Esl appr where do they meet
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ESL & APPR: where do they meet? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ESL & APPR: where do they meet?. Dr. Annette SHIDELER August 23, 2013. Goals of Workshop. Provide a very general overview of the field of ESL… Review latest data from NYSED regarding standardized test results of ELLs across New York…

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ESL & APPR: where do they meet?

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Esl appr where do they meet

ESL & APPR: where do they meet?

Dr. Annette SHIDELER

August 23, 2013

Goals of workshop

Goals of Workshop

  • Provide a very general overview of the field of ESL…

  • Review latest data from NYSED regarding standardized test results of ELLs across New York…

  • What should you see when you walk into an ESL classroom and why…

True or false

True or False?

  • Turn to your neighbor

  • Take 3 minutes to answer the following --

How did you do

How did you do?

  • Adults learn second languages more quickly and easily than young children. _______

  • Students in ESL only programs, with no schooling in their native language, take 7-10 years to reach grade level norm. ____________

  • A lot of immigrant children have learning disabilities, not language problems. They speak English just fine but they are still failing academically. _______________

  • Older generations of immigrants learned without all the special language programs that immigrant children receive now. It was “sink or swim” and they did fine! _________

  • Second language learners will acquire academic English faster if their parents speak English at home. _________

What should an esl classroom look like

What should an ESL classroom look like?

Esl appr where do they meet

  • The more time students spend soaking up English in the mainstream classroom, the more quickly they will learn the language. ___________

  • Once Students can speak English, they are ready to undertake the academic tasks of the mainstream classroom. __________

  • Cognitive and academic development in native language has an important and positive effect on second language acquisition. ____________

  • The culture of students doesn’t affect how long it takes them to acquire English. All students learn language the same way. _______________

  • All children learn a second language in the same way. ___________

Stages of language acquisition

Stages of Language Acquisition

  • Pre-Production/Silent Period -- Entering

  • Early Production -- Emerging

  • Speech Emergence -- Transitioning

  • Intermediate Fluency – Expanding

  • Proficient -- Commanding

Apply what we have just learned to appr

Apply what we have just learned to APPR

Esl appr where do they meet

Bilingual Common Core Initiative

What should you see in esl lesson plans

What should you see in ESL lesson plans…

  • ESL Standards to be addressed

  • Content area standards to be addressed

  • Essential question for unit/Higher Order question for lesson

  • Learning/content objective

  • Language objectivecommon everyday wordsacademic wordspossible multiple meaning words

    Syntax to be mastered

    Differentiation for language levels

    Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Components identified for every lesson

What you should see in an esl classroom

What you should see in an ESL classroom…

  • Form a group with someone you haven’t seen before

  • In 3 minutes, create a list of what you think you should see based on our discussion thus far…

You should see

You should see…

  • Support for different cultures

  • A strong sense of acceptance and safety

  • A great deal of talking and small group work

  • An atmosphere of respectful collegiality

  • Clear procedures so that beginners can perceive behavioral & procedural expectations

  • Words, words, words – pictures, pictures, graphic organizers – play with words & word sorts

What an esl teacher should sound like

What an ESL teacher should sound like…

  • Different levels of questioning for students of different language abilities

  • Support for L1 -- it is acceptable for students to negotiate meaning between themselves in their own language

  • Accepting different levels of responses from students based on their language abilities

  • Long wait time…

  • Informal assessment – touch the green crayon; touch the angry character

How an esl teacher should behave

How an ESL teacher should behave…

  • A strong working relationship with mainstream teachers is essential for students’ success

  • Outreach to parents and follow through with them

  • Maintain student records and assures accuracy of on-line records

  • What else should be added to this list???????????????????????????????



Esl appr where do they meet

“Elena” by Pat Mora

My Spanish isn’t enough.I remember how I’d smilelistening to my little ones,understanding every word they’d say,their jokes, their songs, their plots.Vamos a pedirledulces a mama. Vamos.But that was in Mexico.Now my children to go American high schools.They speak English. At night they sit aroundthe kitchen table, laugh with one another.I stand by the stove and feel dumb, alone.I bought a book to learn English.My husband frowned, drank more beer.My oldest said, “Mama, he doesn’t want youto be smarter than he is. “I’m forty,embarrassed at mispronouncing words,embarrassed at the laughter of my children,the grocer, the mailman. Sometimes I takemy English book and lock myself in the bathroom,say the thick words softly,for if I stop trying, I will be deafwhen my children need my help.

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