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Presents. FTM – Fault Tree Maintenance. An Online Maintenance Management System. System Overview. Simplify your work flow for better management Get information on % Breakdown, MTBF and MTTR Increase all Opportunity maintenance jobs, be Proactive Enhance the power of PM

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FTM – Fault Tree Maintenance

An Online Maintenance Management System

System Overview

  • Simplify your work flow for better management

  • Get information on % Breakdown, MTBF and MTTR

  • Increase all Opportunity maintenance jobs, be Proactive

  • Enhance the power of PM

  • Make TPM a part of your life

  • Monitor machine wise consumption of Spares

  • Strengthen Resource Management and Cost control

  • Helps in monitoring your Utility Equipment

  • Useful for ISO / QS / TS and reduces audit preparations

  • System deployment is swift and smooth

FTM will help achieve your Primary Objective of Eliminating

Stoppages due to Maintenance using the Fault Tree Technique

Business Concerns related to Maintenance

  • Productivity being directly hampered because of Breakdowns

  • Repetitive problems decreasing the overall efficiency of Machines

  • Not realizing the full potential of TPM philosophy – Kaizens, Jishu Hozen, 5S, etc. not being implemented practically on a long term basis

  • Not able to correctly quantify planned v/s unplanned maintenance jobs

  • Non-compliance to Preventive Maintenance schedules

  • Doubts in Reliability of all Corrective Maintenance jobs

  • Lack of proper Spares Management increasing cost of Maintenance

  • Time being spent by Maintenance before Audits due to improper documentation

  • Not able to set Performance Measurement Benchmarks and targets to improve upon Maintenance operations

These could vary from Plant to Plant based on the Manufacturing setups

The FTM Solution focuses on …

  • Improving Production Uptime - By monitoring % Breakdown, MTBF & MTTR

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis too help in eliminating repetitive failures

  • Applying the basics of TPM philosophy pertaining to Maintenance

  • Quantifying Maintenance work orders for resource planning

  • Making PM simple and dynamic so as to comply to schedules

  • Reliability of work to enhance Plant Health

  • Operating Costs by providing Spares Consumption, Inventory Management and Repairs Management

  • Creating proper Performance Benchmarks to measure Maintenance effectiveness

  • Providing Analysis to assist in applying Continuous Improvement measures

  • Maintaining Effective and Timely Documentation

Quantify your work to enhance Operations !

This Focus will help achieve

  • RCM - Reliability Centered Maintenance

  • CBM - Condition Based Maintenance

  • TBM - Time Based Maintenance

  • RCFA - Root Cause Failure Analysis

  • CIP - Continuous Improvement Processes

This will help in realizing Total Plant Reliability (TPR)

User Defined Terminologies

  • One excellent feature of the system is to adapt to the needs of the culture of the organization. This starts with using the same terminologies being used in the plant such as,

  • Equipment or Machine or Tag No.

  • Section or Workshop or Line or Channel or Cell

  • Production Division or Building or Unit or Plant

  • Job Request or Work Order or Work Request

  • So on and so forth … and Multi-Lingual as well!!!

During Startup FTM can be configured to use your Terminologies!!!

Workflow Management in FTM

The Offline Mode of Entry

In an Offline mode of data entry, the maintenance users do the Job entries on their own. Then, based on the availability of time, these Jobs will be entered in FTM say, at the end of the Shift or Day or Week or even at the end of the Month.

The Online Mode of Entry

In an Online mode of data entry, the Production users will Log onto FTM through the “Ftmweb” module and send a request to Maintenance for attending a Job.

On the Maintenance users Pending Jobs screen a small screen will be popped up to tell him that a new job has arrived which he then can see in his Pending jobs list.

Various types of Work Orders or Jobs in FTM

Jobs Affecting Production (Downtime Jobs)

  • B/D Breakdown Jobs

  • PRTL Partial Breakdowns

  • OPRT Opportunity Maintenance Jobs

  • SERV Service Jobs

  • MISC Miscellaneous Jobs

  • PM Preventive Maintenance Jobs

  • ABPM Activity Based PM

  • REPRS Repairs of Spares

  • CB Instrument Calibration

  • R/M Reconditioning & Modifications

  • … and others

Jobs Not Affecting Production (Zero Downtime Jobs)

Your Factory and Work Management

Your Setup

Work Management











MISC (User Defined)



Divn. 1


Divn. 3


Divn. 2

Jobs Not



Section 1

Section 2

Machine 1

Machine 2

4 Level Machine Breakup

Attached Documents

Specific Spares

Instruments & Gauges

Work & Resource Management

Work Management

Resource Management

The Fault Tree

Fault Nature

Fault Code


Cause 1

Cause 2







MISC (User Defined)



Man Power







In short the system focuses on …

  • Developing a Centralized Knowledge Base

  • Streamlining the Workflow & Quantifying your Work

  • Improving PM, Proactive Jobs & Condition Monitoring

  • Utility Equipment Monitoring

  • Optimum Utilization of Resources

  • Effective & Timely Documentation

  • Realizing Total Plant Reliability

Maintenance Functionality

  • This is mapping of your Department functioning on your Plant.

  • Do you have a Centralized or Distributed Maintenance Setup, i.e. Who is looking after which area of the plant?

  • How your Trade departments or Disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical, etc.) are handling their Jobs.

  • How many Log Books do you maintain?

  • This will help you in mapping your activities in the FTM Work flow and thus help in streamlining your work

Some of our Clients in India

  • SKF Bearings Group

  • Tetra Pak India

  • Sandvik Asia

  • Coca Cola India

  • Bosch Group

  • ThyssenKrupp Steels

  • Alstom Power

  • Asahi Float Glass

  • Legrand Switchgear

  • Seco Tools

  • Elecon Engineering

  • Cipla Pharmaceuticals Group

  • And various others forming

  • a base of over 40 Installations !

Some of the Reports

  • % Breakdown

  • % Breakdown (With % of Money Lost)

  • Machine History Summary with MTBF

  • Breakdown Analysis & MTTR

  • Pareto Analysis

  • Fault Tree Analysis

  • Breakdown Analysis Review

  • Spares Consumption Analysis

  • List of Pending Jobs

  • Resource or Manpower Summary

  • PM Schedule & Master Checklist

  • PM Checklist (Pending)

% Breakdown

NOTE : There are overall 3 to 4 formats for the % Breakdown reports,

Machine History Summary with MTBF & MTTR

NOTE : This is available Section wise and Machine wise

Breakdown Analysis & MTTR

NOTE : This is available at Plant Level, Section Level & Machine Level

Pareto Analysis

NOTE : This is available at plant Level, Section Level & Machine Level

Fault Tree Analysis

NOTE : For All Sections, Particular Section, Particular Machine, Fault wise, etc.

Spares Consumption Analysis

NOTE : This is available Spare Part wise, Section wise or Machine wise

Contact information
Contact Information

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Pune, India

Phone : 91-20-25285256, 25285257

Website :

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