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Pine Technical College. Internet 2 Achievements: Engaging the Two-Year College in the K-20 Initiative. PTC: Overview. Two-year technical college - - AS, AAS degrees, certificates, diplomas in technical disciplines Part of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system

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Pine technical college

Pine Technical College

Internet 2 Achievements: Engaging the Two-Year College in the K-20 Initiative

Ptc overview
PTC: Overview

  • Two-year technical college - - AS, AAS degrees, certificates, diplomas in technical disciplines

  • Part of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system

  • Rural area of the state

Ptc overview1
PTC: Overview

  • Regional facts:

    • Degree attainment below state average

    • College participation below state and national average

    • Per capita income only slightly higher than Puerto Rico

  • Smallest stand-alone college in system: 420 FYEs, 1600 headcount

Ptc relationships
PTC: Relationships

  • Shared degree programs with other colleges via distance learning

    • Shared AA offering

    • Multi-site social worker program

    • Course-sharing for efficiency and cost-effectiveness

    • Strong commitment to technology solutions

Ptc relationships1
PTC: Relationships

  • Curriculum, courses and technology sharing with regional K-12 districts

    • PTC courses to area high schools

    • PTC as telecom hub for 12 districts

    • PTC as Internet 2 conduit for teachers

Ptc relationships2
PTC: Relationships

  • Statewide college connections

    • Member of 2 of 4 MnSCU Centers of Excellence (Manufacturing & Allied Health)

    • Involved with U of Minnesota Digital Technology Center

Ptc relationships3
PTC: Relationships

  • Economic development and social mission

    • Regional Manufacturing Alliance

    • Regional Early Childhood programming

    • House both Chamber of Commerce and regional welfare-to-work initiative

Ptc infrastructure
PTC: Infrastructure

  • High level of bandwidth into building (gigabit-plus level)

  • Hub for data and ITV for 12 school districts

  • Hub for regional college consortium

  • Hub for community fiber backbone with FTTP in local industrial park

Ptc technology flagship
PTC: Technology Flagship

  • Founded only Virtual Reality Center in 2-year college in Midwest

  • Applied research and product development: affordable immersive VR on PC platform for education & training applications

  • VR applicability to distance learning and applied research through Internet 2

  • Basis for partnership with universities, including UM

Ptc technology flagship1
PTC: Technology Flagship

  • Awards from MnSCU System for IT Excellence:

    • Fiber Optic Backbone

    • JCVR

  • Products for industry partners:

    • Virtual industrial spray paint booth

    • Virtual welding

    • Virtual inspection training

Ptc and internet 2
PTC and Internet 2

  • Relationships with K-12 in region:

    • East Central Minnesota Educational Cable Cooperative (ECMECC)

    • 12 school districts in rural East Central Minnesota

    • Share resources, including common data and interactive television backbone at 1 gigabit to the premises.

    • Culture of using technology to enhance learning or to provide access to learning not otherwise available

Ptc and internet 21
PTC and Internet 2

  • ECMECC collaborations:

    • Virtual field trips for K-12 students

      • Wolf Center at Ely, MN

      • Cincinnati Zoo

    • Classes with Vanderbilt University

    • Joint classes with Japanese schools including joint band concert

    • Access through gigabit network to Internet 2 resources via hub at Pine Tech

Ptc and internet 22
PTC and Internet 2

  • Partnerships with U of Minnesota and gigapop:

    • Virtual reality collaboration

      • National Science Foundation grant

      • Minnesota grants for application of VR to industrial uses

    • Legislative demonstrations of VR and Internet 2 with UM and Iowa

Ptc and internet 23
PTC and Internet 2

  • Partnerships with industry related to Internet 2 initiative

  • Improved infrastructure at college =

    • ‘Bulk buying’ of bandwidth at discount by combining needs of several public sector entities

    • Installation of Pine City fiber backbone

    • FTTP into industrial park

    • Affordable rate broadband to major industry users

Ptc and the internet 2
PTC and the Internet 2

  • Complete win-win scenario for all parties:

    • K-12 received higher bandwidth at lower cost

    • City, county government acquired broadband

    • PTC students networked city hall to take advantage

    • Cost savings for broadband Internet for government, healthcare, education, industry in region

  • Created grassroots support for infrastructure improvement

Ptc and internet 24
PTC and Internet 2

  • Infrastructure improvement empowered and enabled greater K-12 access and use

    • Gigabit network to each school district

    • Access through PTC hub to Internet 2

    • Snowball effect in terms of teacher usage

      • Now ‘under the radar’ - - school tech directors handle Internet 2 projects without need for coordination or special help

Ptc vr and internet 2
PTC, VR and Internet 2

Live demo with JCVR and University of Minnesota Digital Technology Center