qtp object repository descriptive programming and beyond
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QTP: Object Repository, Descriptive Programming and Beyond

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QTP: Object Repository, Descriptive Programming and Beyond - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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QTP: Object Repository, Descriptive Programming and Beyond. Prepared by: Igor Gershovich. Object Repository vs. Descriptive Programming –what to use?. There really is no “best way”

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Presentation Transcript
object repository vs descriptive programming what to use
Object Repository vs. Descriptive Programming –what to use?
  • There really is no “best way”
  • Use the method that gives your company the best ROI, whether that be Object Repository (OR), Descriptive Programming (DP) or a mixture of both
or pros and cons
OR Pros and Cons


  • GUI Front end to examine all the objects in the repository
  • Highlight in Application feature is great tool to walk the object tree
  • No need to modify the script when object properties changes
  • Easy to identify objects in AUT by Object Logical names
  • Can be created independently from scripts
or pros and cons1
OR Pros and Cons


  • Additional layer to maintain
  • Unnecessary objects can be created
  • Multiple users cannot concurrently save/write to the shared OR
  • It won’t eliminate the need for Descriptive Programming in most of cases
dp pros and cons
DP Pros and Cons


  • It’s a white box
  • Compatible with different QTP versions
  • Code portability is high
  • Easy to mass update
dp pros and cons1
DP Pros and Cons


  • Lower Code Readability and requires more comments, like “what object is accessed”
  • Potentially slower to create
  • To highlight an object in the application requires utilizing the “Highlight” method
what is object repository
What is Object Repository?
  • Object Repository is a place where QTP stores learned objects
  • QTP uses default Object Identification properties: mandatory and assistive to learn objects into OR
object repository
Object Repository

Logical Name


script playback using or
Script playback using OR
  • QTP finds the Object in Object Repository using object Logical Name and Object Hierarchy
  • QTP retrieves Test Object properties from OR
  • QTP searches actual application for the Object with the same properties as the OR Test Object and performs user action
script playback using descriptive programming
Script playback using Descriptive programming
  • QTP searches the Application Under Test (AUT) for the Object using Descriptive properties and performs user action
descriptive programming when and why
Descriptive programming – when and why?

Consider using DP in following cases:

  • Dynamic object properties

Example: Link Logout <User Name>

  • Same objects on every page

Example: Buttons – Next, Back, Cancel, OK

  • Lots of similar objects on one page

Example: table with many First & Last name text boxes

different ways to work with objects1
Different ways to work with objects

Example for Passenger 1 First Name

to ro and object
TO, RO and .Object
  • .GetTOproperty/SetToProperty refers to the properties stored in OR
  • .GetROProperty property refers to the AUT Object property (Run-time)
  • .Object.<property/method> refers to the AUT Object NATIVE properties/methods
better names for object spy radio buttons
Better names for Object Spy radio-buttons

Run-Time NATIVE Object

Run-Time QTP (Test) Object

regular expressions in or example server independent page object
Regular Expressions in ORExample: Server independent Page object

1. Click on Property value to access RegEx

2. Click RegEx Icon

object smart identification
Object Smart Identification
  • Smart Identification is not Artificial Intelligence
  • SI uses loose/unreliable object recognition
  • It’s recommended to disable SI for each and every page/window/control using the Tools->Object Identification dialog (Recording)
  • Another way to disable SI: File -> Settings -> Run -> Check the "Disable Smart Identification during run session" check box (Run-Time)
  • QA Forums – www.sqaforums.com
  • HP/Mercury QTP User guide
  • Knowledge inbox (by Tarun Lalwani) - http://www.knowledgeinbox.com/
  • Microsoft TechNet - http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/
igor gershovich
Igor Gershovich