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Today, we live in a world that is intensely services and products-oriented. For the same services and products, there are many providers, which have led to intense competition in the industry.

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Rating And Review: A New Way To Recommend Services

Today, we live in a world that is intensely services and products-oriented. For the same services and

products, there are many providers, which have led to intense competition in the industry. This has put

the consumers at a loss for judgment regarding which services and products are the best in the market.

Since it is a demand-driven market, consumers have the power. One mechanism that helps the users to

judge a particular product or service is the ratings mechanism. Many ratings and reviews websites exist

today, with the users given complete liberty of expression.

One scenario of this situation can be seen in the educational/academic institutions. Although all the

universities are established in accordance with proper rules and regulations, ensuring quality learning,

the students’ reviews actually reveal a lot about the institution as a whole. Here is what a review by a

student, resident or alumni tell about a university:

#1: Life at the institution

Aspirants seeking to take admission in a university for any number of courses most likely come from

outside towns or cities. They are required to take up lodgings in the university campus. Student

university reviews help such students to get an idea about the life on campus that they can expect. This

helps the aspirants to set realistic expectations from the facilities of the institution, and not be


#2: Opportunities and exposure

The reason why there exists a ranking system among universities is that each one provides a different

kind of exposure to its students. A university review written by alumni or students helps aspirants to

pick for himself the level of exposure he would want. Esteemed guest faculty and visiting lecturers may

come to only a handful of universities, which could make a lot of difference. Reading reviews helps the

aspirants to handpick their university of choice and put in efforts for admission accordingly.

#3: Internal strife

Although all academic institutions are marked by peaceful and serene semesters, some internal issues

still exist as part of the system. These issues come to light in the reviews of a university. Highlighting

such issues is one of the primary purposes of a review site. Those, who have been there and done that,

write about it and let the aspirants, know.

#4: Scholarships, fee and loans

All universities provide scholarships based on merit, talent and skill. Such opportune chances come to

light on review sites, in much greater details than available on the website itself. Including such

information, additional information is also available in the comments section sometimes.

#5: Stars

On a review website, this is what most of the people look for. This is what the population comes to a

review website for. Stars provide a holistic review of the institution in question, accumulating all the

good and bad points across all the aspects considered in a rating scheme. The greater the number of

stars, the better.

If you are an aspirant of quality education, try visiting one of the many review websites to check out

which university fits your preferences. For university reviews, visit

ABOUT THE COMPANY is a web/mobile app that allows people to rate/review (by text and/or video) all kinds of

entities registered in the US, for instance: hospitals, schools, universities, government sectors, lawyers,

commercial, and travel sector. Itis the first rating/review service that focuses on the public sector,

unlike other rating services which focus on commercial and travel sectors primarily.