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Scope of Presentation. UNDP-Who we areUNDP ProcurementHow to Identify UNDP Business?How to Market your Goods and Services?Need help?. United Nations Development Programme. Principal leader in advocating change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help countries build and share solutions to the global and national challenges.Global network of 166 country officesAnnual Programme Delivery: USD4.3 Billions (Approx.).

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Doing Business with UNDP

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1. Doing Business with UNDP Procurement Support Office Office of Legal and Procurement Support UNDP, NY

2. Scope of Presentation UNDP-Who we are UNDP Procurement How to Identify UNDP Business? How to Market your Goods and Services? Need help?

3. United Nations Development Programme Principal leader in advocating change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help countries build and share solutions to the global and national challenges. Global network of 166 country offices Annual Programme Delivery: USD4.3 Billions (Approx.)

4. Scope of Action Poverty reduction Democratic governance HIV/AIDS Energy and environment Crisis prevention and recovery Women’s empowerment

5. Source of UNDP Funding voluntary contributions cost sharing trust funds

7. 7 Procurement Breakdown Year 2007

8. Distribution by Region

9. Expenditure by sector In recent years, the share of consulting services at UNDP was 70%. This breaksdown to: IT related services: $105 million Telecommunications Services: $75 million Health Products: $56 million Electoral Assistance: $28 million Environmental Related Services: $27 million Management Services: $26 million Vocational Training: $15 million

10. Top 15 Procurement Offices PANAMA : $210 million – 8.68% ARGENTINA: $197 million – 8.15% AFGHANISTAN: $155 million – 6.42% GUATEMALA : $109 million – 4.51% HQ: $ 83 million – 3.46% COLUMBIA : $80 million -3.34% DENMARK: $65 million – 2.71% SUDAN : $60 million – 2.51% EGYPT : $47 million – 1.96% CONGO DR: $41 million – 1.69% CHINA: $33 million – 1.4% BOLIVIA: $30 million – 1.27% LIBERIA: $30 million – 1.24% CAMBODIA: $29 million – 1.22% SOMALIA :$29 million-1.20%

11. Commonly procured goods include but are not limited to: Electrical Equipment Telecommunications Equipment Laboratory Equipment Motor Vehicles Agricultural Equipment Medical Supplies and Equipment Power Generators Water Supply Systems Construction Equipment and Materials

12. Commonly procured services include but are not limited to: Information Technology Public Administration Education,Training and Social Services

13. What are the methods of procurement?   UNDP Procurement is based on competitive bidding. Bids are obtained by means of formal tender. Depending on the nature and size of the project and its procurement elements, commonly used methods of solicitation include …

14. Procurement Methods Request for Quotation Invitation to Bid Request for Proposal Direct Contracting For values less than US $2,500, country offices may engage in Local Shopping.

15. Long Term Agreements (LTA) Long-term agreements (LTA) reduce administrative efforts by a single tendering exercise over the life of the arrangement. They are awarded on a 1-year renewable basis and exist on the country level as well as globally, administered by HQ. Advantages include: quality assurance and legal requirements will have been dealt with at the outset the supplier benefits in terms of planning stock levels and continuity of supply a mutually beneficial longer-term working relationship can be established

16. How to Identify UNDP Business Procurement at UNDP is decentralized to the responsibility of our country offices. Every country office is a potential business partner. Consult and review their websites at The main responsibility of the Procurement Support Office (PSO) in NY is policies and overview. Your first resource is our website

17. Consult and Review Procurement Notices UNGM’s online procurement notices at The General Business Guide for Potential Suppliers of Goods and Services. UNDP’s online procurement notices at Development Business with procurement notices at Practical Tips: Doing Business with the UN System UNDP brochure: How to do business with UNDP

19. Supplier Registration To be listed as a potential supplier, you have to register with the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) Common Supplier Registration Form available at the same form is used by individual organizations to pre-qualify suppliers and incorporate suppliers into their internal procurement rosters. About the UNGM: Single window for registration with the UN System Allows the supplier to keep current business information available to all UN Organizations as a tool for locating potential suppliers.

20. Eligibility Criteria to do Business with UNDP Completion of the Registration Form available at Agreement to UNDP General Terms and Conditions. Quality compliance as per International / National product standards (i.e. ISO, DIN, BS etc.) Financial Strength (i.e., cash flow and liquidity) After-sales Service Environmental Compliance (i.e. ISO 14000) Global Compact?

21. How to Market your Goods and Services to UNDP? Introduce your company Contact the Resident Representative Visit the country office Target the local government Meet the Project Manager & others concerned

22. Need Help? Contact Nina Brandt Business Analyst UNDP/PSO New York Tel : (212) 906-6706 Fax : (212) 906-6663

23. Thank you very much!

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