WWII Home Front

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Mounting Tensions. Migration patternssouth to north, rural to urban, east to westOvercrowding HeatTension. . Mounting Tensions. MOWMExecutive Order 8802Defense contracts end discrimination

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WWII Home Front

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1. WWII Home Front Race Relations

2. Mounting Tensions Migration patterns south to north, rural to urban, east to west Overcrowding + Heat Tension

3. Mounting Tensions MOWM Executive Order 8802 Defense contracts end discrimination & new job training programs FEPC No teeth CORE Civil Disobedience

4. Results of Tensions 1943: The Year of the Race Riot Detroit (Bloody Monday) 25 AA dead & 9 white dead 700 injured Harlem 5 AA dead 410 people injured Los Angeles

5. LA’s Zoot Suit Riots

6. Reaction to the Riots CIO (labor union) President: Philip Murray talks to FDR FDR’s Response: “I join you and all true Americans in condemning the violence, whatever form it takes and whoever its victims”

7. Reaction to the Riots After no real action Pauli Murray (African American Student Publishes the poem Mr. Roosevelt Regrets

8. Mr. Roosevelt Regrets What did you get, black boy, When they knocked you down in the gutter, And they kicked your teeth out, And they broke your skull with clubs, And they bashed your stomach in?

9. Mr. Roosevelt Regrets What’d you get when the police shot you in the back, And they chained you to the beds While they wiped the blood off? What’d you get when you cried out to the Top Man? When you called the man next to God, as you thought,

10. Mr. Roosevelt Regrets And you asked him to speak out to save you? What’d the Top Man say, black boy? Mr. Roosevelt regrets…. -Paulie Murray Printed in The Crisis, Aug 1943

11. Japanese Internment Issei & Nisei Fear of subversion and sabotage leads to discrimination of Japanese-Americans Japanese only Curfew Internment

12. Japanese Internment Executive Order 9066 Authorized internment of all Japanese on the west coast

13. Japanese Internment General of the Western Defensive Command: John DeWitt justifies this move: “ The very fact that no sabotage to aid Japan has taken place to date is a disturbing and confirming indication that such action will be taken.”

19. Supreme Court Cases Hirabayashi v. United States Curfew supported Korematsu v. United States Internment supported 1988: Law passed to make apology and restitution of $20,000

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