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How To Lower Blood Pressure Levels With Natural Supplements? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This power point presentation discibes about how to lower blood pressure levels with natural supplements?

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How To Lower Blood Pressure Levels?

To the aging population, high blood pressure is a devastating and pervasive threat. It is a problem that affects senior citizens in general. But, nowadays, many young adults face this health issue. So, they look for ways to lower blood pressure levels. Here, it is recommended to opt for a natural remedy that will not cause any side effects.

Stresx Capsules

This is what Stresx capsules are all about. These natural supplements to lower pressure besides lowering high blood pressure can address other issues like stress, fatigue and restlessness, poor functioning of the heart, and sleeplessness or insomnia.

Stresx Capsules

These are natural supplements to lower pressure and they are intensively researched to bring excellent benefit for patients with high blood pressure. The potent ingredients in these capsules can strengthen the cardiovascular system and the heart and can protect and tone this system. In addition, the effective ingredients can increase energy levels and also feelings of wellbeing.

Stresx Capsules

Pumping ability and circulation of the heart is improved by the ingredient in these capsules. The ingredients can also play a major role towards bringing down irregular heartbeat. Moreover, the effective ingredients in these capsules to lower blood pressure levels can calm and can soothe the nervous system and stress and can relieve the symptoms associated with angina.

Stresx Capsules

In addition, the effective ingredients in these capsules will protect the heart and its arteries against the dangerous buildup of plaque. Furthermore, the chances of stroke, heart attack and blood clotting in high BP patients are considerably reduced by the ingredients in these capsules.

Ingredients In StresxCapsules

Ingredients: To lower blood pressure levels and also the ill-effects of high blood pressure, Stresx capsules are made out of the following ingredients:

Vacha: It is known to be effective against psychological imbalances and disorders. These issues can increase the rate of blood pressure in BP patients. So, these are addressed by this ingredient. It is also known to improve intelligence and speech.

Ingredients In Stresx Capsules

ShudhShilajit: This ingredient is known to improve overall body strength and it is known to be effective in preventing heart problems that are common in hypertension patients. In addition, its anti-aging properties will bring down the effects of aging on hypertension.

Ingredients In Stresx Capsules

Champa: This ingredient is added to natural supplements to lower pressure is known for its antitoxic properties. Due to its excellent fragrance, it is generally used in perfumes and in agarbattis. It can address indigestion, dizziness and headache, which are common in high BP patients.

Ingredients In Stresx Capsules

Aam: It is nothing, but the mango fruit that most of us love to eat. This ingredient, which is referred to as king of fruits in these natural supplements to lower pressure is known to contain high potassium content. It is known to protect from early aging, cancer, cataract and many other degenerative diseases. They are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that protect from free radicals that are produced from oxidative stress.

Ingredients In Stresx Capsules

Aam is added to these capsules mainly because of its ability to improve cardiovascular health. To lower blood pressure levels in a natural manner, these capsules can be used without any fear of side-effects.

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