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QMplus for Support Staff

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QMplus for Support Staff. E-Learning Unit. Workshop Objectives. During this workshop you will : First half Gain an overview of QMplus Know the basics of building in QMplus Understand how access works Second half Look at some administrative functionality Communicating Managing Groups

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workshop objectives
Workshop Objectives

During this workshop you will :

First half

  • Gain an overview of QMplus
  • Know the basics of building in QMplus
  • Understand how access works

Second half

  • Look at some administrative functionality
    • Communicating
    • Managing Groups
    • Managing Assignments
    • Grades and Student Tracking

We won’t cover everything!

  • Your name
  • Your School/Department/Institute


  • Logging in
  • Course settings
  • The structure of a course
  • Turn editing on
  • Adding resources: files, URLs, labels
activity 1 qmplus building
Activity 1: QMplus building
  • Go to: https://qmplus.qmul.ac.uk
  • Login with your Computing username and password
  • Click on My QMplus
  • Find your test area
activity 2 adding simple resources
Activity 2: Adding simple resources
  • Turn editing on
  • In the first topic:
    • Edit the title
    • Add a URL to something interesting
    • Add a label with an image
    • Upload a file


  • QMplus pages
  • Embedding video
accessing qmplus
Accessing QMplus
  • Much more flexible model defining who can do what on QMplus
  • Devolved model allowing more control at School/Departmental level
  • Less need to ask for help from central services for routine admin tasks
qmplus accounts
QMplus accounts
  • Automatically created for staff and students
  • Accounts for “non-QMUL” staff can also be created
  • Guest access also possible, no account required
sits integration
SITS Integration
  • Functionality very similar to Blackboard
  • Generally 1-to-1 mapping between SITS modules and QMplus module areas
  • Also able to enrol students
    • By department
    • By programme
    • By multiple modules
    • …and combinations of the above
sits integration1
SITS Integration
  • Enrolments updated more than once a day
  • No more “wait until tomorrow” for students!


  • Still relies on data being correct and up to date
roles and permissions
Roles and Permissions
  • Very flexible
  • Allows fine grained control over who can do what
  • Can be refined as necessary
current roles staff
Current Roles (staff)
  • Course Administrator (you!)
  • Course Leader
  • Teacher
  • Non-editing Teacher
  • External Examiner
  • Course Viewer
  • Teaching Assistant
current roles students
Current Roles (students)
  • Student
  • Resit Student
  • Manual Student
  • Auditing Student

First two roles are used by SITS integration

course administrator
Course Administrator
  • School/Department level role
  • Same permissions as Course Leader/Teacher


  • Ability to enrol other staff onto modules

Not enrolled on individual modules but can access all modules in department including newly created ones.

  • Enrolling users
activity 3 enrolling users
Activity 3: Enrolling Users
  • Find the course belonging to the person sitting next to you
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Click Users > Enrolled Users
  • Click the Enrol Users button
  • Find the student called “Sean Cassidy” and enrol them on to the course area
  • News Forum
    • Announcements by email
  • Adding Events
    • Course and personal events
    • No emails
    • No “category” level events
activity 4 add an event
Activity 4: Add an event
  • Under Upcoming Events
  • Click New event
  • Add an event for your course
  • Go and get coffee
student groups
Student Groups
  • Auto create empty groups*
  • Auto-populate groups
  • Group Choice

* Populate by spreadsheet upload not yet available

demo create groups
Demo: Create Groups

Create three tutorial groups by spreadsheet upload

  • Under the settings menu choose Users > Groups
  • Click Import Groups
  • Choose the file groups.csv
  • Click the Import Groups button to create the groups
demo group choice
Demo: Group Choice

Create a “Group Choice” activity for students to sign up

  • Go back to your Test Course homepage and turn editing on
  • Add a Group Choice activity - Call it “Seminar sign-up”
  • Create sign up forms for the three groups:Seminar Group A; Seminar Group B; Seminar Group C
  • Set the maximum size of each group to 3
activity join groups
Activity: Join Groups

Join a group

  • Log out and then log in as your student identity
  • Enter the course as instructed (you may need to search for it)
  • Join the seminar group you want
  • Electronic submission / Turnitin:
    • Submission Manager
    • Advanced uploading of files
  • Offline Activity

Demo: Assignment set up

activity 6 submit an assignment
Activity 6: Submit an assignment
  • As a student access the assignment we just created
  • Upload a Word document
  • Ensure it is saved and submitted

Demo: Marking assignment

  • Links to an activity or assignment
  • Input grades manually or import
  • Can be printed or exported to Excel
student tracking
Student Tracking

Found under Navigation > My modules > Reports

  • Logs: Detailed activity on a particular dateCan send a message to all users who haven’t completed a particular action
  • Course Participation:Shows actions (view, add, update, delete) going back up to 4 months

We will be writing custom reports for QM after launch


Any questions or comments?

follow up
Follow Up
  • Join the “QMplus Users Group”
  • Guides: Support and FAQs (under Help)
  • Email us: [email protected]
  • E-Learning Assistants to help