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STATEWIDE ROLLOUT The Maternal & Child Health Service KEY AGES AND STAGES FRAMEWORK PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STATEWIDE ROLLOUT The Maternal & Child Health Service KEY AGES AND STAGES FRAMEWORK Helen Cunningham Senior Program Policy Advisor, Maternal and Child Health Service Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

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The Maternal & Child Health Service


Helen Cunningham

Senior Program Policy Advisor,

Maternal and Child Health Service

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Our goal is to improve the outcomes for children and their families by aligning MCH practice with current evidence.

The revised Key Ages and Stages framework realigns the Universal MCH activities in accordance with current evidence, strengthens the clinical role of the MCH nurse and maintains the reputation of the Universal Victorian MCH service as an international leader within MCH practice.

The KAS Revised Framework

This framework comprises 35 outcomes of children’s health, learning, development, wellbeing and safety, incorporating 150 indicators to measure progress towards these outcomes.

(The State of Victoria’s children 2008)

Maternal and Child Health service plays a key role in improving the identified outcomes for children and their families.


All MCH nurses throughout Victoria to implement the revised Key Ages and Stages Framework.





Family Violence



Training Attended

Future Training Strategy

  • Mop up sessions 2009

  • Framework / PEDS / Brigance

  • Sleep

  • Family Violence

  • SUDI

  • QUIT

  • Ongoing sessions 2010

  • Plan: 3 complete sessions - of all 7 components

  • For those on extended leave, return to practice

  • Registration - online /

  • MCH students

  • Training strategy to be finalised

CPD – part of your registration

New templates available on website

Key factors

Identify own learning needs

Identify own objectives of training / in-service / research / reading

Self evaluation -Have your learning needs been met?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

State-wide Implementation Progress

  • Follow up training sessions

  • All aspects of the training covered.

  • Opportunity to ask questions, consolidate learning

  • To date - 50% Regionally

  • IT Systems

  • Xpedite


  • FAQs

State-wide Implementation ProgressCommunication Strategy

Weekly email updates

Distributed to each Regional PASA, for distribution to each LGA

MCH Conferences

12 February 2010 and October 2010

MCH Coordinators Workshop

Mid March 2010

Regional Meetings

Website- FAQs


Supply & delivery

Mid month - Hume, Loddon Mallee, North, Grampians

Start month - South, BSW, East, Gippsland

Monthly >1000 births / year

Quarterly <1000 births / year

Number of LGAs Receiving

Ongoing KAS Resources

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct

Parent Information cards (caterpillar)

PEDS Response forms

PEDS Booklets

Safe Sleeping Checklists

Promotion of Health & Development - HV folder and envelopes

QUIT referral packs (envelopes)


HV folder is the new parent folder with additional resources

Ongoing Resources Supplied

Orders through MCH Coordinator

Adjustments to ongoing orders - MCH Coordinator

1300 791 423

Additional Supplies / Resources

DDH Referral form

Available on MCH website

MCH Practice Guidelines

A key document to guide your practice

News and Events

Policy and Research


Professional Learning and Qualifications

MCH Website Content

  • MCH Website: News and Events

  • Conferences – presentations

  • MCH

  • EHV

  • MCH Coordinators Workshop

MCH Website: Policy and Research(1)

MCH Program Standards

Continuity of Care Protocol


Evaluation MCH Service

MCH Workforce Assessment


Parent Education And Support Program

Professional Development Needs Analysis


Future Directions/ Blueprint

Workforce Strategy


MCH Practice Guidelines

KAS Framework

Safe Sleeping Checklist

Best Practice Parental Involvement

Communication, Language and Play


First Time Parent Group Resource Guide

MCH Program Resource Guide

MCH Website: Policy and Research(2)

Centre Directory

MCH Line

MCH Nurse Handouts

CHR- information for professionals

MCH New Parents Kit

Managing Sleep Problems In Babies

BMI Education Resource

Additional resources

MCH Website: Resources (1)

MCH Website: Resources (2)

  • Promotion of Health and Development Pamphlets

  • Link KAS Promotion of Health and Development

  • Napcan

  • Sids and Kids


  • Department of Health

  • Australian Government Department of Health & Aging

  • DHS

  • Vic Roads

  • Kidsafe

  • Raising Children Network

  • Victorian Continence Resource Centre

  • Beyond Blue

  • Go for your life

  • Victorian Playgroup Association

  • Cancer Council Victorian

  • Dental Health Service Victoria


DDH referral form

QUIT referral form

Manual Daily activity sheet

Manual Daily Tally Sheet

Birth Notification form

Parent Groups forms

Related Programs and Initiatives

In-home Support for Aboriginal Families

Best Start

School Nursing

MCH Website: Resources(3)

MCH Website: Resources (4)

  • Other Resources

  • Early Childhood Research

  • Blue Book

  • Immunisation

  • Better Health Channel

  • RCH- Child Safety Centre

  • RCH- Early Childhood Connections

  • Raising Children Network

  • Anaphylaxis Australia

  • Parenting Research Centre

  • State Library of Victoria- Young Readers Program

MCH KAS training

Family Violence Training

More Information (links to)


Sids and Kids Victoria


Hawker Brownlow


MCH Website: Professional Learning & Qualifications

A working group developed to look at issues raised through state-wide implementation and provide solutions through good practice models from the field.

This group will provide answers for the FAQs.

KAS Implementation Group

The Child Health Record

Review commencing now

The Evaluation

Three year evaluation of the MCH KAS revised Framework.

Request for tender has been released.

DEECD MCH telephone number: 1300 791 423

Ongoing Support

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