Intro to football how important is getting the call right
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Intro to Football How important is getting the call right? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intro to Football How important is getting the call right?. Introduction:

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Intro to football how important is getting the call right

Intro to FootballHow important is getting the call right?


During the past couple months we have addressed and covered many different facets of this game we love called football. Although there are many issues to discuss we are going to focus on how the game is officiated through this web quest. This web quest will hone in on the nuances and particular grey areas of officiating.

  • Instructional Goal

    • The focus is for students who have never played football to have a clear picture of how the game is officiated and the refs importance to the football brand.

    • Lesson Objectives

    • Students will take a pre test to determine what they already know

    • Students will be taught the information using the Missouri state education standards

    • Students will demonstrate through testing how to use the MSHSAA 2013-2014 hand book for referencing calls and procedures.


    • It is vital that students understand how the game is played and officiated

  • Task: go to a football game and take an evaluation of the officials crew. List their successes and failures.

  • Process:Decide what game will be suitable for you. Attend that game. Make sure to take ample notes and list pro’s and con’s of their performance. Return to class with your findings and help educate the students on your conclusion.


  • This lesson plan was designed to help educate you on the importance of officials and their job on the field. This lesson should have also made you aware of how the officials tie into the landscape of the football game. Hopefully your knowledge increased and you will now have a better understanding and will become more knowledgeable of the game of football.

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Additional Links

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  • Penalty Calls for Beginners