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We have seen that an adjective is a word that gives more information about a noun or pronoun.  An adverb is usually defined as a word that gives more information about a verb, an adjective or another adverb.  Adverbsdescribe verbs, adjectives and adverbs in terms of such qualities as time, frequency and manner.  In the sentence Sue runs fast,fast describes how or the manner in which Sue runs.  In the sentence Sue runs very fast, very describes the adverbfastand gives information about how fastSue runs.


Most, but not all adverbsend in-ly as in  But not all words that end in -ly are adverbs (ugly is an adjective,supply andreply can both be nouns or verbs). Many times an adjective can be made into an adverbby adding-ly as in nicely, quickly, completely, sincerely.


Adverbs of time tell whensomething happens and adverbs of frequency tell how often something happens.  On the next slide are some common adverbs of time and frequency which you should learn:


Do it now.I always do my homework.I will see you then.We sometimes get confused.They will be here soon.He usually gets good grades.I can\'t meet you today.I never went skiing.Let\'s go tomorrow.She rarely eats a big breakfast.They told me yesterday.He was once on TV.Have you traveled recently?He saw the movie twice.

Adverbsare most often used to give more information aboutA.subjects B. verbsC. questions D. nouns E. prepositions 
2)  Which kind of word can an adverb describe?A.pronoun B. prepositionC. adjective D. conjunction E. article
3 which contains an adverb a full house b three women c was dirty d very funny e early morning
3)  Which contains an adverb?A.full houseB. three womenC. was dirty D. very funny E. early morning
5 which contains an adverb a went quickly b friendly people c good question d fast food e free time
5)  Which contains an adverb?A.went quicklyB. friendly people C. good question D. fast food E. free time
6. Which does not contain an adverb?A.very late dinner B. came too earlyC. early birdD. woke up early E. came late
7)  Which does not contain an adverb?A.sincerely yours B. drive safely C. ate fast D. too easy E. my supply
8)  Which part of speech is used to describe an adverb?A. conjunctionB. pronounC. adverb D. adjectiveE. verb