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Acsx presentation and management
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ACSx presentation and management. A.Abdi,M.D. Initial Diagnosis. Symptoms ECG Cardiac Biomarkers. CHARACTERISTICS OF TYPICAL ANGINAL CHEST PAIN (ADAPTED FROM ROSEN’S, EMERGENCY MEDICINE). Assessing Likelihood of ACS. Cardiac Biomarkers. Risk Stratification. Based on initial

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ACSx presentation and management

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Acsx presentation and management

ACSx presentation and management


Initial diagnosis

Initial Diagnosis

  • Symptoms

  • ECG

  • Cardiac Biomarkers

Characteristics of typical anginal chest pain adapted from rosen s emergency medicine


Assessing likelihood of acs

Assessing Likelihood of ACS

Cardiac biomarkers

Cardiac Biomarkers

Risk stratification

Risk Stratification

Based on initial

Evaluation, ECG, and

Cardiac markers




- Evaluate for Invasive vs. conservative treatment

- Directed medical therapy



- Assess for reperfusion

- Select & implement reperfusion therapy

- Directed medical therapy

Acsx presentation and management

51-year-old male with bicuspid aortic valve, aortic insufficiency and hypertension who had an episode of chest pain 2 days prior to this tracing.

Acsx presentation and management

The patient is an elderly female with a known history of left bundle branch block who presented to the emergency ward with shortness of breath

A 52 year old man what is his chief complaint what is the rhythm disturbance

A 52-year-old man. What is his chief complaint? What is the rhythm disturbance?

Acsx presentation and management

A 43-year-old man diagnosed with lateral subendocardial ischemia based on ST depressions in aVL. Do you agree?

A 47 yr old man with double trouble

A 47-yr-old man with double trouble

A 41 yr old man with chest discomfort what is the most likely diagnosis

A 41-yr-old man with chest discomfort. What is the most likely diagnosis?

Subtle syncopation 54 year old morbidly obese male with an acute inferior mi what is the rhythm

Subtle syncopation. 54-year-old morbidly obese male with an acute inferior MI. What is the rhythm?

64 year old male with chest pain

64-year-old male with chest pain.

Acsx presentation and management

89-year-old man with a history of severe congestive heart failure. What is the rhythm? What is the possible significance of rsR' in V6?

What is the ecg diagnosis in this recording with baseline movement

What is the ECG diagnosis in this recording with baseline movement?

54 year old man with rest chest pain

54-year-old man with rest chest pain

Acsx presentation and management

Middle-aged man with chest pain after a motor vehicle accident with blunt trauma to the chest. The ECG is diagnostic of which condition

70 year old woman with ecg showing which of the following major diagnoses

70 year old woman with ECG showing which of the following major diagnoses?

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