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MicroStation. Version 010.003 released February 2009V8 versions on web pagesV8i test versions with FTP accessFuture versions for V8 and V8i at the same timeSame functionalitySame license keys work for both V8 and V8i versionsTerraScan and TerraPhoto for V8i require or later. V8i Applications.

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New Features in TerraScan

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1. New Features in TerraScan Arttu Soininen Software developer Terrasolid Ltd

2. MicroStation Version 010.003 released February 2009 V8 versions on web pages V8i test versions with FTP access Future versions for V8 and V8i at the same time Same functionality Same license keys work for both V8 and V8i versions TerraScan and TerraPhoto for V8i require or later

3. V8i Applications Currently beta versions Occasional crashes Some display update issues Stable versions within a few weeks V8i wil become the recommended platform

4. MicroStation V8i Advantages Dynamic display when panning or rotating Rendered display modes Better screen update during long processes These are now partially implemented Future Terra application versions will make better use of the potential above PointTools engine for viewing big data sets coming into V8i 64 bit version coming out at the end of this year?

5. Colors for mobile laser points Assign color can assign colors based on intensity Good for getting sensible colors for points not seen by images Extract color from images has two logics: Mobile – closest in time Good for building walls in towns Mobile – ground surface Same logic as ortho rectification Good for road surface

6. Raster Image Export Point class option for generating raster images with points colored by class

7. Add Synthetic Point Adds a point to laser data at mouse click xyz Improve ground model at locations lacking points Add missing information for building models

8. Various Improvements XYZHRP accuracy fields in User trajectory formats Save statistics as a text file Ireland Transverse Mercator projection system Classify / Inside shapes supports references and multiple source classes Support for extracting color from mobile images Multiple point classes in Drape Linear Element Drape only original vertices in Drape Linear Element Draw into profile draws on point class level Save flightline coloring

9. EGM2008 Geoid Support Global geoid model Available at 1 minute resolution Und_min1x1_egm2008_isw=82_WGS84_TideFree_SE

10. Macro for poor accuracy Finds time sequences where estimated accuracy is worse than given limit Creates a macro for classification

11. Thinning trajectory positions Older versions can thin trajectories only during import Tools / Thin positions can remove unnecessary density from TRJ files

12. Classify / By section template Replaces Classify / By tunnel section Now supports taking roll into account Can classify: Points inside/outside a tunnel with a regular shape Obstructing objects too close to railroad Cars on the road

13. Creating section templates Draw section shape in a top view window Place vector to mark centerline position Often centerline = IMU trajectory Settings / Section templates Click Add Identify section shape Enter centerline position with a mouse click Give name to section template

14. Mobile railroad surveys Vector from IMU to tracks is constant Enter right lever arm into trajectory solution software and you can compute: Track centerline Left rail Right rail Import trajectory into TerraScan and draw into design

15. New Building Vectorization For airborne laser data + images Three goals: Produce approximate 3D vector models automatically Produce accurate models faster than old set of tools Vectorize buildings with non-planar roofs Relies on following classification done: Ground Height from ground Buildings

16. New Building Vectorization Automatic vectorization Can run on loaded points Can run as a macro on a project Future versions can run with TerraSlave Small improvement to come Manual editing Works nicely on an easy data set Several new editing tools to come

17. Buildings & Data Density Higher point density ? more accurate models Low density < 2 points / m² Good models of large buildings More problems with small buildings Loss of detail structures Medium density 2-10 points / m² Good models High density > 10 points / m² Accurate models Can do details

18. Turku Area Close to 2000 km² of NLS data 3 billion points -- 1.5 points / m² after cut overlap Matching of flightlines done Automatic ground done – no manual editing Automatic building classification do – no manual editing Automatic vectorization done – no manual editing Vectorization took 6 hours on notebook & USB drive

19. Turku Area

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