Community forestry carbon projects for cambodia mark poffenberger ph d
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Community Forestry Carbon Projects for Cambodia Mark Poffenberger, Ph.D. Community Forest Carbon Markets 1) CDM Approved (CERs) Buyers 2) Private Buyers (VERs) Voluntary Buyers Non CDM Offset Buyers (CARB) Investors. Types of Forest Carbon Projects

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Community Forestry Carbon Projects

for Cambodia

Mark Poffenberger, Ph.D.

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Community Forest Carbon Markets

1) CDM Approved (CERs) Buyers

2) Private Buyers (VERs)

Voluntary Buyers

Non CDM Offset Buyers (CARB)


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Types of Forest Carbon Projects

Type 1 – Afforestation and Reforestation of deforested areas.

Type 2 - Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR)

projects for degraded forest areas

Type 3 - Avoided Deforestation (AD) projects

for closed forest areas

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CF Avoided Deforestation Projects (AD) Cambodian Forests

Primary Criteria: Deforestation rates in area over past ten years

Additionality Criteria: Demonstration that CF protection can slow, halt or reverse previous rate

Advantages: Large areas eligible – Lower establishment costs, easier to establish baselines and monitor

Disadvantages: Lower price for VERS

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Proposed CF Carbon Project Areas Otdar Meanchey Province Cambodian ForestsSiem Reap FA Cantonment

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RISK Cambodian Forests

Forest Fire

Illegal Logging

Economic Concessions


Forest Fire: Fire Line, ban on fires, fuel load reduction, fire brigade,

Illegal logging control, volunteer patrols, paid watchers.

Illegal Logging: Volunteer patrols, paid watchers, FA coordination, fines, forest stock monitoring.

Economic Concessions: CFM agreements with FA, MAFF coordination, monitoring and dialogue for proposed concessions.

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LEAKAGE Cambodian Forests

Fuelwood Consumption

And Other Leakage


Fuelwood is the primary source of energy for project families

Studies indicate that rural households consume approximately 1 mt of fuelwood annually

Considering 50 villages with 31,000 households, fuelwood emission may total 57,000 mt. of Co2E yearly in the project area

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  • The project proposes to reduce leakage by 50% through the introduction of fuelwood efficient, smokeless stoves.

  • Revised project leakage would be 28,500 mt. Co2E per year

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Outstanding Questions Cambodian Forests

  • What is the actual Carbon Stock in the Project Areas

  • How much Carbon could be claimed as additionality under AD?

  • How much leakage is occurring?

  • What are the costs involved in developing the project for CFI, FA, and other partners?

  • How much are buyers willing to pay?

  • How can we reduce risks to gain a better price?

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  • Steps Towards Carbon Project Development in 2008 Cambodian Forests

  • Build a partnership among stakeholders including CFI, the Forestry Administration, local NGOs, and participating CF groups and communities surrounding the project areas.

  • Strengthen the capacity of CF groups to manage their forests through training covering the 8 Steps leading to CF agreements

  • Assessing and verifying carbon stocks and additionality through forest plot inventories and remote sensing images analysis

  • Preparing a CF Carbon Project Proposal

  • Negotiating and Finalizing a Carbon Contract with Private Sector Buyers

  • Initiate Project with annual monitoring and verification

  • Utilize funding for management costs, including extension support to communities, FA Field operation expenses, with net flowing into CF trust fund

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CFI Research on Carbon & Communities Cambodian Forests

CFI collaborated with the Indian Institute of Forests and the Indian Institute of Science to develop cost effective methods for assessing carbon baselines, additionality, risk assessment and leakage. CFI presented the findings at COP-8 held in New Delhi, India

CFI is a registered NGO with UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP)

CFI is a partner in the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and the Terra Global Capital Fund

CFI is working with the Andhra Pradesh Forest Depart to launch parallel CF carbon projects in central India

CFI has been working closely with the FA since 2001 to develop CF strategies in Cambodia

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THE END Cambodian Forests