Remaining future proof publishers and digital preservation
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Remaining Future Proof Publishers and Digital Preservation PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Remaining Future Proof Publishers and Digital Preservation. Eefke Smit STM Director Standards and Technology Berlin, APE 2014 Conference, January 29, 2014. Preservation – why ?. “Alles van Waarde is Weerloos” All Things of Value are Defenceless Lucebert Dutch Poet, 1924-1994.

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Remaining Future Proof Publishers and Digital Preservation

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Remaining Future ProofPublishers and Digital Preservation

Eefke Smit

STM Director Standards and Technology

Berlin, APE 2014 Conference,

January 29, 2014

Preservation – why ?

“Alles van Waarde is Weerloos”

All Things of Value are Defenceless


Dutch Poet, 1924-1994

Why DIGITAL preservation is important,especially in STM environments

Essential in STM publishing environments

  • Authorsseek the eternallife via theirpublications

  • Publishers build the future Records of Science

  • Librarieswish to assurefutureaccess

  • Userswish to consult the collectivememory

    And all is now digital,

    And digital stuff is extremelybrittle.

The Dangers of Decay for anything Digital

  • See Atlas of Digital Damages

  • Digital Decay can be caused by:

    • Software is not backwards compatible

    • Hardware no longer exists

    • Storage medium unaccessible or decayed: bit rot !

    • Computer environment no longer supported

    • Website no longer exists, URL broken

    • Repository holders have disappeared

    • Location of files unclear, unknown

    • Metadata unreadable or incomprehendible

    • Access mechanisms broken (DRM)

Publishers collaborate in many initiatives

Portico, Clockss, KB e-depot, BL, APA, Aparsen

See the Keepers Registery ( covers 22.000 ISSNs

Combination of preservation strategies:

Outsourcing, normalisation, migration, emulation

Agreements on disaster recovery and long term access


What matters most for publishers in DP

Solutions exist for:

  • Independent digital archives:

    E-Depot, Portico, Clockss

  • Tools and services

  • Persistent Identifiers:

    DOIs widely used

  • Stakeholder collaboration

Yet to be solved

  • How many archives?

  • Audits and Certification on future reliability

  • Bringing down costs

  • Standards for metadating

  • New identifiers pop up:

    interoperability framework needed

  • More stakeholder collaboration needed

  • Chain solutions, from cradle to archive

APARSEN, working towards a Centre of Excellence

  • Aim: bring coherence, cohesion and continuity in digital preservation among a wide variety of stakeholder groups

  • Project has 31 partners in 13 EU-countries

  • STM was a founding member of APA

  • Objective: Create a Centre of Excellence for tools, services, consulting, research

  • Takes digital preservation to a higher level of recognition

  • Raising awareness -> idenitifying gaps-> providing recommendations -> sharing best practice

APARSEN Network of Excellence


Important for publishers in APARSEN

  • Trust in the reliability of repositories:

    • Self assessments (DSA)

    • Monitored self-auditing (Nestor – DIN approach)

    • Full certification ISO 16363

  • Common metadating standards

    • Solve the identifier soup via interoperability frameworks

    • Collaboration throughout the chain

  • Costs and requirements for depositing content

    • Cost modeling and cost comparing (see 4C project)

    • Business models

    • Innovation and research in easier ways of preservation

The New Challenges

  • Digital Preservation is not just about texts and documents, it is multimedia

  • In STM the new challenge is Research Data and Open Access solutions

  • Publications will increasingly be multi-versioned, multi-sourced and multi-media

  • See STM statements on working together with trustworthy digital repositories

  • Ensure bi-directional linking between data and publications,

  • Agree on and ensure the use of persistent identifiers (DOI, ORCID, ISNI)

  • Ensure integration of multimedia data and publications

“Hell is a place where nothing

connects to nothing”

T.S. Eliott in his introduction to Dante’s Inferno.

He added:

“We are in the business of finding connections--within texts, between texts and contexts, between texts and ourselves, between our readings and …etc”

How does this relate to Digital Preservation ?

In Digital Preservation we are creating the connections to the future, in order to make sure that the future can make connections back to us.


Eefke Smit

International STM Association

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