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Descriptive Writing

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1. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 Descriptive Writing

2. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 Descriptive Writing Consider purpose or occasion motivating force describe share thoughts & feelings Audience How familiar is your audience with the subject? Tone writer’s attitude

3. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 CONTENT: Gathering Details Sensory Details (imagery) appeals to the five senses Factual Details names, dates, quotes, true statements Figurative Details simile, metaphor, personification be careful not to use clichés Unique Features Thoughts & Feelings

4. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 Dominant Impression Most important point conveyed through details A central observation toward which all details point Find relationship of details “How is this detail related to other details on my list? Identify one descriptive thread or similarity. Write a sentence that clearly states a dominant impression in terms of the thread you identified.

5. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 Practice: Identifying a dominant impression Read the following details. Is there a common thread or idea to unite some of the details? A comfortable place to have fun with friends sometimes gets repainted maintained by parks department located halfway between home and school 2 of the 6 basketball goals are missing, but no one minds too much doesn’t have a fence around it asphalt is so hot in the summer that… always alive with shouts: “I’m open--pass the ball!…Good game!…Watch out!” some people don’t like to play basketball an NBA player played pick up games here when he was in high school sometimes used for other sports

7. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 Evaluating Details Choose the details that best support your dominant impression Criteria Are details included that will create a clear image of the topic in the mind of a reader? Are details included that describe the location and size of the topic? Are details included to show ways in which the topic is unusual?

8. 9/20/05 Information & Application #2 WORD CHOICE: Show! Don’t tell! Use active, precise verbs Common: He told me not to go. Precise: He warned me not to go. Use fresh figurative language use similes, metaphors, and personification avoid cliches Avoid “Deadwood Adjectives” Paired adjectives work well; however, avoid words with almost the same meaning. Deadwood: It has wood-grain cabinets and an old, ancient stove… Revised: It has wood-grain cabinets and an old but sturdy stove…

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