Vision and strategy
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Vision and Strategy. YESpay E-Commerce Payment Service Cutting the cost of Internet Payment Processing Rohit Patni EVP Sales and Marketing [email protected] Presentation Plan. Key Players & Business Drivers Increased security Improving payment efficiency

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Vision and strategy

Vision and Strategy

YESpay E-Commerce Payment Service

Cutting the cost of Internet Payment Processing

Rohit Patni

EVP Sales and Marketing

[email protected]

Presentation plan
Presentation Plan

  • Key Players & Business Drivers

  • Increased security

  • Improving payment efficiency

  • Driving down integration and PSP charges

  • YESpay Background

  • EMBOSS Payment Processing Service

Key players payment process value chain
Key Players – Payment Process Value Chain

Payment Service Provider

E-Commerce site developers

Card Acquirers



Integrated on-line payments

From store to web

Minimal service cost

Key players business drivers
Key Players Business Drivers

  • eMerchants

    • Attract and retain customers

    • Increase revenues via new sales channels – 24hour shopping!

    • Implement increased security - PCI-DSS, AVS, CVV and 3D Secure (Verified by Visa & SecureCode)

    • Real-time transaction reports to simplify reconciliation

    • Support subscription payments and eWallets (multiple payment methods)

    • Reduce transaction processing costs - flat monthly fee, no individual transaction charges or annual fees

  • Consumers

    • Convenience of on-line shopping

    • Privacy and Security – VBV & SecureCode

    • Low transaction costs

Key players business drivers1
Key Players Business Drivers

  • E-Commerce web/WAP site developers

    • Simple and rapid payment integration

    • Security utilising HTTPS, VBV / SecureCode and SSL

    • No bank testing or PCI DSS approvals

  • Payment Service Provider (YESpay EMBOSS Service)

    • Attract and retain web merchants

    • Build trust (security, fraud avoidance)

    • Offer low-cost PSP services

  • Acquirers/Issuers

    • Maximise brand coverage and expand transaction revenue

    • Fraud avoidance (Mandate use of 3D Secure)

Increased security with pci dss 3d secure

Product / Service

VBV/SecureCode Authentication Server

Increased security with PCI-DSS & 3D Secure

  • PCI-DSS accreditation – secure storage of card details

  • Verified-By-Visa & MasterCard SecureCode

    • Cardholder authentication to protect the retailer from fraudulent claims

    • Simple password protected identity checking service

    • Removes risk of charge-backs from cardholders repudiating an online transaction

  • Equivalent to Chip and PIN at a retail Point-of-Sale

How it works
How it Works

  • Click for demo

Improving payment efficiency ewallets
Improving payment efficiency – eWallets

  • Customer eWallet

    • Stores card details securely

    • Avoid entering card details with every online transaction

    • Secure cardholder login to eWallet – transaction reporting

  • Merchant eWallet

    • Merchant is provided with a subscription account id for the wallet account

    • Merchant can charge a customer using the cardholder’s subscription account.

  • Advantages

    • All the card details are stored on EMBOSS - no need for the merchant to be PCI DSS complaint

    • Merchant website only requires the cardholder to enter card details once

    • Useful for applications requiring recurring charges

Driving down the cost of online payment processing

Driving down the cost of Online Payment Processing

Cutting the cost of integration
Cutting the cost of Integration

  • Re-direction model (EMBOSS pay page)

    • Cardholder is redirected to the EMBOSS website for entering the card details

    • All the card details are captured directly on EMBOSS for processing

  • API model (Merchant generated pay page)

    • Merchant website presents the card capture pages to the customer

    • Card details submitted to EMBOSS for processing

  • YESpay offers 2 integration methods

    • YESpay Merchant Plug-in installed on the Merchant’s web server

    • HTTP POST method does not require any YESpay software installation on the merchant website

      • Simple to integrate and can be supported from any web application platform

      • Web application only requires the EMBOSS merchant details and the password to start processing transactions

      • Reduced support as no installation of the merchant plug-in

Offer to website developers
Offer to Website Developers

  • Free Simple to integrate e-Merchant Website Payment Plug-in Toolkit (FREE)

  • No formal bank testing required (Pre-approved)

  • We provide integration support (FREE)

  • We provide validation testing service (FREE)

  • End to End process including testing takes 5 – 10 days

Traditional psp processing fees
Traditional PSP Processing Fees

  • Setup & Annual Costs

  • Monthly Fees: Acquiring banks / PSPs

  • Transaction Charges: %age of transaction plus fixed transaction fee

  • 3D Secure authenticated transaction Y/N

  • Example Costs  

    Set-up Recurring Costs Merchant Service Charges

    Generic Acquiring £200 £25 2.5 - 3.5% per credit card transaction plus ~1% of trans £0.30 - £0.45 per debit card transaction


Yespay payment processing fees
YESpay Payment Processing Fees

  • Example Costs: Annual turnover£250K average trans value £20

    YESpay Charges:

    £40 Setup fee

    FIXED £49.50 per month

    up to 1250 trans / mth

    Total Annual Cost = £634

    ~4p / trans

  • NO annual or maintenance fees

  • NO per YESpay Transaction Fees or Percentage of Transaction Charges (other than IMA charges)

  • NO Settlement Fees

  • Same payment platform used for Chip and PIN payment processing

Internet merchant accounts ima

YESpay IMA Charges

Authenticated (VBV / SecureCode)

Credit Card ~2%- 2.5%

Debit Card ~18p – 25p


Credit Card ~2.4% - 2.9%

Debit Card ~25p – 30p

Costs depend on:

business’ average transaction value

transaction frequency

perceived security risk

exposure level

online turnover

how long the company has been trading

Internet Merchant Accounts (IMA)

Yespay background
YESpay Background

  • Operating since 2002 as Payment Service Provider (PSP)

    • Headquartered in London with development & support centre in India

  • EMBOSS - Multi-channel retail managed payment service

    • Verified-By-Visa / MasterCard SecureCode compliant e-commerce payments

    • EMV national payment services supporting EPOS, Kiosk and Mobile POS payments

    • Fully acquirer pre-accredited IP-based Payment Gateway Service

    • Highly secure payment services – PCI-DSS accredited by Visa and MasterCard

    • Focus on Europe, USA and Asia Pac markets

  • Channel sales strategy

    • Payment Services Delivered through Partnership > 300 partners

    • Recurring revenue streams for YESpay and its partners

  • Low-cost, high-performance alternative to expensive ‘in-house’ payment solutions

Emboss payment processing service
EMBOSS Payment Processing Service

  • Turning Internet Promises into Profit

    • Our solutions provide a substantial return-on-investment

    • You can deploy quickly with low integration and no ongoing maintenance costs

  • The Right Technology

    • Built on flexible and open technology platforms for easy integration

    • Support the broadest set of platforms and open standards

  • A Complete Solution

    • Exclusively targeting e-commerce and Chip & PIN business initiatives

    • Supports proven cryptographic standards and PCI-DSS accredited

    • Multi-acquirer accredited

  • Market Tested Product Technology

    • Our track record in delivering secure payment solutions is second to none

    • Supported by an extensive customer base

Any e-commerce strategy has to be centred on a

powerful, secure and cost-effective on-line payment platform.

Enable your retail website with YESpay’s EMBOSS Internet payment service to securely authorise and settle high-volume on-line payment transactions with multiple processors and acquirers.



[email protected]

+44(0)20 8370 6822