Development of a National Public Educational Facility for Preventing Cancer
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Development of a National Public Educational Facility for Preventing Cancer : Progress, Problems and Lessons Learnt. ICISG, UICC, Washington 2006. Flora Yong, Senior Nurse Manager, Cancer Education & Information Service National Cancer Centre Singapore.

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Development of a National Public Educational Facility for Preventing Cancer: Progress, Problems and Lessons Learnt

ICISG, UICC, Washington 2006

Flora Yong, Senior Nurse Manager, Cancer Education & Information Service National Cancer Centre Singapore

10 most frequent cancers
10 Most frequent cancers Preventing Cancer

Percentage of all cancers

Percentage of all cancers

Background Preventing Cancer

In 1993 the Singapore Health Ministry approved

the establishment of a cancer center to:

coordinate a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment,

undertake training and education of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists and other allied health personnel,

develop relevant clinical and basic research program in the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various cancers.

Cancer education & information service Preventing Cancer

Established in August 1999

to coordinate

public and patient cancer education

for the National Cancer Centre

with the long term mission

of minimizing the frequency of

incurable cancers in Singapore.

Aims Preventing Cancer

Provide accurate and credible information

Develop and deliver effective cancer education programs that promotes a healthy lifestyle

Provide specialized counseling, support and linkage

Collaborate with other agencies related to cancer and control

Cancer Helpline Preventing Cancer

Manned by experienced oncology-trained nurses

Anonymous, private and confidential counseling service

OnCall - A Computerized counseling and consultation system

Telephone, email, face-to-face

Advisory panel of cancer experts

Public education programs Preventing Cancer

Assist to obtain knowledge, skills & positive attitudes

Provide credible, up-to-date and evidence-based information to improve health seeking behaviour

Collaborate with other agencies

Cancer publications Preventing Cancer

Develop patient and public education materials in print and multi-media formats.

38% of patients have read some form of information before diagnosis

Information is updated 2 yearly

Public cancer website development Preventing Cancer

Provide information on common cancers, risk factors, screening, treatment, research and links to other websites.

Barriers and problems Preventing Cancer

Poor public response at cancer education events – Cancer is TABOO

Manpower – staffing, staff competency & experience

Communication & language barriers

Conflict of interest & Competition


Long & irregular work hours

Lessons learnt Preventing Cancer

Be passionate, be patient, be involved

Build a strong team

Create, collaborate & communicate

Market yourself & your programmes

Learn from mistakes & make improvements

Take risks & challenges

Be diplomatic, be tactful, be supportive


Cora Honing Preventing Cancer, Director of Prevention and Patient Support, Dutch Cancer Society [email protected]

Ingrid Aubry, Manager Cancer Awareness System, French National Cancer Institute [email protected]

Monika Preszly, Manager, Cancer Information Service, German Cancer Research Center [email protected]

Flora Yong, Senior Nurse Manager Cancer Education & Information Service National Cancer Centre Singapore [email protected]