Sphinx ground based software architecture
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s olar. in X -rays. ph otometer. SphinX ground-based software architecture. Richard Sysala Martin Cupák Wroclaw, Space Research Centre, 30.5.07. Tasks. s olar. in X -rays. ph otometer.

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Sphinx ground based software architecture


in X-rays


SphinX ground-based software architecture

Richard Sysala

Martin Cupák

Wroclaw, Space Research Centre, 30.5.07



in X-rays


  • Writing automatic data access routines to check and download new SphinX telemetry data, as they arrive on the FIAN data server

  • Writing the data reformatting software which will read the telemetry, assign the time UT, subtract the instrumental data, format appropriate data objects for storage and access

    • This might depend on few instrument settings and flags depending on solar activity and mode of the instrument operation

    • Data should be easily accessible for existing solar metadata search engines and compatible with SolarSoft standards

  • Writing the interactive data browser software allowing for data quick look and selection

  • Writing the documentation for the software



in X-rays


  • Proposed solution consists ofsix main parts:

    • a) component for a data block manipulationand creating FITS files

    • b) component for a visualization

    • c) IDL thick client

    • d) PHP component on a web server

    • e) firebird database

    • f) data synchronization tool

Component for a data block manipulation and creating fits files
Component for a data block manipulation and creating FITS files


in X-rays


  • It will be a program (resp. a set of programs) with no GUI and its main purpose is to generate FITS files and store them to a database

    • this program will run on a server in Wroclaw or, in case the server in Wroclaw does not run, it will run on a server in Ondřejov

    • Because of this, part of this program is a watchdog which will check whether instance on the other machine is running or not

  • First part called „Data blocks transfer component“ will download data blocks (raw files) from FIAN data server and distribute them for further processing

Component for a visualization

Component for a data block manipulation and creating FITS files II

Component for a visualization


in X-rays


  • „Decompress & reformat“ component will be responsible for decompressing and reformatting input raw files and creating FITS files

    • It can be stored in a shared library or it can be one of the command-line programs – it depends on a form of provided decompress/reformat routines (source code, shared library with a set of exported functions, executable)

  • „DB component“ will care about a communication with a database

  • This component will be written using IDL and will create images/PDF files from previously created FITS files

Idl thick client
IDL thick client files


in X-rays


  • Smart browser written in IDL for an interactive visualization

PHP component on a Web server

  • It will provide web pages with automatically generated pages from every incoming dump

  • These pages will contain PDFs with measurement data, generated images and other

Firebird database
Firebird database files


in X-rays


  • The DB will be used as a datastore for

    • FITS files

    • images

    • PDFs

Data synchronization tool

  • A simple application responsible for a data synchronization

Staffing plan
Staffing plan files


in X-rays


ECSS-E-40 Part 1B

  • Space engineering

  • Software - Part 1: Principles and requirements

SW Project manager

SW Design &


System Engineer &

SW architect

SW Testing

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