personal training core cardio conditioning
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Personal Training Core & Cardio Conditioning

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Personal Training Core & Cardio Conditioning. with the Aquavee Pilates Plus System By Maryanne Haggerty, MS [email protected] Phone: 215-280-3006. Core & Cardio Conditioning. THE CORE is:

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personal training core cardio conditioning

Personal Training Core & Cardio Conditioning

with the Aquavee Pilates Plus System

By Maryanne Haggerty, MS

[email protected]

Phone: 215-280-3006

core cardio conditioning
Core & Cardio Conditioning


29-35 muscles in the torso that control movement for the whole body. The inner core is 6 muscles that stabilize first to protect the spine and allow the entire core to move and stabilize with control. Proper activation of the inner core muscles will enhance posture and kinetic chain alignment.


Continuous movement of the body to condition the heart and lung’s ability to deliver oxygen to the working muscles and use it …in other words to make Energy! This training varies in intensity from being able to talk to being out of breath temporarily.

Core & Cardio together with the Aquavee Pilates Plus System!!

The benefits of elastic resistance are numerous and similar to land resistance training with freeweights. The biggest difference being a more constant loading of the muscle through a full range of motion. This type of resistance is very similar to the water but now we have eccentric control of the muscles with the elastic tubing at the unique Aquavee angles. By bringing the Aquavee Pilates Plus system in the water we now have FLUID resistance for the core and cardiovascular exercises.


Proper Postural and Alignment HealthActivate THE CORE 1stsmell the roses then blow out the candles/or blow bubbles.This will draw the belly button to the backbone. Keep the belly button to the backbone with a neutral spine while breathing normally and controlling the core.Look for Alignment of

Kinetic Chain Checkpoints

  • Feet
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Head
how to use the aquavee pilates plus system

How to Use the Aquavee Pilates Plus System

How to Use the Aquavee Pilates Plus System
  • Secure the system and attach the appropriate tubing length to your ankles and then grip the arm tubing handle.
  • The angle can be set at a “V” or closer depending on the exercise plane of motion.
shallow core cardio
Shallow Core & Cardio
  • Jogging in Place
    • Arms under water at sides
    • Arms pushing forward together(chest press)
    • Arms under water alternating forward
  • Cross Country Skis
    • With chest flys
  • Turn around jumping jaxs (gluteus medius)

With wide open arms out to sides (rear delt flys)

  • Rockette Kicks/ or Martial Art bend and kick front
    • With alternating punches
shallow core and cardio
Shallow Core and Cardio

Narrow angle/ sagittal plane

  • Rockette kicks
  • Martial art kicks with a punch, jab, or undercut
  • Turning around- kickbacks straight
    • With a bend and kick/arms extend back
    • Jumps with Rows
    • Jumps with a wide row
    • Standing bicep curls
shallow core and cardio7
Shallow Core and Cardio

Kickbacks straight back

with a bend and kick behind/ arm extends back

Single Leg Hip Adduction

deep core cardio
Deep Core & Cardio
  • Cross country Ski
  • Jogging/skis with Chest flys
  • Turn around- Jumping Jaxs
    • With arms wide open
shallow deep combo
Shallow & Deep Combo


  • Jog with arms at sides (core focus) 16cts
  • Arms at chest level press out 8
  • Jog no arms 16
  • Arms below alternating 16
  • Repeat in 8’s 2 more x
  • Crosscountry Ski’s 16
  • Ski with Chest flys 8
  • Repeat skis 2 more x

Narrow the “V” to the Sagittal plane

    • Rockette kicks 8
    • Martial art kick with punch 16
    • Turn around and kick back with arm extending 16
    • Bend and kick back 8
    • Jump with rows 8
    • Repeat from kickbacks 2 more x
    • Bicep curls 8
    • Jump with wide row 8
    • Repeat 1x
shallow deep combo10
Shallow & Deep Combo


Cross Country Ski 24 water tempo

faster 24

*Repeat 1x

Turn around- tubing crosses over/Jumping Jaxs 8

with wide arm /rear delt flys 8

Front Jogging with Chest Flys 16

Cross Country Ski 24 water tempo

faster 24

*Repeat 1x

Turn around- Jumping Jaxs 8

with wide arm / rear delt flys 8


Single Leg Hip Adduction R/L 16each

Golf Swing Arms R/L 16 each

Cool Down