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By: Eugene Park. ALCOHOL.

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alcohol and what it looks like

Alcohol is liquor that is used commonly around the world. Alcohol comes only in fermented or distilled drinks. This is known as Ethyl alcohol. Fermented drinks (beer and wine) have 2-20 percent of alcohol, and distilled drinks (rum and gin) have 40-50 percent of alcohol.

how is alcohol used

Alcohol is consumed by simply drinking alcohol products. It sounds easy to consume, but for teens, it will addict them. Adults getting addicted are also common. The level of addiction for alcohol should be enough to addict a teen in one or two drinks.

How is alcohol used?
long term effects and short term effects
LONG-TERM EFFECTS and Short-term effects
  • Long-term effects
  • Alcohol will cause liver diseases, alcohol poisoning, nerve system damage, damaged brain, heart diseases (stroke).
  • time length: lifetime (some effects can be cured)
  • Short-term effects
  • Alcohol will cause tiredness, unconsciousness, headaches, difficulty seeing, difficulty hearing, difficulty speaking, coma, blackouts, hard breathing.
  • time length: a few hours to a few days
what is alcoholism
Alcoholism is the stage where you are addicted to alcohol and you can’t stop drinking. There are four signs that you are addicted:
  • Craving(to keep drinking)
  • Loss of control (cannot hold back the urge to drink)
  • Physical dependence (withdrawal changes after strong drinking)
  • Tolerance (the urge to drink more to get drunk)
What is alcoholism?
alcohol affecting others

Once you get addicted to alcohol, the people around you are affected by your addiction. This includes your social relationships, such as your friends, family, and other kinds of relationships.

Alcohol affecting others
access to alcohol
Access to alcohol

You can get access to alcohol by going to liquor stores and showing an alcohol ID to get alcohol. You can find liquor stores in Canada, America, and other countries. In some countries, alcohol is considered illegal for all ages. Here in Canada, it is only illegal if:

You are not an adult

You are drinking and driving

You can’t control yourself after drinking alcohol

You steal it from a liquor store with no ID

You use it abusively

interesting facts

About 15 million Americans drink alcohol, when about 4 to 5 million people drink alcohol in Canada.

Alcohol affects the stream of blood cells in circulating breathing (harder to breathe)

People from grade 8 to grade 12 are most likely to get addicted from alcohol (high school age)

Interesting facts
word bank

Fermented- to make the chemistry of something change (when sugar changes into alcohol)

Distilled- to make a liquid pure by heating it until it becomes a gas, then getting the liquid that forms when gas cools

Ethyl alcohol-alcohol used in drinks. Created by the process of fermenting of grains and fruits.

Alcoholism- the stage where a person is addicted to alcohol and cannot stop drinking.

Word bank
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