5 Types of Prewriting

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3Go on vacation s to Disneyland and the beach. 1Summertime. 3 Barbecues in the back yard. 3 more time to do pleasure reading. 3 Catch up on movies I missed. 2 family. 2 daily routine. 3 stay up late and sleep in. 3 see my brothers and sisters more often. Bubble Cluster. 3 Barbeques in the backyard.

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5 Types of Prewriting

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1. 5 Types of Prewriting Bubble Clusters and Spider Diagrams The subject of the pre-write goes in the middle circle. Each circle is numbered. The center bubble is the main idea and is labeled #1 The #2 bubbles are sub-headings off the main idea. #2 ideas are the basis for the topic sentences. The #3 bubbles are concrete details and there must be at least two. They form the backbone of the body paragraphs. Each #3 must be at least 5 or more words.

4. Outline Getting a Computer (#1) Picking one out (#2) Shopping around at different stores to compare (#3) Talked to salespeople about what I needed (#3) II. Setting it up (#2) Tried to read the manual but gave up (#3) Friend came to get it started and teach me (#3)

5. Line Clustering Subject: (#1)Spring—my favorite season of the year. Step 1: LIST List your ideas in any order. You need 6. --new leaves and flowers on the trees --warmer weather during the day and night --time to clean the house --school is coming to an end --Daylight Savings Time comes in April --baseball season/practice starts up again

6. Line Clustering, cont’d. Step 2: CATEGORIZE Categorize your ideas(think of ways you can group ideas together) Nature (#2) My daily routine and responsibilities (#2)

7. Line Clustering, cont’d. Step 3: LABEL Label each idea by category A. new leaves and flowers on the trees (#3) A. warmer weather during the day and night (#3) B. time to clean the house B. school is coming to an end B. Daylight Savings Time comes in April B. baseball season/practice starts up again

8. Columns/ (#1)My Two Best Friends (#2)Cheryl (#3) known me since we were in kindergarten (#3) we have 4 classes together each day (#2)Joe (#3) lives down the street from me (#3) we will be taking driver’s training together next summer

9. Thesis Statement My high school is the best one around. Yes 2. I have gone to East High School for three years. No 3. Our football team is better than last year’s. Yes 4. I hate going to the mall for Christmas shopping. Yes 5. My family went to Disneyland last summer. No

10. Thesis Statement 6. Volleyball is the best sport to play. Yes 7. Little Women was a fascinating book. Yes 8. My bedroom is a pigsty. Yes 9. School is a cool place to be. Yes 10. We have 4 required courses to take this year. No

11. H.W. Using one method of your choice (bubble cluster, columns, outline), create a pre-write for the following topic: Topic: My favorite _________ (movie, song, book, band, sport, activity, etc.) After you’ve completed your pre-write, create a thesis statement (remember, your thesis statement must have a subject and an opinion) for your topic.

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