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Presentation Overview. Introduction to SADC-BA &Project Background Project Partners Facilitating Project Development & Implementation SADC-BA TAF: Mauritius & Malawi Recommendations for Maximising Economic Return & Social Benefits via PPP. Introduction to SADC-BA & Project Background.

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Presentation overview
Presentation Overview

  • Introduction to SADC-BA &Project Background

  • Project Partners

  • Facilitating Project Development & Implementation

  • SADC-BA TAF: Mauritius & Malawi

  • Recommendations for Maximising Economic Return & Social Benefits via PPP

Introduction to sadc ba project background
Introduction to SADC-BA & Project Background

The SADC Banking Association:

  • Association of 12 National Bankers Associations

  • Established at the behest of the SADC Committee of Central Bank Governors.

  • Critical function includes facilitating the creation of an environment conducive for increased domestic & FDI.

    PPP Project Background:

  • Increased opportunities to draw on private capital to support projects

  • PPPs are effective “contracts” for attracting investment into infrastructure and service delivery projects

  • Absorptive capacity constraints must addressed

  • Facilitating capacity building is a critical role in the “non-competitive space”.

Forms of ppp contracts
Forms of PPP contracts



Joint ventures

Design, Build, Operate, Finance & Concession contracts



More Risk Transfer

Long term contract

Significant private capital outlay

Less Risk Transfer

Short contract term

Insignificant private capital outlay




Project partners
Project Partners

Project Steering Committee members:

  • RSA: The Banking Association South Africa (Executing Agency)

  • Canada: CIDA

  • SADC-Committee for Central Bank Governors

  • RSA: PPP Unit-RSA National Treasury

  • Botswana: Public Enterprises and Evaluation Agency (PEEPA)

  • Tanzania: Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) & National Construction Council (NCC)

  • Mauritius: PPP Unit-Ministry of Finance and Economic Development

  • Malawi: Privatisation Commission ( Ministry of Finance)

  • Zambia: PPP Working Group (driven by National Council for Construction)

  • Lesotho: Office of the Minister of Finance & Lesotho Bankers Association

Facilitating project development through capacity building
Facilitating Project Development through Capacity Building

Capacity building at 3 levels:

  • Training

    On-line, fully accredited courses (subscription from 25 countries, 6 continents):

    • PPP Skills and Competency Development

      PPP concept and rationale; Contractual /legal options; Project appraisal and feasibility studies; Project finance and investment analysis, Procurement process; Stakeholder management and public participation; human resources and labour relations; monitoring and regulation.

    • Project Officer Management and Leadership Training

  • Research

    Institutional, Regulatory, and Policy Reviews, PPP guidelines, Case studies

  • Technical Assistance Facility

    Support for Planned or Existing Projects:

    • SLDC Highlands Project Mauritius (development of a new town)

    • Malawi Railway Concession (Re-drafting & re-negotiation of Contract)

  • SLDC Highlands Project in Mauritius

  • 920 hectares of Prime Land

  • Development of a new town

  • Include Government Accommodation

  • Enhance economic activity through the Establishment of a knowledge and urban industry centre

  • (US$ 3 billion over 10 years)

Sadc ba taf malawi railway concession
SADC-BA TAF: Malawi Railway Concession

  • Total track length of 797 KM (399 km Nkaya-Zambia Border, ~101 km Nkaya-Nayuchi, 297 km Nkaya-Mozambique Border (South)

  • Total freight traffic of 240,111 tns in 2004: International traffic 223,034 tns (Imports 134,547, Exports 88,487) Local traffic 17,077 tns

  • 3 PSO routes: Limbe – Makande, Balaka – Nayuci, Limbe - Balaka

Recommendations for achieving maximum economic returns benefits from ppp
Recommendations for Achieving Maximum Economic Returns & Benefits from PPP

  • POLITICAL SUPPORT: to develop projects, eliminate disinterest, manage delays, spearhead communication.

  • 2. ROBUST CONTRACTS: All Aspects must be covered; conditions should be clearly articulated with minimal ambiguity

  • STRONG REGULATORY FRAMEWORKS & INDEPENDENT REGULATORS: compliance, dispute resolution, monitoring use of loan funds and insurance proceeds, deal with unsolicited bids etc.

  • 4. LOCAL EMPOWERMENT: Need a competent pool of local resources to compliment international resources and a system to manage resources for identified outcomes.

THANK YOU! Benefits from PPP

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