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WELCOME. TO THE WORLD OF. SYMBOLISM. THE SYMBOLS SPEAK. How symbols display the faith of believers through the beauty of stained glass. THE EAST WINDOW “The Apostles”. In 1966, in the. E A S T. w i n d o w s,.

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How symbols display the faith of believers through the beauty of stained glass


“The Apostles”

In 1966, in the





w i n d o w s,

stained glass, replacing the plain glass, was installed with the . . .





. . . 14 symbols already embedded in them


The East Window

The apostles

. . . Jesus called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles . . . Luke 6.13


Disciple = learnerApostle = one sent out

14 symbols

Each apostle is recognized on a certain day of our church year noted underneath the symbol
Each apostle is recognized on a certain day of our church year, noted underneath the symbol.

Each symbol displays either an event from the life of the apostle or symbolizes how he was martyred.

1 simon peter
1 year, noted underneath the symbol.SIMON (PETER)

  • Two crossed keys show-ing authority to forgive and retain sins (Mt 16.19)

  • Authority was given to church based on Peter’s confession “Thou art . .”(Mt 16.16)

  • Peter (Greek=rock)

    Cephas (Aramaic=rock)

  • Wrote 2 epistles of NT

Jun 29

2 andrew
2 year, noted underneath the symbol.ANDREW

  • X-shaped cross shows the manner in which he was crucified--on a cross of this design

  • It came to be known as the “St Andrew” cross

  • He brought Peter, his brother, to Jesus(Jn 1.40-42)

Nov 30

3 james the elder
3 year, noted underneath the symbol.JAMES the Elder

  • The 3 shells are signs of pilgrimage & the missionary spirit of James

  • James traveled widely with the message of Christ

  • Brother of John

  • First apostle to die(Acts 12.2)

Jul 25

4 john
4 year, noted underneath the symbol.JOHN

  • Chalice with serpent

  • It was said that John drank poison and survived

  • John, the last apostle to die, was the only one who didn’t die a martyr’s death

  • Brother of James

  • Wrote the Gospel, 3 Epistles, & Revelation

Dec 27

5 thomas didymus twin
5 year, noted underneath the symbol.THOMAS (Didymus-twin)

  • Spear and carpenter’s square

  • The square indicates he was a builder (India)

  • Spear shows how he died

  • Thomas needed visible proof to strengthen his faith (Jn 20)

  • Known as “Doubting Thomas”

Dec 21

6 matthew
6 year, noted underneath the symbol.MATTHEW

  • Three money bags are a reminder of the previous profession of Matthew--a tax collector(Mt 9.9-13)

  • He is also called Levi

  • Wrote the Gospel of Matthew

Sep 21

7 bartholomew
7 year, noted underneath the symbol.BARTHOLOMEW

  • Bible with a knife

  • The knife is a symbol of how he died--he was flayed (skinned) alive

  • Also called Nathanael

  • The first disciple to call Jesus the Son of God(Jn 1.49)

Aug 24

8 james the younger
8 year, noted underneath the symbol.JAMES the Younger

  • Picture of a saw

  • Shows how he died--said to be killed in Persia for his faith and then sawn in two

  • Also known as James the Less(Mk 15.40)

May 1

9 philip
9 year, noted underneath the symbol.PHILIP

  • A cross and 2 loaves of bread

  • Reminder of the feeding of the 5000 when Philip doubted Jesus’ power (Mt 14.13-21)

  • Brought Nathanael to Jesus

May 1

10 jude
10 year, noted underneath the symbol.JUDE

  • Ship with a plain white sail--different from the symbol for the Church

  • Jude sailed away for missionary service in distant lands

  • Also known as Judas, son of James, or Thaddaeus

Oct 28

11 paul
11 year, noted underneath the symbol. PAUL

  • Bible with double-edge sword behind it

  • “Spiritus Gladius” is written on the pages of the Bible: “The sword of the Spirit is the Word of God” (Eph 6.27)

  • Known as the Apostle to the Gentiles

  • Wrote most of NT

Jan 25

12 matthias
12 year, noted underneath the symbol.MATTHIAS

  • Bible with double- sided ax

  • Shows Matthias’ martyrdom--he was beheaded

  • Matthias was chosen as the replacement apostle for Judas(Acts 1)

Feb 29

13 simon the zealot
13 year, noted underneath the symbol.SIMON the Zealot

  • Fish on top of Bible

  • Illustrates that Simon was a fisher of men by the power of the Word

  • Belonged to the political party of the Zealots

Oct 28

14 judas iscariot
14 year, noted underneath the symbol.JUDAS ISCARIOT

  • Blank shield

  • Disciple who betrayed Jesus

  • Nothing desirable to remind us of his be-trayal, therefore no symbol

  • Even though blank, it sends a powerful message


SUMMARY year, noted underneath the symbol.

Two sets of brothersPeter and AndrewJames and John

All but one was a martyrOnly John died naturally

The additional 2 apostlesPaulMatthias


SUMMARY year, noted underneath the symbol.

Five had more than 1 nameSimon=Peter=Simon Peter=CephasThomas=Didymus (twin)Matthew=LeviBartholomew=NathanaelJude=Judas=Thaddaeus

Three had the same nameSimon Peter and Simon the ZealotJames the Elder and James the YoungerJudas son of James and Judas Iscariot

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