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Tropical Storm Allison Recovery Charles Chambers Information Technology 2001 Time Line Saturday flooding begins (1 A.M.) – IT team on campus Additional IT staff arrive – pumping and power are critical Institutional priorities are focused – Non-IT Sunday

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Tropical Storm Allison Recovery

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Presentation Transcript

Tropical storm allison recovery l.jpg

Tropical Storm AllisonRecovery

Charles Chambers

Information Technology


Time line l.jpg

Time Line

  • Saturday

    • flooding begins (1 A.M.) – IT team on campus

    • Additional IT staff arrive – pumping and power are critical

    • Institutional priorities are focused – Non-IT

  • Sunday

    • Pumping of network node facilities begin

    • Power restored to UHS data center

    • Internet connection reestablished

    • 713-743-1000 call center established

    • Systems and servers returned to service

Time line3 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Monday, June 11th

    • WAN services restored except UHV

    • IP telephones activated in critical areas

    • Relocated some servers to Data Center

  • Tuesday, June 12th

    • Internet connectivity unstable due to ISP

    • Servers in Data Center grow by 20

    • UHV network connection restored

    • Desktop assessment team inventories campus

    • Network teams inspect buildings for damage

Time line4 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Wednesday, June 13th

    • UH-CVN services restored, classes held.

    • Payroll processed

    • 50% of phone system returned to service

  • Thursday, June 14th

    • Data backbone restored

    • Data connectivity to opened buildings

    • Order Equipment for Storm Solutions for Hofheinz Pavillion

Time line5 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Friday, June 15th

    • Majority of phone system restored

  • Saturday, June 16th

    • Equipment for Hofheinz Pavillion arrives, installed

Time line6 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Sunday, June 17th

    • Hofheinz Pavillion available

      • 270 IP telephones

      • 314 data ports

      • IT support booth created

  • Monday, June 18th

    • University Re-Opens

    • First occupants moves into Hofheinz Pavillion

Time line7 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Tuesday

    • Voice Mail system restored

    • Touch Tone Registration restored

    • Remainder of phone system restored

  • Wednesday

    • Majority of SWB trunking problems corrected

Time line8 l.jpg

Time Line

  • Thursday

  • Friday

    • Reconfiguration of Hofheinz Pavillion network

Technology priorities l.jpg

Technology Priorities


  • Phone System

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Inter-campus Network

  • Campus Data Network

  • Interactive Video Network

  • Data Center Operation

Technology priorities10 l.jpg

Technology Priorities


  • E-mail

  • Web Site

  • WebCT

  • IVR for Registration/Records

  • Payroll

  • Financial Application

Technology priorities11 l.jpg

Technology Priorities

Desktop Computers

  • Inventory

  • Repair

  • Replacement Computers

  • Data restores

Technology priorities12 l.jpg

Technology Priorities

Temporary Space - Holfheinz

  • Used basketball pavilion

  • Boxes became offices

  • Basketball floor

    • became labs and cubicles

Holfheinz pavillion l.jpg

Holfheinz Pavillion

From Basketball to Academics

  • 27 boxes

  • Cisco IP telephony – 270 phones

  • Switched data network

    • 270 ports in offices

    • 144 ports on basketball court

    • Over 100,000 feet of copper and fiber

  • IT support booth

    • Voice and data network support

    • Desktop computer support

Recovery resources l.jpg

Recovery Resources

  • Over xxx person hours (UH Staff)

  • Loss and Business Resumption

    • Costs estimated in millions

  • Over 250 IT related staff involved

Lessons learned l.jpg

Lessons Learned

  • Move IT facilities above ground

  • Move generators above ground

  • Flood doors on underground entrances

  • Established plans helped . . .

    • The right people at the right places, making the right decisions was the key.

  • Mobilize support efforts early

    • Food

    • Sleeping Quarters

Heroic efforts l.jpg

Heroic Efforts

  • Pumps/Pumping

  • Saving the Animals

  • Getting Primary DID in service

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Holfheinz Pavillion

How the speedy recovery l.jpg

How the Speedy Recovery

  • Temporary fixes

  • Great minds and enormous goals

  • Dedicated staff

  • Very long hours

  • Multiple plans

  • Quick vendor response

  • Elimination of bureaucracy

  • Communication of status and goals

  • Central coordination point

Starting recovery l.jpg

Starting Recovery

  • Pumping and Power

  • Starting pumping PGH on Saturday

  • Moved pumps to animal lab (SR2)

  • Sunday power restored to Computing Center

  • Internet Connection

    • Reconfigured to computing center

    • Web and e-mail up first

Recovery partners l.jpg

Recovery Partners

  • Herculean efforts by all!

    • Pumping water

    • Removing damaged equipment

    • Designing and installing new systems

    • Power restoration

  • UH Support

    • College volunteers

    • Facilities

  • Vendor response was great!

    • Staff on site (over 100)

    • Rapid deployment of equipment

Initial impact l.jpg

Initial Impact

  • Primary Technology Areas Affected

    • UHS Data Center

    • Network Node in PGH

    • Network Node in UCU

    • Headend Facility in Moody

Uhs data center l.jpg

UHS Data Center

  • Lost power

  • No flooding or other damage

Network node pgh l.jpg

Network Node (PGH)

  • Services lost

    • Voice, data, video for UH

    • Internet and interactive video for all UHS

  • Damage

    • Water 18 inches above raised floor

    • Power systems total loss

Network node pgh23 l.jpg

Network Node (PGH)

Telephone and Voice Mail Systems

Network node ucu l.jpg

Network Node (UCU)

  • Services lost

    • Voice network for 1/3 of campus

    • Trunk lines from SWB

    • High capacity circuits from SWB

  • Damage

    • Telephone Switch corroded

    • Wire center destroyed

      • 3600 stations

Network node ucu25 l.jpg

Network Node (UCU)

Telephone system

Network node ucu26 l.jpg

Network Node (UCU)



Network node ucu27 l.jpg

Network Node (UCU)

Wire Center Frame

Headend facility moody l.jpg

Headend Facility (Moody)

  • Services Lost

    • CATV Network

Hofheinz pavillion l.jpg

Hofheinz Pavillion

Home of “Phi Slamma Jama”

Hofheinz pavillion30 l.jpg

Hofheinz Pavillion

Wiring was pretty open…

Slide31 l.jpg

An wide shot view of the inner-city of Houston, Texas

Slide32 l.jpg

Flood waters invade the City with no Mercy

Slide33 l.jpg

Freeway Entrance ramp into downtown from the North

Slide34 l.jpg

Freeway Exit ramp

Slide35 l.jpg

A view of Allen-Parkway

Slide36 l.jpg

Raging waters in the Tunnel System Downtown

Slide37 l.jpg

Another view of the Tunnel System Downtown

Slide38 l.jpg

And...Another view of the Tunnel System Downtown

Slide39 l.jpg

Canoeing down HWY 59 near the Compaq Center

Slide40 l.jpg

A view of 1 of 3 of the Suspension Bridges that crosses over HWY 59 near the Compaq Center

Slide41 l.jpg

A view of the Houston’s Channel 11 - KHOU - Television Studio

Slide42 l.jpg

A view of Interstate Highway I-10

Slide43 l.jpg

Jet Sking in the flood waters on Interstate Highway I-10

Slide44 l.jpg

A view of a 3-way Intersection located at Allen Parkway and Sanford Street

Here s who did it l.jpg

Here’s Who did it!

CTS “Crew” at Storm Allison Luncheon

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