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Plate Tectonics. VA Regions. Rock Or Mineral Identification. Rock Type. Fossils. Rock Type 100 pts. I form either inside or outside of the volcano. I am the only rock type that has fossils. Rock Type 200 pts. Rock Type 300 pts.

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Rock Type


Rock Type 100 pts.

I form either inside or outside of the volcano.

Rock Type 300 pts.

I am found deep down in the earth but I never melt (I do turn to gum though.)

Rock type 400 pts

I am formed when sediment (mud, sand, silt) compacts and cements up over millions of years.

Rock Type 400 pts

Fossils 100 pts

A ______ is a replica/remineralization of what the fossil originally looked like.

Fossils 100 pts.

Fossils 500 pts

Old rock.






Fossils 500 pts.



Plate tectonics 200 pts

When plates move apart it is called a _______ boundary.boundary.

Plate Tectonics 200 pts.

Plate tectonics 300 pts

When plates move together it is called a _______ boundary.boundary.

Plate Tectonics 300 pts.

Plate Tectonics 400 pts. boundary.

Islands only form along plate boundaries.

Plate Tectonics 500 pts. boundary.

The _____ is divided into _______.

Va regions 100 pts

The beaches are here. boundary.

VA Regions 100 pts.

VA Regions 200 pts. boundary.

We live here.

Va regions 400 pts

Sinkholes and boundary.caves are found here.

VA Regions 400 pts.

VA Regions 500 pts. boundary.

Coal is found here.

Rock or Mineral ID 100 pts. boundary.

It is called the _____ test when you scratch the rock or mineral with your fingernail, penny, glass, etc.

Rock or Mineral ID 200 pts. boundary.

What is the name of fool’s gold?

Rock or Mineral ID 300 pts. boundary.

_____ is how the light shimmers on the rock or mineral

Rock or Mineral ID 400 pts. boundary.

What mineral smells like rotten eggs?

Rock or mineral id 500 pts

If a rock or mineral has a lot of air pockets inside, then it has a low _____.(Hint: Pumice)

Rock or Mineral ID 500 pts.

FINAL it has a low


Place your bets
Place Your Bets it has a low

Space objects

Final it has a low



Space Objects

Label it has a low the Rock Types.

JEOPARDY! it has a low