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LEPC EXERCISING. Scotty E. Hancock Rome/Floyd LEPC. LEPC Partnership.

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Lepc exercising


Scotty E. Hancock

Rome/Floyd LEPC

Lepc partnership

LEPC Partnership

The LEPC is the regulated community and the regulators, the first responders and the health care providers, government agencies and the general public, all working toward a common goal of hazardous chemical planning and safe response.

Lepc partnership1

LEPC Partnership

The Public Sector



Business and


Lepc exercising1

LEPC Exercising

  • Table-top

  • Functional

  • Full scale

  • Must conduct at least one a year!

Common problems

Common Problems

  • Tendency to start with full scale exercises

  • Tendency to exercise without an existing or up-to-date plan

  • Tendency to try to do everything

  • Typically held during DAY TIME

Exercise basic needs

Exercise Basic Needs

  • Start with the Plan

  • Is it current?

  • Do players know it’s contents?

  • Exercising is intended to tell you if it is relevant

  • Review real world response summaries

  • Periodical articles

  • Individuals who have “been there”

  • Contact industry

Exercise players

Exercise Players

  • Management personnel for community

  • Larger cities - typically field supervisors

  • Lieutenants, battalion chiefs, etc

  • Smaller communities - typically “Chiefs”

  • Facility Emergency Coordinators and backups

  • Interfacing State agencies

  • State Police, GEMA

  • Specialty resources--hazmat team

Lepc exercising2

LEPC Exercising

  • Plan

  • Awareness

  • Scenario

  • “Learn to walk before trying running”

Table top exercise

Table Top Exercise

  • Easy to conduct

  • “like a college seminar” with moderator

  • Typically no cost to conduct

  • Generally last a couple of hours

  • Focus on management-supervisory issues

  • Command

Table top exercise1

Table Top Exercise

  • Great for improving awareness of plan

  • Good for learning who’s who

  • Putting faces to names and departments

  • Good for learning of community resources

  • Good for learning gaps and overlaps in plan

  • Little stress and typically informal

  • Great to get to know industries plans

Functional exercise

Functional Exercise

  • What most people call table tops

  • Stress is introduced

  • Events-actions dictate exercise play

  • “ready or not”

  • Exercise design should be as realistic as possible

  • Avoid “blind leading blind”

Functional exercise1

Functional Exercise

  • Requires typically a group to conduct the exercise

    • controllers

    • simulators

    • evaluators

  • Works best when players “play” their real roles

  • Also good for cross training

Functional exercise2

Functional Exercise

  • Typically lasts 2-3 hours

  • Includes :

    • introduction to play

    • exercise play

    • critique

    • Can be conducted in either “test” or “educational” modes

    • one should assess group being exercised in deciding which mode

Functional exercise3

Functional Exercise

  • Can be extremely pressurized

  • Information overload or absence

  • Must know details

  • Must go through a simulation or it didn’t happen

Functional exercise4

Functional Exercise

  • Works best for strategic and tactical decisions

  • Does not get into hands-on action

  • No equipment is moved

  • Works best with management and supervisory personnel playing their own roles in command post environment--ICS and/or EOC

Functional exercise5

Functional Exercise

  • Controllers & Simulators must know community resources and capabilities

  • Players like to CHEAT!

  • Allows “props” only when they exist in reality

  • maps, photos, computer software

  • If not brought, they don’t count

  • Next time they will remember

Functional exercise6

Functional Exercise

  • Typically this exercise will provide skills needed to “manage” a response

  • It can be enhanced by exercise props

  • Video news updates

  • Call in center

  • Video of facility walk-ins

  • Multiple locations

  • EOC vs ICS

  • Multiple towns & groups

Full sale exercise

Full Sale Exercise

  • Show Time!

  • Expensive to conduct

  • Prop costs

  • Smoke

  • Consumables

  • Personnel time

  • Equipment

Full scale exercise

Full Scale Exercise

  • It takes more exercise staff to conduct:

  • Safety

  • Controllers--outside world

  • Simulators

  • Smoke production

  • Liquid flows

  • Evaluators

  • Command

  • Scene

Full scale exercise1

Full Scale Exercise

  • Should be last type of exercise to conduct

  • Players should have learned their roles in table top and functional programs

  • Allows system to see if it worked in “simulated” reality

  • Command

  • Logistics

  • Communications

Full scale exercise2

Full Scale Exercise

  • Can be conducted in either test surprise or known time mode

  • Surprise mode can be dangerous if response included

  • Hazmat full scale exercises typically become a plug and patch exercise

  • Wait for hazmat team

  • Watch hazmat team

  • Thank hazmat team

Full scale exercise3

Full Scale Exercise

  • Typically run in real time

  • Presents problems with time controlled resources

  • Hazmat team

  • Typically total run by real “simulated” effects

  • Smoke plume

  • Liquid flow

  • Victims

Full scale exercise4

Full Scale Exercise

  • Simulated effects may not cooperate with game plan

  • Smoke did go where it was suppose to

  • Responder indicates their not trained to conduct what needed and refuse to continue

  • It rained or snowed

  • It was fifty below zero or 100 F

Full scale exercise5

Full Scale Exercise

  • Not enough resources available to respond to problem

    • This is classic exercise design problem

    • cheating is often allowed to finish the missions

    • must be back in service by “X” time

  • Exercise must be aware of resource limitations

    • 100 patients vs 2 ambulances

    • 10 ambulances vs 2 patients

Full scale exercise6

Full Scale Exercise

  • Victims can be most difficult part to obtain

  • Like to be fed

  • Don’t like to get up early

  • Like to go home early

  • Will cancel out if a better offer arises

  • Moulage allows for realism and better training if EMS is a focus

  • Victims should not “help” players






  • You can teach the wrong way as easily as teaching the right way!

  • Think of exercises as another tool in the overall program--

  • Plans

  • Training

  • Equipment

  • Exercises

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