Demonstration course management and learning software my lab products
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Demonstration: Course Management and Learning Software: My Lab Products PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Demonstration: Course Management and Learning Software: My Lab Products. Sue C. Spaulding UNC Charlotte Department of Psychology Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference Raleigh, NC March 15 – 17, 2006. Student Comment.

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Demonstration: Course Management and Learning Software: My Lab Products

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Demonstration course management and learning software my lab products

Demonstration:Course Management and Learning Software:My Lab Products

Sue C. Spaulding

UNC Charlotte

Department of Psychology

Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

Raleigh, NC March 15 – 17, 2006

Student comment

Student Comment

Requiring My Psych Lab was much better than requiring students to purchase merely a textbook, as it facilitates learning, not just memorization. Even though I'm generally a crammer by nature, it still helped a lot, and I imagine it helped a lot of other students even more. (Spring 2005)



  • Challenge of teaching large classes

  • Why add technology

  • Effect of technology on performance

  • My Lab Product Information

  • Developing a My Lab course

  • How My Psych Lab is being used

  • Student Satisfaction and comments

Large classroom effects

Large Classroom Effects

  • A sea of faces

  • A large room

  • Distance from students

  • How do you connect?

  • How do you motivate?

  • How do you help with learning?

Teacher or actor

Teacher or Actor?

  • Must we entertain students in large classes?

  • How can we establish an environment for learning?

  • What resources can we bring to bare to improve learning in high failure courses?

Why use technology

Why Use Technology

  • gets students involved with the material.

  • improves performance on classroom exams.

  • provides additional venues to assess learning and understanding.

  • motivates students.

  • increases student – faculty interaction.

  • there is an implementation curve before it can be used effectively

Course grade comparisons

Course Grade Comparisons

Fall 2001 – Spring 2003

Fall 2003 – Spring 2004

Fall 2004 – Fall 2005

Term Range

Fall ’03 & Spring ‘04 reflect product development terms.

Exam performance

Exam Performance

Mean Exam Scores

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

Didn’t complete All W/O Exempt

Term MPL Activities students students 

Fall 2005 56.2275.21* 72.37*

Spring 2005 50.72 75.71* 73.77*

Fall 2004 50.00 76.29* 73.52*

Spring 2004 49.39 74.76* 73.08*

Fall 2003 58.95 76.73* 74.75*

*Difference significant at the p<.001 level between Group 1 and 2/3

Group 2 and 3 completed MPL activities.

My lab products

My Lab Products

  • a rich learning environment for students

  • multiple avenues for faculty to access learning

  • increase interaction with students

  • development has been student driven

  • use as is or easily modify to fit individual styles and needs

My lab components


Discussion Board

Chat room

Practice tests

Study Plan

Internal email

Research Navigator

Audio Glossary


Internal email

Usage details

Customized tests

Message board

Product Support

My Lab Components



Developing a my lab course

Developing a My Lab Course

  • Is the technology hard to learn?

  • Does the technology work?

  • Will students use the technology?

  • Is it worth my time to develop?

Demonstration course management and learning software my lab products

Introductory Psychology

  • 3 projects - 1 per exam period (20 Pts)

  • 1 pt Extra Credit for each Chapter exam completed with score of 90/125 and done before in-class exam (12 of 360 course pts)

  • Use activities in class as demonstrations

  • Eight of 50 questions per exam are from chapter exams and Psi-Q Game

Mpl projects

MPL Projects

Accessing a course

Accessing a Course

Course home page

Course Home Page

Course tools

Course Tools

  • Gradebook

  • Groups

  • Home Page

  • Messages

  • My Grades

  • Observer Tools

  • Roster

  • Staff Information

  • Tasks

  • Electric Blackboard

  • Tools Area

  • Address Book

  • Announcements

  • Calendar

  • Chalk Title Management

  • Collaboration

  • Communications Area

  • Content Area

  • Discussion Board

  • Drop Box

  • Email

  • Glossary

Assessment tools

Assessment Tools

  • Assessment Tool Manager

  • Survey Manager

  • Pool Manger

  • Gradebook

  • TestGen Manager

  • Gradebook Views

  • Course Statistics

Control panel

Control Panel

Student satisfaction

Student Satisfaction

Percent Responding Strongly Agree/Agree

Overall MPL was a beneficial addition

to this class 91.8%

Using MPL helped me understand more

of the material presented in this class 90.6%

The variety of activities available in MPL

made the material more interesting 82.3%

The chapter Exams were beneficial 76.5%

Student comment1

Student Comment

Overall, I thought that My Psych Lab was very helpful. It was the main tool that I used to study for our exams. When I did not do well on a certain area, it clearly showed me the things that I needed to work on. All of the practice tests really helped me to narrow down what I needed to study for the test. I am very glad that we were able to use My Psych Lab as a tool in this class. (Fall 2005)

Student comment2

Student Comment

I really enjoyed using My Psych Lab. The program was very beneficial to me and it really helped me to learn the material for the test. It also helped with my understanding of each unit and presented information that I did not understand in a new way. I wish that every class had a program like this one, it was very helpful in many different ways. (Fall 2005)

Student comment3

Student Comment

Each time I used My Psych Lab my grade improved. It was obvious what chapters I studied for using the program and which ones I did not. My Psych Lab was a very beneficial and key element to helping me to understand this class. (Fall 2005)

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