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Studying adhesion of different tape types . Group Member. Napak Patcharathiwat No.12 Tikamporn Wongnikom No.16 Wichapas Kuskul No.21. M. 4/1. Advisor. Aj.Kuntanakorn Noisena. Introduction. Nowadays, everybody knows “tape” because the

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Studying adhesion

of different tape types

Group Member

NapakPatcharathiwat No.12

TikampornWongnikom No.16

WichapasKuskul No.21

M. 4/1




Nowadays, everybody knows “tape” because the

tape is one that is very important in the daily life.

The tape is used in order to stick objects together.

Moreover, it can be applied to several working.

If adhesive force is large value will make the force

that we pull is the large value to by the equation

Inquiry Question

When we pulled different kinds of tape,

we found it had a different adhesion by

some kinds were pulled to easier than others.


Studying adhesion of different

tape types when sticking on

the surface of object.




Post-it tape

cloth tape


thin double-sided tape

future board

thick double-sided tape

spring scale

Conclusion & Discussion

Our study showed that the types of tape had an effect on

the value of adhesive force. Group of tapes that has the

most average of adhesive force is cloth tape with

transparent tape, the less than is a group of thin double-

sided tape with thick double-sided tape and the least

average of adhesive force is Post-it tape.

Future research
Future Research

This result may can only use with future board.

So if you want to develop this project, you

should change future board to be other things

such as aluminum plate and add type of tape.



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Physics category


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