Next generation science standards
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Next Generation Science Standards. Implementation in Liberal Studies at CSU Bakersfield. The Project. Increase abilities of pre-service K-8 teachers in knowledge and practice of NGSS 2 main components SCI 325A: Integrated Science from a life science perspective

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Next generation science standards

Next Generation Science Standards

Implementation in Liberal Studies at CSU Bakersfield

The project
The Project

  • Increase abilities of pre-service K-8 teachers in knowledge and practice of NGSS

  • 2 main components

    • SCI 325A: Integrated Science from a life science perspective

      • Capstone science course in Liberal studies

    • EDTE 310: Early field experience in teaching

  • Goal: Integrate and align content and practice

Content sci 325a integrated science
Content: SCI 325A Integrated Science

  • Adjusted course content to more closely align with NGSS

    • Including small-scale introduction of Engineering principles

  • Added module on Academic Literacy

  • Revised lesson plan assignment

    • Replaced CA Science standards with NGSS practices, crosscutting concepts & performance expectations

    • Peer review with revision

    • Academic language component

Edte 310 early field experience
EDTE 310: Early field experience

  • Change venue and verb

    • From in-school school observation to After school teaching

    • Lesson-plan assignment aligned to SCI 325A

      • Ideally, extension of 325A lesson plan

      • Practice: students teach the lesson they designed

        • With opportunity for revision


  • Teaching skills and Abilities

    • 25 item pre-post Science Teacher Efficacy Belief Instrument

      • Asks specifically about teaching practices

  • Content knowledge

    • 46 item Pre-post course Knowledge survey based on NGSS and SCI 325A content coverage

      • 12 practice only items; 17 content only, 17 practice & content

      • Composite measure: Average change (post-pre)

  • All results on SCI 325A students

    • EDTE 310 students excluded because n<5


  • Each question analyzed individually for Students taking SCI 325A (Wilcoxon sign-rank test)

  • Two items showed significant changes:

    • “When teaching Science I usually welcome student questions” showed a significant change towards the “Disagree” end of the scale (p=0.046)

    • “I know the step necessary to teach Science concepts effectively” showed a significant change toward the “Agree” scale (p=0.031)

  • 23 remaining questions showed no change

Results ngss knowledge survey
Results: NGSS Knowledge Survey

Mean ±95% Confidence interval

Overall, p<0.000005; Practice only p<0.05; Content only & PE p<0.0000005

More ngss

  • Multiple regression analyses:

    • Independent analysis for each question subset

    • Prior GPA, Exam performance, and Lab performance as Independent variables

  • 1 Significant effect

    • Lab performance on practice-only question subset. (b=0.02, p=0.042)