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LEPC EXERCISING. Scotty E. Hancock Rome/Floyd LEPC. LEPC Partnership.

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Scotty E. Hancock

Rome/Floyd LEPC

LEPC Partnership

The LEPC is the regulated community and the regulators, the first responders and the health care providers, government agencies and the general public, all working toward a common goal of hazardous chemical planning and safe response.

LEPC Partnership

The Public Sector



Business and


LEPC Exercising

  • Table-top

  • Functional

  • Full scale

  • Must conduct at least one a year!

Common Problems

  • Tendency to start with full scale exercises

  • Tendency to exercise without an existing or up-to-date plan

  • Tendency to try to do everything

  • Typically held during DAY TIME

Exercise Basic Needs

  • Start with the Plan

  • Is it current?

  • Do players know it’s contents?

  • Exercising is intended to tell you if it is relevant

  • Review real world response summaries

  • Periodical articles

  • Individuals who have “been there”

  • Contact industry

Exercise Players

  • Management personnel for community

  • Larger cities - typically field supervisors

  • Lieutenants, battalion chiefs, etc

  • Smaller communities - typically “Chiefs”

  • Facility Emergency Coordinators and backups

  • Interfacing State agencies

  • State Police, GEMA

  • Specialty resources--hazmat team

LEPC Exercising

  • Plan

  • Awareness

  • Scenario

  • “Learn to walk before trying running”

Table Top Exercise

  • Easy to conduct

  • “like a college seminar” with moderator

  • Typically no cost to conduct

  • Generally last a couple of hours

  • Focus on management-supervisory issues

  • Command

Table Top Exercise

  • Great for improving awareness of plan

  • Good for learning who’s who

  • Putting faces to names and departments

  • Good for learning of community resources

  • Good for learning gaps and overlaps in plan

  • Little stress and typically informal

  • Great to get to know industries plans

Functional Exercise

  • What most people call table tops

  • Stress is introduced

  • Events-actions dictate exercise play

  • “ready or not”

  • Exercise design should be as realistic as possible

  • Avoid “blind leading blind”

Functional Exercise

  • Requires typically a group to conduct the exercise

    • controllers

    • simulators

    • evaluators

  • Works best when players “play” their real roles

  • Also good for cross training

Functional Exercise

  • Typically lasts 2-3 hours

  • Includes :

    • introduction to play

    • exercise play

    • critique

    • Can be conducted in either “test” or “educational” modes

    • one should assess group being exercised in deciding which mode

Functional Exercise

  • Can be extremely pressurized

  • Information overload or absence

  • Must know details

  • Must go through a simulation or it didn’t happen

Functional Exercise

  • Works best for strategic and tactical decisions

  • Does not get into hands-on action

  • No equipment is moved

  • Works best with management and supervisory personnel playing their own roles in command post environment--ICS and/or EOC

Functional Exercise

  • Controllers & Simulators must know community resources and capabilities

  • Players like to CHEAT!

  • Allows “props” only when they exist in reality

  • maps, photos, computer software

  • If not brought, they don’t count

  • Next time they will remember

Functional Exercise

  • Typically this exercise will provide skills needed to “manage” a response

  • It can be enhanced by exercise props

  • Video news updates

  • Call in center

  • Video of facility walk-ins

  • Multiple locations

  • EOC vs ICS

  • Multiple towns & groups

Full Sale Exercise

  • Show Time!

  • Expensive to conduct

  • Prop costs

  • Smoke

  • Consumables

  • Personnel time

  • Equipment

Full Scale Exercise

  • It takes more exercise staff to conduct:

  • Safety

  • Controllers--outside world

  • Simulators

  • Smoke production

  • Liquid flows

  • Evaluators

  • Command

  • Scene

Full Scale Exercise

  • Should be last type of exercise to conduct

  • Players should have learned their roles in table top and functional programs

  • Allows system to see if it worked in “simulated” reality

  • Command

  • Logistics

  • Communications

Full Scale Exercise

  • Can be conducted in either test surprise or known time mode

  • Surprise mode can be dangerous if response included

  • Hazmat full scale exercises typically become a plug and patch exercise

  • Wait for hazmat team

  • Watch hazmat team

  • Thank hazmat team

Full Scale Exercise

  • Typically run in real time

  • Presents problems with time controlled resources

  • Hazmat team

  • Typically total run by real “simulated” effects

  • Smoke plume

  • Liquid flow

  • Victims

Full Scale Exercise

  • Simulated effects may not cooperate with game plan

  • Smoke did go where it was suppose to

  • Responder indicates their not trained to conduct what needed and refuse to continue

  • It rained or snowed

  • It was fifty below zero or 100 F

Full Scale Exercise

  • Not enough resources available to respond to problem

    • This is classic exercise design problem

    • cheating is often allowed to finish the missions

    • must be back in service by “X” time

  • Exercise must be aware of resource limitations

    • 100 patients vs 2 ambulances

    • 10 ambulances vs 2 patients

Full Scale Exercise

  • Victims can be most difficult part to obtain

  • Like to be fed

  • Don’t like to get up early

  • Like to go home early

  • Will cancel out if a better offer arises

  • Moulage allows for realism and better training if EMS is a focus

  • Victims should not “help” players




  • You can teach the wrong way as easily as teaching the right way!

  • Think of exercises as another tool in the overall program--

  • Plans

  • Training

  • Equipment

  • Exercises

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