Teacher assistant module
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Teacher Assistant Module. NC WISE Training Team NCDPI. Document Use. This document is the property of the NC DPI and may not be copied in whole or in part without the express written permission of the NC DPI.

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Teacher Assistant Module

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Teacher assistant module

Teacher Assistant Module

NC WISE Training TeamNCDPI

Document use

Document Use

This document is the property of the NC DPI and may not be copied in whole or in part without the express written permission of the NC DPI.

This curriculum is intended for LEAs to use and/or customize for re-delivery based on specific LEA needs. If modifications and additions are made to this curriculum, LEAs are responsible for the content.



  • LEA Setup

  • School Setup

  • Navigating in TAM

  • Teacher Assistant Start Screen

  • My Classes

  • My Students

  • Reporting

  • Spreadsheet

  • Mark Entry

Teacher assistant module


Teacher assistant configuration lea level

Teacher Assistant Configuration: LEA Level

Teacher assistant module

TA Configuration-LEA Setup

Navigation: eSIS START > Blue Navigate Button > Type in %TA Config% > Select TA Configuration

  • Controlled at the LEA level

  • Controls Display Names in TAM

  • 2 set up methods to choose from

Ta configuration

Each LEA/District/ Board adds TA Configuration information here

TA Configuration…

Ta configuration method 1

TA Configuration Method 1


  • Fees

  • Teams

  • Programs

Ta configuration method 2

TA Configuration Method 2


  • Fees

  • Teams

  • Programs

Teacher assistant configuration school level

Teacher Assistant Configuration: School Level

School level setup ta config screen

School Level Setup-TA Config Screen

Setting up calculated marks in reporting periods

Setting Up Calculated Marks in Reporting Periods

Calculated marks path

Calculated Marks Path …

Navigation:School > School Information > Reporting Periods

Reporting periods screen

Reporting Periods Screen

Identifying calculated marks

Identifying Calculated Marks

  • Highlight the Mark that should be calculated.

  • Change Mark Entry to Calculated

Setting report cycle weights

Setting Report Cycle Weights

Setting calculated report cycles

Setting Calculated Report Cycles

Navigating to tam

Navigating to TAM

About tam

About TAM

  • Teacher’s Assistant Module (TAM).

  • Allows teachers to enter marks, take attendance, create a grade book, and run reports.

Navigating to tam path

Navigating to TAM - Path

Navigation:Blue Navigate button > Teacher Assistant 2

Navigating to tam1

Coordinators, Data Managers, Counselors, and Principals can navigate to TAM.

Coordinators have access to all teachers in all schools.

School Users have access to teachers in their school.

Navigating to TAM

Navigating to tam2

Navigating To TAM…

  • When Navigating to TAM, never make any changes.

  • Only teachers can see their options on the my options tab.

  • When trouble shooting, you will need the teacher to log in if there is a need to view the options tab.



  • Navigate to TAM and select a teacher.

  • Highlight a course and section.

  • Click the spreadsheet button to display the spreadsheet.



  • Find a Teacher in Course Section Maintenance with classes.

  • Navigate to the Teacher Assistant Module and select your teacher.

Teacher assistant module tam

Teacher Assistant Module(TAM)

Logging on

User name



Logging On

Class changes notification screen

New students admitted to courses

Students who have dropped the courses

Class Changes Notification Screen

Teacher assistant start screen

Teacher Assistant Start Screen

Yellow alert

Yellow Alert button allows read access to a Student Alert

Yellow Alert

Student info button

Student Info Button



  • Review student information for 3 students.

Re sequencing students

Change numeric value in the Seq# column to change the order of student names

Re-Sequencing Students

Hot print button

Hot Print Button

Locking the system

Select “Lock” from the menu bar at the top of the screen

Locking the System



  • Lock the screen and then unlock it.

Recording attendance in tam

Recording Attendance in TAM

About recording attendance in tam

About Recording Attendance in TAM

  • Daily - Teachers take attendance once daily by homeroom.

  • Period – Teachers take attendance for each class, cannot populate an absence reason.

  • Specific Period – Teachers take attendance once daily in a specified class, cannot populate an absence reason.

  • Attendance Entry Complete – must be checked by the teacher when attendance entry is complete.

Recording daily attendance

Click the Home Rooms radio button.

Allows teacher to add absence/late reasons.

Recording Daily Attendance



  • Select the Home Rooms radio button and verify the correct semester.

  • In the My Classes section, click the List button.

  • Change the date by clicking on the date box in the upper right hand corner.

  • Select a student and click the A box under PM. Both AM and PM are populated.



  • Select the reason of Illness or injury for the student.

  • Select another student.

  • Place a check in the L column.

  • Add a reason code from the drop-down list. Only Excused or Unexcused Late are allowed.

  • Check the Attendance Completed box.

Recording period attendance

Click the Classes radio button.

Reason codes must be entered in the attendance office.

Recording Period Attendance



  • Select the Classes radio button.

  • In the My Classes section, click the List button.

  • Select a student and click the A box under PM. Both AM and PM are populated.

  • Select another student.

  • Place a check in the L column.

  • Check the Attendance Completed box.



  • Log into TAM as a classroom teacher with the password given.

  • Select Class (Period) or Home Room (Daily) and enter attendance as a teacher.


The summary button allows you to view attendance for a class by month


Running reports in tam

Running Reports in TAM

Printing reports

Printing Reports

Class homeroom record report

Class/Homeroom Record Report

Mailing label report

Mailing Label Report

Class homeroom list report

Class/Homeroom List Report

Changing the password

Changing the Password

Changing the password1

Changing the Password

Navigation: Set Up Options > Preferences > Edit User Profile Button (top right corner)

Changing your password

Enter old password

Enter new password

Verify new password

Changing Your Password

Viewing student information

Viewing Student Information

Basic demographics

Basic Demographics



  • Click the student Name to highlight the row.

  • Click Basic Demographics.

  • Review each of the tabs.

    Note: Fees, Teams and Programs can be seen if set up in the TA Configuration screen.

Demographics tab

Demographics Tab

Parent emergency contact tab

Parent/Emergency Contact Tab

Medical tab

Medical Tab

Schedule tab

Schedule Tab

Observations tab

Observations Tab



  • Click Add on the Observation tab.

  • The Date, Time, and Teacher name will automatically populate.

  • Date and Time can be modified.

  • From the Type drop-down, click the Class or Private.

  • Save.

  • Once the Observation is complete type a Narrative and a Completion date.

  • Save.



  • Click a student record.

  • Add an Observation.





Teacher assistant module


Academic progress

Highlight the student name

Select the Academic Progress Button

Academic Progress

Academic progress1

Allows teachers using shared access to see how their students are performing in other classes

Academic Progress…

Student absences

Highlight the student name

Select the Student Absences Button

Student Absences

Student absences1

Daily absences can be viewed.

Absences can be viewed for all classes if a period attendance school

Student Absences

Other features

Allows teachers to view other types of student information

Other Features

Teacher assistant spreadsheet gradebook set up options

Teacher Assistant Spreadsheet/GradebookSet Up Options

Setup options

Setup Options



My options tab

My Options Tab

My options tab1

My Options Tab

  • Choices made on the My Options tab will determine how student marks calculate in the gradebook

  • Be able to explain your choices and how they calculate to parents and administrators

Use assessment weights

Use Assessment Weights

  • Use Assessment Weights will allow a teacher to select the weight of each individual assignment as it is created.

  • This method is closest to a manual calculation on paper where all the assessment marks are added together and divided by the number of assessments based on the individual weights of each assignment.

Use assessment type weights

Use Assessment Type Weights

  • This method allows teachers to assign a weight for each assessment type.

  • If selected, every assessment type must be used in every reporting period.

  • The assessments of the same type will be averaged together. Each of the assessment type averages will be averaged together to determine the mark for the student.

Use category weights

Use Category Weights

  • This method allows teachers to assign a weight to each category type-homework, classwork, etc.

  • If selected, each category must be used in every reporting period.

  • All assessments in the same category will be averaged together. Each category average will be averaged to determine the student mark.

View report cycle weights

View Report Cycle Weights

  • When checked, the teacher is able to view the report cycle weights set by the school data manager on the reporting periods screen.

Tavg include weight

TAVG% Include Weight

Checking this box will cause the gradebook to use previous reporting period marks in determining the current reporting period mark.

DPI best practices suggests teachers not use this option.

Default settings

Numeric Score Default can be set.

Failure Threshold can be used as a visual aide to teachers. All scores below this setting will appear with a pink background.

Default Settings

Allow shared access to student progress

Allow Shared Access to Student Progress

  • Checking this box allows teachers teaching the same student to view marks given in your class, and allows you to see their marks

Rounding marks

Rounding Marks

  • Checking this box will cause the Teacher Assistant Module to round student marks to the nearest whole number when posting to the report card.

Count blank marks as 0

Count Blank Marks as ‘0’

  • Checking this box will cause all blanks to be counted as 0’s when calculating the mark for a student.

  • Leaving the box unchecked will cause all blanks to be omitted from the mark calculation

My comments option tab

My Comments Option Tab

  • Can be used if your teacher’s opts to, however, these comments will print on “progress reports” and should be used carefully.

My preps

A prep must be set up before the spreadsheet can be used.

My Preps

Prep detail screen

Prep Detail Screen

Adding a prep

Select a Title for the Prep

Adding a Prep

Select classes

Click the Select Classes button

Select Classes

Prep classes report cycles

What you can view in this area will depend on your “My Options” selections

Prep Classes Report Cycles

Prep category

Free form box

Teachers add categories

Prep Category

Prep assessment types

Assessment Types are selected from a drop down list populated by the LEA Coordinator.

Prep Assessment Types

Saving the prep

Saving the Prep

  • Once all information has been completed, click save and exit through the door.

Completed prep

Completed Prep



  • Click the My Preps Tab in Preferences .

  • Click Add.

  • Type a Title for the prep.

  • Click the SelectClasses.

  • Check each box for the class(es) you want to add to the prep.

  • Click Ok.


Demonstration …

  • Type at least one prep category in PrepCategory.

  • Click Add.

  • Check the Assign box for at least one AssessmentType.

  • Save.

  • Exit.



  • Add a Prep.

My comments tab

Add comments for the Progress Report

My Comments Tab



  • Select the My Comments tab.

  • Click Add.

  • Type in a unique numeric code in the Code column.

  • Type in the comment on the Description line.

  • Save.

  • Exit.



  • Add two comments using a symbol for at least one of the comments.

Using the teacher assistant spreadsheet gradebook

Using the Teacher AssistantSpreadsheet/Gradebook

Adding an assessment

Place the cursor on the line of the class you wish to select and click the spreadsheet button

Remember that the class must be assigned to a prep

Adding An Assessment

Adding an assessment1

Select the correct reporting period

Adding an Assessment…

Adding an assessment2

Click Add Assessment

Adding An Assessment…

Adding an assessment3

Short Name and Narrative auto populate, but can be modified for a unique Assessment

Adding an Assessment…

Adding this assessment to other classes

Select the Add This Assessment To Other Classes button

Adding this Assessment to Other Classes

Adding assessments to other classes

Check the box, add across and complete one line before moving to the next.

Add Assign Date (school day)

Add Due date (school day)

Identify the report term

Adding Assessments to Other Classes



  • From the TAM START screen, click a course attached to a Prep.

  • Click Spreadsheet.

  • Click the appropriate Reporting Term.

  • Click AddAssessment.

  • Type the assessment Name.

  • Verify the dates are school days.


Demonstration …

  • From the Category drop-down, click a category.

  • From the AssessmentType drop-down list, click an assessment type.

  • Type a Narrative will print on the progress report.

  • Save.



  • Add two assessments to a class.

Entering marks in the spreadsheet

Select the correct Reporting Term

Click Enter Mark/Comments

Entering Marks in the Spreadsheet

Entering marks

The Assessment must be selected before the Student Names will appear

Entering Marks…

Entering marks1

Type in the numeric mark

Use the down arrow key to move to the next student

Entering Marks…

Entering comments for the progress report

Highlight the student name and click the Edit comment button

Entering Comments for the Progress Report

Entering comments

Comments can be selected from School comments or comments set up in TAM

Entering Comments…

Entering comments1

Text box populates with selected comments

Changes can be made

Free form typing is allowed

Entering Comments…

Condensed mark entry in the spreadsheet

Allows view of all students at once without scrolling

Sometimes used when no comments will be added.

Condensed Mark Entry in the Spreadsheet

Viewing student progress in the spreadsheet

See the student average at a glance

Viewing Student Progress in the Spreadsheet

School mark process

School Mark Process

  • Schools should establish a mark entry, mark verification, and report card production process

  • This process should be made clear to all school personnel

Posting marks to the report card

Select Reporting Term

Click Post Marks to Report Card

Posting Marks to the Report Card

Posting marks to report card

Posting Marks to Report Card…

  • Two pop up boxes with questions appear

Posting marks to report card1

Marks are posted automatically to the reporting period selected on the Spreadsheet

Posting Marks to Report Card…

Posting marks to report card2

Select Go To Mark Entry Screen Button

Posting Marks to Report Card

Posting marks to report card3

Click the Question mark to add comments to the report card

Check the Mark entry is complete box.

Posting Marks to Report Card…

Posting marks to report card4

Click View to see comments

Posting Marks to Report Card…

Posting marks to report card5

Marks posted successfully

Posting Marks to Report Card…

Calculating marks

Calculating Marks

Calculating marks1

Calculating Marks…



Assessment weighting and mark calculation

Assessment Weighting and Mark Calculation

  • A teacher will select one of two equations available for mark calculation in the Teacher Assistant Module.

  • This selection is made in the Preferences area of Setup Options.

  • The selection is locked in as soon as the teacher attaches the fist assessment to a prep.

Assessment weighting

Assessment Weighting…

  • The first equation is described as Percentages. It is so named because each mark in a group is converted to a percentage and then each weight is applied to it as a percentage of total weight.

Teacher assistant module

Mark Earned % Weight

Max Score Total Weight

  • This is probably the more traditional approach to mark calculation. The max score has no effect on the relative ‘value’ of the mark, so 40/50 means exactly the same as 80/100.

Teacher assistant module

  • If we wanted to make 80/100 of more relative ‘valuable’ then we must assign a larger weight to this assessment.

  • Weighting in instrumental in ascribing relative value to an assessment

Teacher assistant module

  • The second equation is described as Total Points. The focus here is is on the actual marks.

    (Mark Earned X Assmt. Weight

    Assmt. Max Score X Assmt. Weight * 100

Teacher assistant module

  • The second equation is described as Total Points. The focus here is is on the actual marks.

  • Weight is applied directly to the mark earned and also to the Max Score, and then this is converted to a percentage.

Reference documents

Reference Documents


Teacher Assistant Module (TAM): Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Assistant Module Instructor Guide

Training support contacts

Training & Support Contacts

  • NC WISE Training Team Mailbox: ncwisetraining@dpi.state.nc.us

  • NC WISE Service Desk Mailbox:sis_support@dpi.state.nc.us

  • Service Desk phone number: 919.807.4357

Teacher assistant module



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