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Knowledge Management. Data-Information-Knowledge. Data are discrete, objective facts about events. In organizations, a structured record of transactions. Information is the result of processing data to provide meaning.

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Data information knowledge l.jpg

  • Data are discrete, objective facts about events. In organizations, a structured record of transactions.

  • Information is the result of processing data to provide meaning.

  • Knowledge is a justified personal belief that increases a person’s capacity to take action.

Tacit versus explicit knowledge l.jpg
Tacit versus Explicit Knowledge

  • Knowledge in organizations ranges from the rich, complex, accumulated expertise that resides in organizations and is partly inexpressible (tacit knowledge) to structured and explicit.

Three perspectives on kms l.jpg
Three Perspectives on KMS

  • Information-based

  • Technology-based

  • Culture-based

Concerns over information in kms l.jpg
Concerns Over Information In KMS

  • Building vast amounts of data into usable form

  • Avoiding overloading users with unnecessary data

  • Eliminating wrong/old data

  • Ensuring customer confidentiality

  • Keeping the information current

Concerns over technology in kbs l.jpg
Concerns Over Technology in KBS

  • Determining infrastructure requirements

  • Keeping up with new technologies

  • Security of data on internet

Percent of kbs with various tools technologies l.jpg
Percent of KBS with Various Tools/Technologies

  • Browser 90 %

  • Electronic mail 84%

  • Search/ Retrieval tools 73%

  • Information repositories 52%

  • WWW server 42%

  • Agents/ Filters 36%

  • External server services 31%

  • Videoconferencing 23%

Concerns over management in kbs l.jpg
Concerns Over Management in KBS

  • Change management implications

  • Getting individuals to volunteer knowledge

  • Getting business units to share knowledge

  • Demonstrating business value

  • Bringing together the many people from various units

  • Determining responsibility for managing the knowledge

Ernst young s competitive advantage l.jpg
Ernst & Young’s Competitive Advantage

Harnessing the skills and talents of all our people better than our competitors can or will

Learning faster and sharing more

Services l.jpg

  • Knowledge is what E&Y sells.

    • Personal knowledge and expertise

    • Structural knowledge

  • ...we have to embed it in every service we provide and use it to create new services

E y s knowledge framework l.jpg
E&Y’s Knowledge Framework






People &



Strategy l.jpg

  • Full alignment with the overall business strategy

  • Clear goals and objectives

  • Balanced scorecard approach to measurement

  • Sponsorship from the highest level

  • Chief Knowledge Officers in place

Infrastructure l.jpg

  • Ernst & Young’s Knowledge Web

    • Global solutions

    • Two main platforms

      • Lotus Notes

      • Web-based intranets

    • Plus e-mail, voicemail, internet, teleconferencing, document management etc.

Infrastructure14 l.jpg

  • Ernst & Young Knowledge Centers

    • Centers for Business Knowledge

    • Center for Business Innovation

    • Assurance Support Centers

The knowledge management process l.jpg







Provide Infrastructure



E&Y teams

The knowledge management process

Demonstrate Value

Processes l.jpg

  • Going beyond a knowledge management process…

  • …to “the way we work”

    • The process becomes second nature

    • The application and sharing of knowledge is embedded in our sales and service delivery methodologies

Content l.jpg

  • Standard knowledge containers

  • A global taxonomy

  • Global search capability

Content structure l.jpg



Client team


Direct practiceexperience

Content structure

People organization l.jpg
People & Organization

  • The firm’s culture and values

  • Personal development and training

  • Rewards and recognition

  • Organization structure

  • Communications

E y s knowledgeweb l.jpg
E&Y’s KnowledgeWeb

  • Is Web-based and is based on Lotus Notes

  • Provides access to internal information such as proposals, methodologies, best practices, metrics, etc.

  • Provides external information such as access to company Web sites, external databases, and external news