The Mummification Process Vocabulary

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Anubis. god of embalminghead of a jackalbody of a manwatches over the dead. Osiris. god of the deadjudges souls. Brain. not very important to Egyptiansremoved with a long hook up through the nose and thrown away. Heart. considered the center of thinking and emotionsembalmed separately and returned to the body.

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The Mummification Process Vocabulary

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1. The Mummification Process Vocabulary

3. Osiris god of the dead judges souls

4. Brain not very important to Egyptians removed with a long hook up through the nose and thrown away

5. Heart considered the center of thinking and emotions embalmed separately and returned to the body

6. Organs the stomach, liver, intestines, and lungs were mummified separately and stored in canopic jars

7. Canopic Jars stone or clay jars made to store each of the 4 organs

8. Canopic Jar Gods Imsety- liver Hapy- lungs Duamutef- stomach Qebhsenuef- intestines

9. Palm Wine used to clean the body cavity

10. Natron salt-like material packed inside and around the body to dry it out

11. Eye Sockets packed with linen and fake eyes

12. Nostrils filled with beeswax

13. Linen/Sawdust 2 of the materials most often used to pack inside of the body cavity Sometimes they used leaves and onions (skins and leaves).

14. Perfumed Oils and Spices made the skin soft made the skin smell good

15. Wax Plates used to cover the incisions in the body

16. Resins These sticky plant-like substances were rubbed over the body to make it water resistant. It was rubbed over the linen wrappings too.

17. Linen Strips Sometimes miles of these fabric strips were used on a mummy.

18. Amulets good luck charms tucked inside the linen strips as the mummy was being wrapped

19. Book of the Dead a guidebook to the afterlife contained spells, suggested answers to questions, and advice

20. Opening of the Mouth Ceremony Egyptians believed that this was necessary in order for the mummified person to be able to eat, drink, or move in the afterlife.

21. Mummy Case usually made of wood Often there were more than one, and they nested one inside of the other.

22. Cartonnage a paper-mache type of material from which portrait masks were made for the mummy case

23. Funeral Process The family paid others to cry and grieve publicly for the dead person. These hired grievers may not even know the dead person.

24. Sarcophagus large stone outer coffin

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