Resources for Parents

  • Raisin’ Brains: Surviving My Smart Family, by Karen L.J. Isaacson

  • Hoagies Gifted Education Page

  • SENG

  • www.puzzles.com

  • www.braingle.com (Must register, but don’t fear…)

  • www.mindware.com

Q & A

Any questions?

  • Eligibility

  • Characteristics

  • Expectations

  • Assessment

  • Communication

  • Curriculum

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