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U.S. General Services Administration.  Federal Acquisition Service.
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U.S. General Services Administration. Federal Acquisition Service. C ONNECTIONS II – Federal Telecommunications Infrastructure Solutions in Buildings and Campuses. Debbie Clark Connections Program Manager 703-306-6546. HOW C ONNECTIONS II MEETS REQUIREMENTS.

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Debbie Clark Connections Program Manager 703-306-6546

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Debbie clark connections program manager www gsa gov connectionsii 703 306 6546

U.S. General Services Administration. Federal Acquisition Service.CONNECTIONS II – Federal Telecommunications Infrastructure Solutions in Buildings and Campuses

Debbie Clark

Connections Program Manager


How c onnections ii meets requirements


  • Overview

  • Features

  • Examples

  • Partners

C onnections ii overview


  • Global Telecommunications Infrastructure (awarded Oct 19, 2011), ceiling $5 Billion

  • Multiple Award ID/IQ (base 3 years, 3 months; and six 1-year options), FAR 15 acquisition

  • 21 Pre-competed Contractors

    • 9 are small businesses

  • Full and Open Competition

  • Delivery / Task Order Model

  • Fair Opportunity

  • Firm Fixed Ceiling Prices for equipment, labor, services

  • Supports Performance Based Contracting Approach

C onnections ii scope


  • Multiple award contracts to provide connectivity from the user’s desktop to the point of interconnection of the customer’s network service providers.

  • Increased focus on capability of providing enterprise-wide solutions.

    • Includes all labor, products and solutions necessary to support the integration of telecommunications, networking and network-centric applications at the LAN, building, campus, and enterprise level.

  • Network services, including services that provide transport and access to and between customer sites, are OUT OF SCOPE.

The big picture

The “Big” Picture

C onnections ii a better vehicle

CONNECTIONS II – A Better Vehicle

CNX II provides enterprise-wide integration capability from EXPERIENCED telecom vendors

CNX II’s geographic scope is GLOBAL

Equipment provided under the contract can meet Supply Chain Risk Management practices

Sustainability (incorporated Green) Requirements

Davis-Bacon & Service Contracting Act language incorporated

Task Order Flexibility – ability of vendors to propose “unpriced items” in task orders – reduces/eliminates base contract modifications

CNX II is complementary to Networx

Task Orders can be fixed price or T&M

Access to Secret, Top Secret & TS/SCI cleared personnel

Customer choice of Direct Order or using GSA Assisted Acquisition

C onnections ii supply chain risk management

CONNECTIONS II Supply Chain Risk Management

  • Creating a track-able and traceable supply chain

  • Utilizing qualified suppliers

  • Verifying genuine ICT (Info and Comm Technology) products - not counterfeit or illegally modified

  • Proper labeling of remanufactured or repaired products

  • Valid licenses for products

  • Tracking standards (NIST)

C onnections ii sustainability

CONNECTIONS II Sustainability

  • Helping agencies meet government energy goals

  • Designing a working environment that requires less energy, is less toxic, with less waste (LEED, EPEAT)

  • Solution longevity - more time to replacement - extended warranties

  • Recycle (Demanufacturing) and Reuse

  • Standards (ISO 14001 Environmental Management) – make our processes and operations more efficient

  • Renewable or alternative energy options

Debbie clark connections program manager www gsa gov connectionsii 703 306 6546

Connections II Complements Network Services Contracts to Provide Overall Communications and Network Focused Solutions

Network Services Contract Portfolio

Connections II

CNX II Solution Development and Integration Capability


Resources Within CNX II Contract (Equipment and Labor)

Other GSA Contracts(i.e., SATCOM II, Regional Contracts)



Skill sets examples

Skill Sets Examples

  • Consultants

  • Engineers

  • Integrators

  • Analysts

  • Developers

  • Technicians

  • Specialists

Examples of support services

Examples of Support Services

  • Acquisition Support

  • Inventory Management

  • Configuration

  • Management Assessment

  • Billing and Account Management

  • Help Desk Operations

  • Network Management

  • Maintenance

  • Installation and Testing

  • Customer Service

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Network Security

C onnections ii a networx transition tool

CONNECTIONS II – A Networx Transition Tool

  • CONNECTIONS II can enhance your Networx transition planning effort

  • CONNECTIONS II can provide:

    • Equipment: additional end user modems, phones, PBXs, switches, firewalls, servers, routers, intrusion detection

    • Manpower: transition management, support personnel, qualified technicians

    • Solutions: transition planning-execution-documentation-design of integrated contractor services

Connections ii transition functions

CONNECTIONS II -Transition Functions

  • Pre-Planning

    • Inventory validation, technology analysis

  • Strategy

    • Organizational scheduling and communications

    • Architecture alternatives

    • Transition planning – orders and disconnects

  • Transition Coordination

    • Site surveys, cutovers, reporting, billing verification

C onnections ii as an integrator

CONNECTIONS II as an Integrator

  • CONNECTIONS II can be used as an Integrator to:

    • Coordinate with access, transport, and equipment vendors

    • Monitor end to end performance

      • Time to repair, downtime, meeting service levels

      • Supply agency with real-time insight into measures

    • Coordinate trouble handling/definition

    • Look for trends in performance

    • Act as single POC with all involved contractors

      • Propose procedures to address problems

    • Report / Recommend / Develop business cases / Return on Investment (ROI) analysis

  • Might use Networx for IXC, local access/transport, Schedule 70 for equipment (or other combinations)

C onnections ii prime contractors

CONNECTIONS II Prime Contractors

  • CONNECTIONSII contractors can add sub-contractors at any time

  • Please see contractor contact information

How agencies make buying decisions


  • Timeframe to Procure

    • Can you get what you want when you want it?

  • Price (Best Value)

    • Can you get quality at a competitive price?

  • Reliability & Credibility of Contractors

    • Will you have access to best performing contractors?

Source: GSA FAS Blueprint Survey

Customer successes


  • Top Customers

  • Successful Projects

Top customers in connections i

Top Customers in Connections I

State Department


Veteran Affairs

General Services Administration

Air Force


Social Security Administration



Homeland Security



Federal Trade Commission


Health and Human Services

Customers won with c onnections

Customers Won with CONNECTIONS

  • State Department

    • Operate, manage, maintain existing domestic Enterprise Telecommunications network

    • Umbrella task order

Customers won with c onnections1

Customers Won with CONNECTIONS

  • General Services Administration

    • Maintenance & support of 26 PBX switches throughout Region 9 (California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Pacific territories)

    • Approximately 62% cost savings over 5 years

    • Task was issued, awarded and implemented in approximately 3 months

Customers won with c onnections2

Customers Won with CONNECTIONS

  • Federal Trade Commission

    • Awarded a 5 year CONNECTIONS task order

    • Manage a centralized service call center, supporting several locations

    • Provide on-site end user support to several locations

How to buy from c onnections ii


  • Procurement Process

  • Hot Topics

    • CONNECTIONS II and Performance Based Contracting

    • CONNECTIONS II and “Un-priced items”

  • Tools and Resources

C onnections ii procurement process

CONNECTIONS II Procurement Process

  • Ordering Contracting Officer (OCO) Ordering Options

    • Self-service

      • Delegation of Procurement Authority required

        • easy, fast, on-line, 48 hour turnaround

    • Assisted-service (DPA required for GSA OCOs too)

  • Gather requirements

  • Develop Delivery Order / Task Order Request (BOM, SOW or SOO) & other required acquisition documents

  • Ensure “Fair Opportunity” throughout the process

  • Issue order

  • Manage delivery

Request a connections ii delegation of procurement authority

Request a Connections II Delegation of Procurement Authority

Warranted contracting officers must fill out this form to request a Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) for Connections II. It takes approximately five minutes to fill out.

Before requesting a DPA

  • Before you can request a DPA, you must review these documents:

  • Delegation of Procurement Authority Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) (PDF, 275k, 04/16/2012)

  • Eligibility to use GSA Sources of Supply and Services (PDF, 46k, 10/12/2011)

  • Fair Opportunity Guide (PDF, 338k, 04/16/2012)

  • Customer Slides (PowerPoint, 3,200k, 10/25/2011)

    After requesting a DPA

  • GSA will review the form and initiate the Delegation(s) of Procurement Authority;

  • You should receive delegation confirmation within two business days; and,

  • After receiving the confirmation, you will be able to issue task orders on Connections II.

    InformationForm Field

    First name…





Performance based contracting

Performance Based Contracting

  • Standards of performance (indicators): Indicators by which a contractor’s performance is measured

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Baseline indicator levels used to evaluate quality of service

  • Incentive arrangements: Incentives are offered based on whether the contractor’s delivery is meeting the SLAs

    Intended to ensure that required performance quality measures are achieved and that total payment is related to the degree that services performed meet contract Standards.

    Note: Refer to Section 37.6 of the FAR for a more detailed description of Performance Based Contracting.

Un priced items and c onnections ii

Un-priced Items and CONNECTIONS II

  • Under the CONNECTIONS II contract un-priced items were anticipated and are allowable. Information on proper use of un-priced items is discussed in Section G.3.1(e) of the contracts. General Information:

    • On individual task and delivery orders, un-priced items need to be evaluated on an individual item basis and labeled appropriately

    • Un-priced items will be governed by the same terms and conditions of the contract as CONNECTIONS II CLIN items

    • Maximum allowable amounts will be established by task order as outlined by the OCO

    • Unpriced items will be on the task order; need not be on contract

Web tools

Web Tools


    • Verify pricing

    • Advanced version

  • CONNECTIONS II Management Reporting System (GMM)

    • Contractor reports awards

    • Provide feedback on accuracy

C onnections ii one stop shop website

CONNECTIONS II One-Stop-Shop Website

  • Key Information on Portal

    • FAS Points of Contact

    • Industry Partner Points of Contact

    • CONNECTIONS II Contract

    • Delegation of Procurement Authority for OCOs

    • Roles and Responsibilities

    • Fair Opportunity Guideline

    • Statement of Work (SOW) Examples

    • Contractor E-mail Addresses for Orders

    • Gateway to CONNECTIONS II Clin Checker


C onnections ii summary


  • Telecommunications infrastructure contract

  • High degree of flexibility and customer choice

  • No project too big or too small

  • Equipment, Services and Solutions driven

  • 21 prime contractors and their subs

  • GSA value add with assisted service

  • Task Order driven - enhances competitive process

  • Dovetails well with GSA transport contracts


Thank you for your interest and participation

Thank you for your interest and participation!


  • Telecom in buildings and campuses

  • Pre-competed high qualified contractors

  • Flexible, easy to use, customer choice

Please remember:

For more information contact:

  • Email:

  • Website:

  • Website:

  • Phone: 877-387-2001



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