Commercializing and developing energy technologies
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Commercializing and Developing Energy Technologies. HTC Purenergy February 2007. HTC … “Leaders in CO 2 Capture & Management and Hydrogen Production”. HTC Profile.

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Commercializing and developing energy technologies

Commercializing and Developing Energy Technologies

HTC Purenergy

February 2007

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management and Hydrogen Production”

Htc profile
HTC Profile

“Energy Technology Company founded to seize opportunities in Carbon Capture , Carbon Management, Carbon Mitigation and Bio-Energy”

  • Technical Services Centre is based at U of R, International Test Centre for CO2 Capture

  • Commercial Offices located in Regina Can., Vermont USA, Sydney Australia, Saudi Arabia and Beijing China

  • Traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange. Symbol: HTC

  • Successful aggregation, development, integration and commercialization of world leading carbon clear energy technologies.

Commercial business activities

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Commercial Business Activities

CO2 Capture CO2 EOR CO2 Sequestration

►Emitter Assessment ►Oil Field Analysis ►Geological Profiling

►Design Engineering ►Oil Field Simulation ►Risk Assessment

& Modeling

► Process Optimization ►CO2 Clean up ►CO2 Audit & Monitor

► System Mgmt. ►CO2 Compression ►Carbon Credits Validation

& Injection

Confidential & Proprietary Information

CO2 Emitters

Electricity Generators



Oil and Gas Refineries



Soda Ash

Fuel & Flue Gas Processing:


Separation & Capture


Oil and Gas Companies






Nearby sources



Government Programs GHG Mitigation

Pipeline and Compression

The Essential Link

Enabling the transfer of valued CO2Supply brokering

Risk Analysis

Business Approach

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

International test centre for co 2 capture

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

International Test Centre for CO2 Capture

A World Leader in CO2 Capture , Enhanced Oil Recovery and Bio-fuel Reformation.

Coal flue gas demonstration test facilities
Coal flue gas demonstration - Test Facilities

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Boundary Dam – Estevan, Saskatchewan

Itc natural gas flue gas capture centre
ITC - Natural Gas flue gas capture Centre

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Co 2 modelling design and simulation
CO2 Modelling, Design and Simulation

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Enhanced Oil Recovery

(CO2 Injection)

HTC…“Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

EOR Process Animation

Confidential & Proprietary Information

EOR and Carbon Capture – World Wide





Confidential & Proprietary Information

Oil Reservoirs

Deep Saline Aquifer

Coal Beds

Weyburn field






















Williston Sedimentary Basin



Field Size: 70 sq. miles OOIP: 1.4 billion bbls

Oil Recovered: 370 million bbls CO2 IR: 130 million bbls

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Weyburn Field

Weyburn FieldCO2 Source









North Dakota



HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

  • Dakota Gasification Company

  • 250 mmscfd CO2 by-product of coal (lignite) gasification

  • 95 mmscfd (5000 tonnes/day) contracted and injected at Weyburn

  • CO2 purity 95%

  • EnCana currently injects 120 mmscfd (i.e. 21% recycle)

IEA Weyburn CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project

Commercialization Projects

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

  • NVE, Norway

  • Daqing, China

  • SV Mineral, California.

  • Alberta, Canada

  • Saudi Arabia

  • RWE, Germany

  • Loy Yang, Australia

Confidential & Proprietary Information

K rst norway
Kårstø, Norway

  • Capture of 85% of the total flue gas from the 420 MW power plant with strict performance guarantees.

  • The required operating range of the CO2 capture plant is between 60 – 100% of the total plant flue gas capacity.

  • It is required to evaluate the effects of varying the CO2 capture rate between 80 and 90%.

  • The captured CO2 is liquefied for pump out for EOR applications.

Confidential & Proprietary Information

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

  • Environmental Energy Technology Company

  • Building a portfolio of IGCC and Synthetic Gas Facilities

  • Develop, Own & Operate Strategy

  • Gasification Technology and Advanced Fuel Technology expertise

  • Technology Centers of Excellence --Wabash(US) & Westfield(UK)

  • Owner/Operator of Wabash River Energy: World’s cleanest coal / pet coke based IGCC power plant

  • Currently building the only IGCC Power plant in the US

Global Energy :WESTFIELD

Global Energy: WABASH

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Global Energy : LIMA

…under construction.

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Ohio, Oil and Gas Map

Lima Facility

Confidential & Proprietary Information

Htc gulf llc saudi arabia
HTC Gulf LLC: Saudi Arabia

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

  • Partnering with EPTS LLC

  • 50/50 Joint Venture

  • EOR Client; Saudi Aramco

  • 1st Stage ; Selection of a CO2 Emitter source in proximity to the EOR fields.

Confidential & Proprietary Information

Daqing regina eor program
Daqing-Regina EOR Program

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

Confidential & Proprietary Information

Chin a s eor fields cnpc field selection daqing
China’sEOR FieldsCNPC Field Selection : Daqing

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”


Confidential & Proprietary Information

Sv minerals ca
SV Minerals, CA

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

  • Managed Services Agreement

  • Increase CO2 prodn.

  • Energy (Steam) reduction

  • Reduce solvent losses

300k tpa CO2 Capture process requirement for Soda Ash production.

Confidential & Proprietary Information

AGL Project Site

HTC… “Leaders in CO2 Capture & Management ”

  • 2200 MW Coal Fired Power Station

  • Brown Coal plant: 60,000 tpd

  • Supplies 1/3 Victoria’s Power

  • 17mtpa CO2 emissions

  • 1 of 4 majors within in 50km Hazelwood , Yallourn

  • LaTrobe total emissions 50mtpa

  • Sequestration evaluation completed and costed.

Product Development Pipeline

Hydrogen production from Crude ethanol and Glycerol

Hydrogen Production from Methane (natural gas)

Bio-Diesel processing utilizing ethanol for transesterfication

The bio hydrogen vision
The Bio-Hydrogen Vision

Leadership in H2 Production

An Energy Future that is:

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Carbon clean

  • Economically viable

The bio hydrogen opportunity
The Bio-Hydrogen Opportunity

Leadership in H2 Production

  • Part of the ‘Climate Change’ solution

  • Access to the fast growing H2 market

  • Bio-fuels are key - Diversify & enrich the

    agricultural business model

  • Use H2 as a fuel to produce energy

  • Use H2 as an industrial gas to enable energy

    production from bio-mass and fossil fuel based


The bio hydrogen opportunity hydrogen is the fastest growing energy gas in the world

Leadership in H2 Production

The Bio-Hydrogen Opportunity Hydrogen is the fastest growing energy gas in the world

  • Industrial Gas - Current & Future:

    • Crude oil refine/upgrade/transport – Alta Tar Sands

      • hydro-cracking & hydrogenation

    • Industrial chemicals and fertilizer production

    • Food, science & medical sectors

  • Clean energy source - future electrical, mechanical and heat energy:

    • Internal combustion engines (ICE) – BMW

    • Micro-turbines

    • Solid oxidized fuel cells (SOFC)

Htc purenergy bio fuel technology overview
HTC Purenergy Bio-fuel Technology Overview

Leadership in H2 Production

  • Our technology has the potential to satisfy the energy needs for today’s bio-fuel production facilities.

  • Reforms oxygenated hydrocarbons like glycerolandPDE into hydrogen (H2)

The energy in the H2 from reformed glycerol and PDE is captured by efficiently processing cereal grains (PDE) and oilseeds (glycerol) and converting the H2 to electrical, mechanical and thermal energy.’

Htc glycerol pde p rocess

Product: H2

CO2 for Capture & Utilization

Catalyst reacts with Glycerol or PDE


Glycerol or PDE

HTC Glycerol/PDE Process

HTC’s catalytic reforming process generates hydrogen from glycerol or PDE

Heat Source 400+C

Bio reformer demonstration plant
Bio-Reformer Demonstration Plant

  • Commercialization Platform

  • Multi- Feedstock

  • North America’s First

  • Located at the International Test Centre for CO2 capture

  • Scheduled for completion in 2008

Confidential & Proprietary Information

Htc bio reformer bio catalyst
HTC Bio-Reformer™ & Bio-Catalyst™

Leadership in H2 Production

  • Make the following possible:

  • Commercially available supplies of fuel grade hydrogen (H2) for conversion to lower cost electrical, thermal & mechanical energy

  • Growth of bio-fuels to achieve 10-20% of the world’s energy supplies

  • Reduction in the amount of fossil fuel used to produce biofuels…. a hedge against future energy price increases and supply uncertainty.

HTC Purenergy ValueProposition: Business Optimization and Expansion For Bio-diesel and Ethanol Producers

Leadership in H2 Production

  • The Bio-dieselbusiness opportunity:

    Glycerol (10% waste product) to energy:

  • A third major income stream for bio-diesel producers

  • Supplements ‘bio-diesel’ and ‘meal’

  • Adds profit potential to a bio-diesel production facility

  • The Ethanolbusiness opportunity:

    PDE to hydrogen (H2):

  • A third major income stream for ethanol producers

  • Supplements ‘ethanol’ and ‘DDG’

  • Adds profit potential to an ethanol production facility

Realize the potential of bio hydrogen
Realize the Potential of Bio-Hydrogen:

Leadership in H2 Production

Public Policy Actions Needed:

  • Value discovery mechanisms for CO2 Management – Cap & Trade, Carbon-credits, …

  • Energy producer access to the North American electrical grid:

  • ‘Today, in Canada, there is a 60+ step regulatory approval process to connect energy production systems to the Grid & another 18 steps to sell electricity.’

Realize the potential of bio hydrogen1
Realize the Potential of Bio-Hydrogen:

Leadership in H2 Production

An observation, a question, a request …… that is evolving into a demand from both consumers and producers of electricity:

‘Let small energy producers plug into the electrical grid as easily as the grid accommodates us as electricity consumers’

Realize the potential of bio hydrogen2
Realize the Potential of Bio-Hydrogen:

Leadership in H2 Production

  • When we get our public policy right….

  • Capital and financing will follow

  • Commercial design, optimization and validation will be enabled


  • Another carbon clear renewable energy source will become ‘mainstream’ …. Vision realized!

Thank You

Leadership in H2Production